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The Gentle Phoenix Creative Guidelines and creating a gentle phoenix  is based on the Alternative View of Creation and the Alternative Way to live our life revealed in the exploration of our creativity. It is to access the feminine aspect of our being and learn how to use what is symbolized in our heart to guide our actions. That is, the flow of our creative life energy and the awareness which lies in feeling. It is about accessing and optimizing the creative power available to us for our creative endeavors. Our optimum creative power for any creative endeavor is obtained by accessing and/or aligning with the intention for our life.


The key to creating a gentle phoenix is the feminine aspect of our being. The gentle phoenix is created in being free to surrender and act on what we feel and surrender to the needs of the creation. It is to nourish those needs in the way they need to be nourished. The feminine is required by our creative endeavors for the feminine is what nurtures a creation. It is the feminine which is manifested in our body. It is the feminine which sustains Creation. It is the feminine which arises from the duality of the Source of Creation to experience Creation. When the feminine is free to play in a safe and secure space there is little pain in what she nourishes.


The premise of a gentle phoenix is that, as individuated consciousness that can never die but we continually recreate ourselves based on our desires and intentions, we each have an intention for incarnating. That is, a reason or purpose. This intention is expressed in specific types and kinds of experiences that we have while incarnated. If we align with that purpose, we optimize our creative power. Additionally our body is the perfect vehicle for those experiences. Our inherent body wisdom, if followed, will lead us through our nonconscious mind to  the path that we need to take to have the experiences we incarnated to have. We only need to learn to listen to the body wisdom and understand how our body wisdom communicates with us and follow its advice.


A faster, easier and gentler way is always before us. It is always offered to us. A gentle phoenix is an option of transformation.  It is noted that the method of transformation that is used is our choice. It is entirely possible to choose a gentle transformation rather than the typical painful or strong disciplinary methods that have so characterized in past and current Eastern and Western esoteric and spiritual traditions to access the depth of our creative power.  However the caveat is that it must be consciously chosen.


The work we do is not to create the gentle phoenix. The gentle phoenix is obtained in being able to surrender to the fastest, easiest and gentlest way open to us and be carried to an experience of our creation.  It is just that we don=t take it. The work we do is to be able to surrender to what is asked of us if we are going to take that fastest, easiest and gentlest path. The levels we experience to the gentle phoenix are only reflective of how willing, or not willing, we are to surrender to what is required. The deeper we are willing to surrender, the deeper and more expansive a gentle phoenix we can experience.  The real issue is being able to step out of mind and fully surrender to what the creative process requires for what we desire to create.


To do this, we need to literally surrender to the body wisdom and to be "out of mind.@ That is, out of the control and judgments of the mind and what we think we should do and how we think the world works to follow that body wisdom.  The way our body wisdom communicates to us is unique to each individual because we each are a unique aspect of individuated Consciousness.  Focusing on  the heart, the organ that pumps the life blood though our arteries and veins is the organ of focus to access the creative life energy/creative spirit that sustains our being. A focus on our heart, is a method to accessing body wisdom and intuitive guidance. That path of the heart is the path of an ultimate gentle transformation. The more aligned with the path of the heart, the more gentle the transformation. 


Use of our body wisdom, coupled with a directed focus of our  attention and awareness into our heart with the specific conscious intention to reveal our intention for incarnating will make the intention behind our incarnation conscious within our being.  So whatever we want to create, we just need to focus on our heart and put the intention out to the universe through their heart.  If the choice is for a gentle phoenix and optimizing the gentleness, we need to consciously follow the path of the heart for our life. 


To  have a gentle phoenix, we have to set the intention to have that gentle phoenix and set the intention to access the purpose for our incarnation. We need to know if what we are trying to create is in alignment with, or opposed to, our life intention. When we are in alignment with the intention for our life we optimize our creative power and we will feel no separation within our being.  However, if we are not aligned with the intention for our life there will be a feeling of separation and a fragmenting or scattering of our creative life energy. The greater we are out of alignment with the intention for our life, the greater the feeling of separation. Often the feeling of separation can feel like a discomfort or dissatisfaction. However, it can also can be quite painful. Painful to the point that we will act to numb or suppress the pain leading to an addiction. If we want to have a gentle phoenix, it only makes sense to align what we do with the intention for our life.


We then need to learn to access, use and surrender to following our body wisdom and intuitive guidance in the process working though all the obstacles, fears and the like that surfaces in opposition to the intention that we have set.  The magnitude of the obstacles and fears that surface will be determined by how far off our currently life is from the purpose for our incarnation and how much pain we hold from the past.  Some of us are quite far removed where as others of us are almost perfectly aligned. Similarly, some of us carry tremendous pain from the past where as others of us are relatively pain free. Also we cannot compare our path with any other person=s path. Each path is unique for we each are unique creations and only we cam choose to live our path as our path reveals itself.  The bottom line however is that a gentle phoenix is an option. That is,  if we so choose to have one.


It does need to be noted,  not all enculturated egos as they currently exist can support being unlimited in their creativity. For some individuals, they will need develop a strong ego then choose to become the phoenix and be consumed in the fire created by their own ego to be reborn new with a different but stronger ego and one that can access their unlimited creativity.  For many they will have first learn to have the strength of will to love themselves sufficient to create a world of their choice and then surrender that ego to the phoenix

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