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As a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer and the facet we are in a shared creation as a human being we will come to see creation/Creation is not done alone. We will need another, or others, to give us the experiences we desire to have. To create a gentle phoenix in our life for any transformation we desire to undertake, there will be the need and/or assistance of another. Exactly what role they will, or need, to play depends on what aspects of our life we desire to transform.

Within any creative endeavor we undertake in a shared creation, there are changes which need to occur within our being and are totally under our control. Then there are changes which occur external to us and are tied to the shared creation and the environment in which we are to experience with our new creation. It is here we need another who consciously or nonconsciously support our transformation in the way it needs to be supported. Although there is much we can do ourselves, our journey can be made tremendously easier through the assistance of another or others.

In essence, we are taking about a gentle phoenix experience composed of two parts with each part as if it is lying on a spectrum. One spectrum is about us doing everything we need to do to create that gentle phoenix. Most of this spectrum is about the internal work we need to do. It is to address the internal changes we need to make to have a perspective which allows us to have a faster, easier and gentler internal transformation which will then be reflected externally. The second spectrum is about what another can do for us externally and ranges from nothing to everything thing that needs to be done. This then brings up the issue as to whether or not the other individual or individuals do anything or everything which needs to be done consciously or nonconsciously.

If we desire to create a gentle phoenix, we only need to set the intention to create such an experience and then trust the creative process and that the universe will provide such a experience. Of course, we need to realize the path will be made available through our intuitive guidance. As a creative endeavor, it is not a path on which mind will be able to provide the guidance. We must learn to follow and honor our intuitive guidance.

It does need to be noted here that mind may not judge what happens as either faster, easier or gentler. But as discussed in the topic, "What does faster, easier and gentler really mean?" the path we access is not something we can go back and compare to some other path. Once the transformation is done, it is done and we are forever changed. We will never have the perspective which we had before we started the transformation. But we can look at the lessons learned from others to know and understand how much faster, easier and gentler our path really became.

What needs to be understood is the Universe does not seek to create pain. There is a gift in pain and pain is a warning and an alarm. Our intuitive guidance will always lead us in a way that avoids pain and yet have the experiences we incarnated to have and/or to what we wish to create. However, we must be open to using it and following it. By setting the intention to have a gentle phoenix and surrendering to the flow of energy created by that intention, we open ourselves up to following the less painful path in the fastest way for energy always follows the path of least resistance. However, gentlest is achieved through being consciously aware of the lessons learned of others and this is where conscious and nonconscious support makes a big difference.

The fastest and easiest way for water to flow down hill is over a water fall. However that is not the most gentlest way if we are going down stream in a canoe. However, if there is someone who can help portage our canoe around the water fall, our path can be made quite substantially gentler. When the portaging is done consciously, willingly and enthusiastically by someone who knows the path, it can be quite a joyful experience. However when the help which is provided grudgingly with complaining all the way and by someone who does know or understand the path or what is being done, it is not so joyful a journey. Analogously, that is the different between conscious and nonconscious support

What tends to make the difference as to whether or not our mind sees our path as faster, easier and gentler is whether or not those who support our transformation consciously or nonconsciously support what we do. When we have conscious support, in hindsight, we can see the types and kind of things one or more individuals chose to do for us. In pulling the string to ask, "Why did they do that?" and being open to the insights which arise, we can begin to see how they made our transformation faster, easier and gentler. However, when the support is nonconscious, we will probably be very puzzled if not have a tinge of pain about what happened. Here, when we pull the sting, we will see something different. Here when we pull the string we will see what the individual did for us but we will most probably also see what is possible and much more profound things could have been if there were a conscious awareness as to what was happening and why.

In some ways having nonconscious support and pulling the string as to why event went the way they did, we can begin to see how powerful creators we really are and it is only our own pain, fears, beliefs, biases, judgments and the like that keep us from experience Heaven, The Kingdom of God or Nirvana here an now in each moment.

Conscious support

Conscious support is about finding someone who consciously understands what needs to be created to free the creative spirit of another. Usually this is an individual who has experienced the transformation process themselves to know the freedom of their own creative spirit. Having experienced both the freedom and captivity of their own creative spirit, they understand type and kinds of things that can be expected to arise in creating the space to free a creative spirit.

We cannot give what we do not have. We must first create within ourselves what we desire to share with others. Creating a gentle phoenix for another is ultimately about creating the space for individuals to do what they need to do at each and every level of their being to be able to return to a state of creative play to experience the freedom of their own creative spirit and then bring those inner transformation out into the world and sustain them. In the awareness of the freedom of their own creative spirit, the individual can then to do what is necessary to create a way for it to unfold freely into the world.

To create a gentle phoenix for another, there are two things which need to occur. The first thing which need to be created is that a safe and secure space for the individualís creative spirit to be free to unfold true to itself in whatever way it needs to unfold. The second is we need to become whatever we need to become to give the individual the experiences their creative spirit desires to experience. In this regard, we will have to face the death of some aspect of our being to become what the other individual needs us to become. That is, we need to be willing to step out of mind and our ego and what we think we want to do or desire to do to do what needs to be done.

To do this we must become the embodiment of the principle which give rise to a gentle phoenix and create such a space within ourselves. By creating such a state of play, which actually goes back to the Source of Creation, within ourselves we can give that gift to any other who enters that space. We need to have the freedom within ourselves and our external world to do what we need to do at each and every level of our being to be able to return to a state of creative play to experience the freedom of our own creative spirit. Doing this is like tuning our body as one would tune a four strings instrument to the subtle energies of the situation to have the awareness of how to work with those energies to find the fastest, easiest and gentlest way around conditions as they exist. But to have tuned the body in this fashion, it is to have worked past our pain and to increase our openness and vulnerability to what we feel to see beyond the normal

In creating that safe and secure space with another, a pair of individuals may be needed to hold that safe and secure space for an individual to have a gentle phoenix. The key here is to understand an single individual can choose to create a safe and secure space for another individual to have a internal gentle phoenix to make the internal transformations such that the individual is free to express whatever they need to express. Many aspects can be done quite readily for another by one person. That can readily be done if one understands and embodies the concept and principles necessary to create a gentle phoenix and the individual has also moved past their pain and moved past sexuality and dealt with their own sexuality.

Alternatively said, it is to become a rainmaker and subsequently the dream midwife and dream nanny to call forth the creative spirit which lies within the individualís heart. It is to return to the Source of Creation to become whatever we need to become to call forth the nourishing waters of life within the individuals with whom we work. However, creating and holding such a space for another to have a gentle phoenix can be quite difficult when the external changes begin to occur. It is much easiest to use two or more individuals to create that safe and secure external space and to become what is necessary.

There are two issues here as to why at least two others are needed. One is that to embody the principles that allow for creating the space for the gentle phoenix of another, we become very sensitive and vulnerable. We become sensitive because we open ourselves to the deepest feelings possible to sense the individual and our environment to look for and see that faster, easier and gentler way. Being open to the deepest levels of feeling includes being open to both the background level of pain in Creation as a result of both the collective pain of humanity and the individualís pain. These pains can internalize and if not properly and adequately addressed they can cause as accident, illness, disease and the like. When we are focused on creating the space for another we are not always aware of ourselves and what we are feeling to effectively protect ourselves. When we work with another to create the safe and secure space our focus is directed outward toward them and we not focused inward to protect ourselves.

In this regard, working with another is analogous to the way fire fighters or fighter pilots have come to learn is it is necessary to work in pairs when facing great danger. Each protects the other. One goes forward to do the work which needs to be done and the other stays a little behind to watch out for that which is unexpected or anything which may rise to cause injury or harm. As needed they can switch roles or both work together as the situation calls. Exactly how this works and why it is needed is hard to explain unless you have been there. The assistance of another is vital to sustain any work in this area.

The second is the issue of sexuality. When only one individual is present they become the occasion and focus of any and all issues related to sexuality and it is difficult to deal with the issues around sexuality. If the individual seeking a gentle phoenix and the other is of the same sex, natural competitions will arises and thwart free discussion and addressing of the sexual issues. If the individuals are of opposite sex, sexual attraction become an issue as a result of space of freedom created. However, a match male-female pair tends to neutralize the sexuality. Simply said, the sexual attraction for one of the pair is neutralized by the competition with the other half of the pair. It is actually quite remarkable how it works. The issues of sexual attraction for the opposite sex will be present but the members of the same sex can face and talk about what arises sexually it in the context of the that third individual as the focus.

For two individuals to create this external safe and secure space it is necessary for the two individuals to work as partners. Together they use; the power of a joint clear intention to focus their attention and awareness; the awareness in the body and body wisdom; and the infinity of their own being. These are used in such a way as to increase the ability of each to see past the mind and use the awareness which lies in feeling to see into unseen  to know how to create the particular space needed that allows for as fast, easy and gentle transformation as possible for the individuals with whom they work. It is to use each other to tune the body as one would tune a four string instrument to the subtle energies of the situation to have the awareness of how to work with those energies to find the fastest, easiest and gentlest way around conditions as they exist. In many ways it is for the individuals to bind their aka cords with the intention of creating the space of freedom for another or others.

Working at these deeper levels do increase their openness and vulnerability to what they feel to see beyond the normal. But in working together, they use each other to protect their vulnerability and sensitivity to which they open themselves to see into the unknown. It is for the pair to do what they need to do to bring those waters of life to nourish what lies in the parched heart of those with whom they work. It is to literally and figuratively to become one in such a way they create the conditions for a natural path to open for the what lies in the heart of the individual with whom they work to become free. Then from what they create between each other, it can ripple out into the world. However, it does needed to be noted that what is done here is done out of love and the desire to free the creative spirit of another. It cannot be done out of ego and/or any desires to "heal" another and/or be seen as some type and kind of powerful entity. Any intention other than out of pure love of the freedom for the creative spirit will corrupt what is done.

Alternatively said, it is to use each other to create a state of childlike play within each other or, rather, where each is free to return to that state of childlike play as needed. In creating that space between each other, they can give that space to a third. Coupled with the proper focus, of freeing the creative spirit, all the issues that prevent the individualís creative spirit to become free will surface to be addressed starting with the most energetic.

If it were easy to be the embodiment of what is needed to create the space for a gentle phoenix, everyone would already be doing it and there would be not need to create it. Analogously it is like creating antimatter. Antimatter cannot be sustained in the normal world. It can be created but special conditions must also be created to sustain it in Creation for any length of time. When the special conditions are not maintained, the antimatter is annihilated and returns to pure energy.

So too the conditions for a gentle phoenix. The conditions cannot be sustained in the normal world and the way we are expected to live in the world. The safe and secure external space for a gentle phoenix can be created and sustained if conditions are correct. To maintain these conditions, one very focused individual is needed. However it is much easier with at least two are used to work together in a very special way. Three can help sustain it easier and four individuals can sustain it easier than three and so forth. However, the starting point to sustain it is two and two are needed for that initial ignition or spark to cause the safe and secure external space to come into existence.

Nonconscious support

When one is provided support by another or others at a nonconscious level or in a nonconscious way, an entirely different type and kind of experience is had. As said above it is the difference between two situations. One situation is having someone help portage a canoe around the falls on a river who knows what they are doing, they know the path and the enjoy doing what they do. The other is where the individual who helps doesnít really what to help, they donít understand what needs to be done and they donít know the way. Nevertheless, their help makes traveling around the fall much gentler than going over the falls in the canoe.

However if we are awake and aware, if only in hindsight, as to what the individual provides us, we will see possibilities of which we never dreamed possible. We will see how our path is made more gentle and see how it can be made even gentler. We will be able to see how the Universe has honored our request and how much more there is to Creation that we may first suspect as to how individuals routinely enter our lives to give us the experiences we desire to have. The individual may not be aware of what they do for us and we may not be aware of what they give us. Nevertheless, they give us the experiences we desire.

When we do have the experience the most energetic aspect which needs to be addressed arises. However, because it is so energetic often the issue which underlies the energy is either magnified greater than what needs to be faced if not masked by the energy. What does arises is normally either something which we need to do that has been somehow thwarted in the past or we need to process some pain of the past. The pain of the past may or may not have anything to do with what we incarnated to do or directly related to how our creativity was thwarted. It may be related to a tragic or threatening experience we faced for one reason or another early in life.

In the case of where it is something we need to do in life, we see the individual who played the nonconscious role as a muse, a soul mate, a beloved. a hero or whatever other description we may have for them. We think they are somehow the cause of what we experience when they are simply the occasion for what needed to come out and be expressed to come out. In this case, the individual who helps is totally baffled by the importance we bestow on them for what they did. They see us more a infatuated with a illogical attachment to them. Here the relationship becomes burdensome by an illogical attachment. Yet, depending on what needs to be created, the individual may in fact be a muse who is capable of continually calling forth something from within our being. Here again, because they play the role nonconsciously, they fail to understand that they may in fact be muse to catalyze the otherís creativity.

In the case of pain which arises from the past, we tends to see either see the individual who is helping more as the cause of the pain we experience rather than the occasion for it to surface or the we see the individual as someone who is attempting to cause, if not causing, the same type and kind of pain we experienced in the past. In this case the others is seen as a threat in one way or another and the we usually ends up withdrawing for fear of experiencing the type and kind of pain as the pain we experienced in the past. Yet, it is only the pain within ourselves which must be faced and processed.

In either case, if we look carefully at the experiences where we get this nonconscious support, we can come to see many of us do not get what we desire simply because we believe we are a human being as opposed to a creator having a human experience it has created. As a creator, we create what we desire. As a human, in one way or another we see ourselves as a victim and under the control of the time and place in which we live and all of the types and kinds of authorities placed over us. Yet, this is only the illusion of mind and it is only our mind that stands in the way preventing us from experiencing something which better serves who and what we are simply by how and what we think and believe. Only our mind stands in the way of an optimum gentle phoenix for whatever we desire to experience.

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