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Reality molds itself to our beliefs


Our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness to give us an experience of that focus

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Reality molds itself to our beliefs (or reality molds itself to the beliefs we hold) just another way of saying the two principles that our energy goes where we focus our attention and awareness and what we focus on grow and expands in our life. Exactly how and why this works discussed in a variety of topics beginning with "Origins of Creation," "The observer observed pair and the nature of duality," and "The environment and the unfoldment of a creation."

We create our reality by what we believe because what we believe is where we have, and are, focusing our energy. However, we create our reality by what we believe does not necessarily mean we will get what get believe. Rather, our beliefs integrate into a belief structure. Any one belief or desire along with the passion and energy we put into that belief or desire may or may not have sufficient energy to manifest as an actual physical experience. It may be greatly influenced by other beliefs we hold and it may greatly influence what we experience as a result of the other beliefs we hold. But, saying reality molds itself to our beliefs does not mean any one belief will manifest in the purity of that belief.

Additionally, Physical Creation as a human being is a shared Creation. All the energy we direct into creation/Creation integrates with the energy all the other individual points of consciousness direct into creation/Creation. The reality we experience is a composite of all. So the energy needed to manifest one belief must be sufficient to overcome the pull of all the opposing beliefs. This is one reason why it is much easier to "go along with the crown." In going with the crown, their beliefs support ours.

Going against the crowd is much like putting a rocket into orbit. We need sufficient fuel and thrust to overcome the pull of gravity which is the result of the collective pull of all the mass of, and on, the earth in whatever form it is. So too with what we believe. We need sufficient fuel and thrust to over come the interweave of the belief we desire to manifest and all the other beliefs that we hold and the collective holds.

However, even if we donít get our rocket into orbit, we will develop a tremendous understanding, infrastructure and technology to even try to get the rocket off the ground. Although we donít get into orbit, our world if forever changed because we tried. Our creative endeavors are the same. Even though we do not physically manifest what we desire, the fact that we desired and acted on that desire causes us to change who and what we are because of the experiences we have had because of the beliefs we hold.

Another particular reason we do not see manifest what we desire and any one particular belief is that we donít have sufficient freedom to play and go into the experiences we ourselves create. It is like taking off in a rocket and find we donít like the feel of the ride so we abort the mission and then puzzle at why we canít get into orbit. So too as we create the experiences to manifest what we desire. Often, for what ever reason, fear being one of the biggest and most common reason, we do not allow ourselves to go into the experiences being caused by the beliefs we hold. Yet any focus of our attention and awareness expends our energy. As a result we allow the fear or whatever reason we give to rob ourselves of our creative power.

The most important realization on this topic is any belief that we hold with passion changes us and the world we experience. It does not matter if what we may wish for manifests or not. The very fact that we wished and acted to fulfill that wish makes our world different. If we do not believe something is possible and try to make it happen, we will never know if it is possible. Yet the more we try, the greater the possibility exists we can manifest what we desire. The only point to remember is our inner world is reflected in the outer. Rather than acting and forcing or pushing ourselves in the world and trying to get it to change, first go within and explore what we need to change within ourselves and will need to sacrifice before we expect the external world can change. By first looking within and making the internal changes, we create a seed condition which will grow within our being in the unseen world and slowly manifest in our seen world. As we continue to allow the internal changes to occur and give what is required to our creation, it will grow eventually bearing fruit in the seen world.

We, of course, will have to remember, the environment in which we live will play a great role in exactly how the beliefs we hold manifests. Many of Leonardo Di Vinciís ideas and beliefs were able to grow into the world as working models. However they did not become functional inventions only because the environment of the time could not give the correct support. For many of his inventions, the materials did not yet exist that could provide the structural support and endure the stress and strain the working devices would have had to endure. Centuries later, many of his ideas are manifested a working devices. So too with our beliefs. Some may be able to grow to maturity bearing fruit. Others may grow yielding no fruit where as others may not even see germination into the seen world. But in the end, that does not matter. The important point is that we are different and have different experiences because we believed. And because we believed and acted on our beliefs we become the creator stepping into our own powers to create the experiences we have.

Do we have to suffer to become enlightened? Do we have to die and be crucified if we live our truth? Is life full of pain? Did we somehow fall from grace? Are the realms of spirit and physical separate? It entirely depends on what we believe. If these statements are what we believe, then our experiences will unfold in that direction and we can expect to see more than adequate proof to support our position.

However, if we believe otherwise, then our experiences will unfold in a different direction and we will have the experiences to support continued belief in this other direction. A similar thing is true about time. In reality there is not time. There is only comparison of moments or comparisons of experiences. If we think we have to evolve, then we do. If we think we are already here and donít have to evolve and truly believe it at each and every level of our being, then what ever we think, we manifest instantaneously. The subtly of all of this is that if we think we are the creator because we create the reality we experience and we become that creator, we can become stuck as that creator and never get to experience Creation. If we become the Creation, that is human and physical, we believe we are not the Creator, and have to somehow evolve to become equivalent to that Creator, then we have to evolve. It is vital that one become aware of what they believe and how they think for there lies the key to how we have created the current reality we are experiencing. For some of us, we have forgotten exactly why we are here so we need to go back and explore that intention that brought us into this life. In any case, no matter what we believe, if we are willing to act on our beliefs to experience what we believe, we will be forever changed and make the possibility of our beliefs manifesting into physical manifestation more and more a probable outcome every moment we exist.

It is important to note that our mind is not selective. We can create and will create the experience of any thought that we hold. Our mind will give energy to whatever we hold. How much energy we give a thought is determined by how passionately we believe the thought. But all thoughts held are given some level of energy. This also means we turn all the thoughts we hold, not just the ones that we "like" into perceptions and experiences. Our doubts, our fears, our reservations, our judgments, our opinions and every other belief that we hold has the potential to be come embedded and entwined in what we wish and desire. These thoughts can therefore become incorporate into our dreams and manifest as part of the dream.

It also needed to be noted here is that if we hold the belief that the physical world is separated from the non-physical world, we will create and manifest the experience of that belief whether we are conscious of it or not. Similarly, if we have not experienced the physical world and non-physical world as simultaneously superimposed it is only because somewhere we believe the physical world and non-physical worlds are separate and/or we have specific expectations of what each of these world would look like. Again, this phenomenon is true for any belief that we hold and it is important to come to know exactly what we believe. To know what we believe, simply look at the experiences we have for we ultimately are creating them.

Most importantly, if we believe the spiritual is separate from the physical and we can only be in one or the other, the best we will every be able to experience in life is that we will be half dead and half alive, half realized and half asleep, half complete and half uncomplete, half filled and half empty. Only when we begin to live our life from the belief that the spirit and physical are not separate, only then do we have the possibility of becoming whole and complete and only when we are whole and complete can we become fully alive, aware and awake. Otherwise we will always find something missing and be looking for it or become so tired of the journey we simply allow ourselves to go to sleep and live in unawareness. Exactly how we explain that spirit and the physical are one doesnít matter. The important thing is we live our life from whatever perspective we have and act to make it real in our life. Or, act as though it is real even if we many not have the physical experience that we can point to say that here is where I consciously experiences the oneness of all that is. In time we will have the experience. But we have to act on what we believe to know its truth.

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