Our intuitive guidance and feminine creative power


Exploring the role of the feminine in the creative process
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Our intuitive guidance and feminine creative power
Understanding intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing
Issue in using intuitive guidance
Honoring intuitive guidance
Developing intuitive guidance
Major issue in opening oneself to feeling
Working with feelings
Using intuitive guidance -following the flow as in the flow of a river

Understanding and knowing how to use our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing lie at the heart of feminine creative power.

Background  (Top)

Intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing all arise as a result of the awareness which lies in feeling. The feelings we have that contain the awareness arise as a result of the flows of energy giving rise to the experiences we have. The flows of energy giving rise to creation are the manifestation of the feminine aspect of Creation for these flows of energy are what is sustaining Creation. In using our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing, we are accessing and using the feminine creative power.

The main different between intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing is only how they are perceived. In reality, they are all really the same thing. That is, they are being aware of the awareness which lies in feeling. What is different is how we perceive both what we feel and the awareness of what lies in feeling.

Intuitive guidance is mind's characterization of the awareness which lies in what we feel based on our past experiences. With our intuitive guidance, we usually have an image, picture, story or the like that characterizes that of which we become aware.

Body wisdom is the awareness remaining in what we feel. It arises from that inherent wisdom that grew us from an infant into an adult without the need of mind. Body wisdom is perfectly capable of guiding us to help fulfill our creative endeavors if we able to listen and follow it. We usually experience body wisdom in body sensations with no physical discernable cause. Here we usually need to specifically ask, "What is giving rise to this feeling or pain I have in my body (or in a particular body part). We then will get some type of insight as to what is giving rise to what we feel. What we often see is that the sensations in the body may not reflect the organ of origin. For example we may have a sensation our middle finger, often called the social finger, that reflects a deep feeling in our heart about an individual or situation.

Second knowing tends to be something we know or understand or information about something but we know we have not direct way or direct experience which allows us to know what we know. It is as thought we access a mind that is not our current mind to know something that can be understood by our mind. For example, you and your society has never seen or heard of a car or automobile. Suddenly one appears in your village. You look at it and say, "It called a car. It runs on burning something like the oil we burn in our lamps in what is called an internal combustion engine. The engine channels the energy into powering the car by turning the wheels." When you are asked by puzzled bystanders, "How do you know that?" Your reply is, "I donít know. I just know that I know."

For many, intuition and second knowing are one and the same. Their main difference is intuitive guidance typically has a "feel" or a feeling associated with the insight. Second knowing, is normally a clear mental insight usually without feeling. With an intuitive insight our mind is characterizing what it is aware of what we feel. In a second knowing, our conscious and subconscious mind are not aware of what we are feeling and/or sensing. Yet, our unconscious mind is fully capable of characterizing what we see.

Understanding intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing  (Top)

Our intuitive guidance, body wisdom and second knowing arise as a result of the energy we experience and are capable of sensing. But what needs to be clearly understood, the real information in intuitive guidance is information available to us before our mind steps in and manipulates it some way. Anything that manifests (seen or unseen ) and/or experienced, whether experienced in mind and/or body, is the result of a flow of energy into that manifested form. In being open to what we sense and feel, we can "know" and/or "perceive" any situations such that what our sense gives rise to intuitive insights in our mind.

Issue in using intuitive guidance  (Top)

The issue with intuitive guidance versus body wisdom and second knowing is that we are more aware of mind interjecting itself in characterizing the energy we sense in body wisdom and second knowing. With body wisdom, we need to ask our mind to try and interpret what we feel that is giving rise to a pain or discomfort. Similarly in second knowing we know that mind doesnít know what it is we know. However, intuitive guidance is different because mind interjects itself before we are aware of how mind is characterizing what we experience.

We needs to be realized is that mind characterizes what it is experiencing in the moment based on its past experiences. What our intuitive guidance presents to us, whether perceived as a feeling or a thought, word or image is only the best our mind can do to describe what we experience. It is within this understand lies the key to the true feminine creative power. It is to be about to step out of mind to truly understand what we feel and where it is leading without the bias of mind.

We need to understand whenever mind becomes involved, its interpretation of the feeling and any thought, word or image we have about what we sense, relative to any creative endeavor will most probably be wrong or in error simply because mind has insufficient experience to properly characterize what is experienced. We need to remember, mind only knows the past and what it has experienced. When we are in any creative endeavor and/or in the unknown, we are where mind has not previously been. It has no way to know what to expect. It can only do its best to interpret after we sense and experience the energy.

Relative to the energy we sense that gives rise to our intuitive guidance any insights we gain in mind are incorrect and at best approximations, unless we have the minimum set of requisite experience to understand what we sense. This is why intuitive guidance seems to be accurate sometimes and at other times so inaccurate.

Nevertheless, the direction provided by the intuitive guidance regarding the flow of energy manifesting the experience is correct. What is presented by our intuitive guidance does provide us the direction we need to move to know and get the experience we need to understand what we are really experiencing. The intuitive guidance tells us the direction we need to go to either 1) align with the flow of energy that is manifesting, or will manifest, the desired object or experience; and/or 2) the direction we need to go to gain the minimum set of experience to understand and/or experience the manifesting form. Hence we need to honor the intuitive guidance we get no matter how bizarre it appears if we are going to manifest what we desire to create.

Honoring intuitive guidance  (Top)

Honoring intuitive guidance is achieved by bringing the mental insight of our intuitive guidance into a physical manifestation. However, what arises in our intuitive guidance is sometimes, bizarre, weird or just seemingly impossible. We honor our intuitive guidance by making our intuitive guidance into a surrogate or real physical experience - a suorephex if we wish to create a new word/concept. A suorephex is a surrogate or real physical experience we creates to make the intuitive guidance a physical experience.

A real physical experience would be to act on the intuitive guidance as we see it. Sometimes even if what our intuitive guidance gives us is weird or bizarre, we can still honor it. In these cases we can honor it through a surrogate physical experience. A surrogate physical experience would be to act on the intuitive guidance in a symbolic actions, ritual or metatheatric performance of some type. In creating such a symbolic action we honor the intuitive guidance and move in the direction that we will need to move to get that necessary minimum set of relevant experience to properly characterize what we experience.

Creation is about taking what arises in our creative imagination  and making it a physical reality. That is, we create what is seen in our creative imagination and make it an object or experience in physical Creation. By honoring the intuitive guidance as discussed here, we are also honoring and embracing creation/Creation, the creative process and our creativity. In doing so, we hold our creative ability and creative power and our creative insights sacred. In creating such a suorephex we moves towards and/or into alignment with the flow of energy and the understanding that gave rise to the intuitive insight.

Following intuitive guidance  (Top)

When we honor our intuitive guidance by creating a suorephex, one of three things will occur.

One is that as soon as we act to manifest our intuitive guidance, a new insight will occur that takes us in a completely different direction . In essence, the new insights is like a new or different journey. It is like crossing what appears to be a completely level field only to find as we start to walk forward we find a deep chasm that we could not see in from a distance. As a result, we must move in another direction or go in a completely different way that which was first indicated. But, what is important here, is that we donít know there will be the need for a change in direction until we start to follow the intuitive guidance that we initially received. This simply reflects the fact that our mind did not have all the experience we needed to know exactly what to do. By honoring what we received, we gained the experience to know there needs to be a change in direction.

A second is that as we manifest the intuitive insight in a suorephex, a new insight will be given to us. It is like crossing a stream on stepping stones in a fog so thick we cannot see the next stone on which to step until we step on the one directly in front of we. The new insight is leading us in the same direction but we are now asked to do something different or a new twist is added to the initial insight.

The third is that the intuitive guidance becomes the guiding star for a journey that will continue to guide us to what we need to do as we step out to manifest our desire. Although the terrain on which we travel may change and cause us to move in a variety of different directions to get around the obstacles in our path, we never lose focus and the guiding star remains unchanged. No matter how much we get diverted, we continually come back to the same course. . Here the intuitive insight lies beyond the immediate environment and we always return to traveling towards that insight once we clear the obstacle. This parallels using our internal compass to navigate from the heart and using a particular feeling guide our actions. Here, rather using the feeling, we use the characterization that mind gives that feeling we need to follow.

Developing intuitive guidance  (Top)

Developing our intuitive guidance is about learning to be open to feeling. To effectively use our intuitive guidance, we have to be open to feeling and what we feel at each and every level of our being regardless of whether it is painful or pleasurable. This is, of course, frightening to many for it means we must be open to pain. It means facing the pain of the past where we raised our threshold for pain and dealing with the response patterns to life we created to avoid pain.

Our body and what it feels and senses is the doorway to being open to feeling. In many ways our body is like an antenna. It sends energy out and it received energy. To improve our ability to sense the energy, we need to open ourselves to feeling the full range of what our body you body feels. We need to become aware of the subtle feeling we get and begin to understand why we have the feeling we have and what information is being received and being made available to us.

We need to learn to ask ourselves something the equivalent to, ""What do I need to feel, what types and kinds of experience do I need to explore to be able to use the depth and breadth of my creative ability?" We then need to become aware of and honor what our intuitive guidance presents to us as to what us may need to do.

Major issue in opening oneself to feeling  (Top)

The major issue in opening oneself to feeling is why we shut down our intuitive insights in the first place. To be open to feeling, we will find it necessary to face and deal with all the reasons why we shut down your ability to feel. Most often what we need to face will be those circumstances and memories of the past where our creative spirit was somehow thwarted in what it was choosing to create.

This of course, can be a journey unto itself and will require much more time and effort than what is required for any single creative endeavor. However, we do not need to need to "mount a full scale campaign" to open ourselves to feeling. We only need to address what our being presents to us in the moment as needing to be addressed. We just need to learn to be open to what we need to feel in the moment to create what we desire.

What needs to be clearly understood is that we cannot run away from what we need to face or suppress it. If we do, we will thwart our own creative endeavor. The past, no matter how painful it may be, that surfaces in opposition to our creative effort is only what we need to deal with to create what we desire. Otherwise, it would not arise to be addressed. Additionally, we also need to understand there will be probably more than one issue from the past. The most energetic issue which needs to be address arises first. This is not the issue that stores the most energy. Nor is it the issue that will gives us the greatest burst of energy to address what we desire to create. Rather it is the most energy issue which needs to be addressed to create what we desire. If we attempt to avoid it we simply thwart our own creative endeavors.

We only need to face what arises one issue at a time. How we choose to face what we need to face, is our choice. How we choose to face what we face is best directed by our intuitive guidance. The recommendation made here is to consult our intuitive guidance and allow our intuitive guidance to tell us the best way to face what arises.

Working with feelings  (Top)

If we are aware of a body sensation or feeling, we need to ask ourselves to understand what that feeling represents or is trying to communicate. Here an important point needs to be made about the body and its feelings. For any feeling we have, if we look hard enough, we can probably find some internal or external condition to which we can point as what is giving rise or causing the feeling.

Although we may need to attend to whatever condition we think is causing the feeling, we need to ask ourselves what is the energetic conditions that is giving rise to the feeling we experience. Alternatively said, we need to ask ourselves why did we choose to have the energy we experience in the form of the feeling we have as opposed to any other form?

As we focus on the feeling with the intent to surface this understanding, we will get insights and begin to see the deeper connection of how and what we think and believe is tied to what we actually experience. We will also begin to see how our feelings are passing knowledge and information to us. We can being to learn to access the awareness which lies in feeling. In doing so, we will being to see beyond the physical to what gives rise to the physical.

Using intuitive guidance -following the flow as in the flow of a river (Top)

In general, when used in the creative process for any creative endeavor, the intuitive guidance acts much like the centerline of a river flow. The flow of the river seems to change directions as it flows to the sea. In any given moment, the flow of the river will point to something on the shore. But as the river winds itself back and forth, what it points to on the shore always seems to change. Yet, alignment with the centerline of the flow always points to the fastest way to the sea, even when it seems to go in the opposite direction in which the river needs to go. We must not try and go in the direction reflected in what is pointed to on the shore. Rather, we need to focus on the feel of the flow and not to which the flow points on the shore..

Intuitive guidance arises from the flow of energy we sense which will give rise to our desired experience. That feeling, and being open to what we feel and sense, keeps us on course traveling in the fastest way. In this regard, the body and what it feels, is essential to using our intuitive guidance.

What you feel is essential to keeping the intuitive insight functional in our creative endeavor.

In working with our intuitive guidance in a creative effort, we need to become aware of the feeling that arises as we act on our intuition and manifest the intuitive guidance we have been given. This then allows that feeling to become our internal compass until a stronger feeling arises as we iterate the process as necessary.

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