Manifesting a creation

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Manifesting a creation
It is about energy consciousness

Observer-observed pair
Belief & Belief Structure
Beliefs and the stream of life
Implications of the equivalence of energy consciousness

This discussion parallels that found in the topic “Nature of Creation” and “How We Create the Experiences We Have.” How we create the experiences we have and manifesting a creation are really one and the same thing. The only difference is our focus. In one case we are looking to create an experience where as in the other we are looking to manifest something, which could be an experience. Hence the discussions are the same. In turn, both creating an experience and manifesting a creation is the nature of Creation and what Creation is all

It is about energy consciousness (Top)

In looking at the definitions of energy and consciousness, it can be seen that each describe a different form the same thing. That is, the each describe the material out of which Creation/creation arises - the ability to make something happen. Within this relationship of energy and consciousness as the ability to make something happen, for all reality, all that is, all the Universe, what ever you wish to call the material and non-material world that you experience, it is energy-consciousness. This energy-consciousness not only permeates everything and every aspect of being, everything and every aspect of being is energy-consciousness. This energy consciousness can be experiences as energy or as consciousness but both always exist together simultaneously. The two are not separate. They are one and the same.

Although every thing is energy consciousness, it is expected that there will be attributes of energy that are not express in some realms as there are attributes of consciousness that are not expressed. We cannot assume the physical plane is capable of fully expressing all the attributes of energy and all the attributes of consciousness. It is assumed the realms of creation are a result of environments where certain attributes of each can be expressed where as other attributes are not. It is assumed that similar to the way the laws of physics are the same everywhere whether or not environment conditions allow them to be observed, the properties of energy and consciousness that we discuss here and observe in the physical plane are applicable in any realm of existence whether or not they are expressed.

The energy of energy consciousness is a creative life energy in that it is capable of becoming life itself. The amount of life you see and/or experience depends on how aware and awake the consciousness portion is awake and allows one’s being to be fully present to the energy flowing into, and sustaining, one’s being.

The bridge or the switching station between energy consciousness and how we experiencing the manifestation of energy consciousness as either the energy or the consciousness ultimately lies in our mind and the perspective we hold. Whether energy or consciousness is seen as existing and dominating and the other or appearing non existent doesn’t really matter - both are and always will be. To think or perceive only one or the other is an illusion and is the essence of separation from the Oneness of all things and allows for the experience of Creation. The illusion of creation starts with allowing one’s energy consciousness to lean towards one aspect or the other. Since all beliefs have boundaries, to hold any belief about reality or the reality that is being experiences is cause for separation from Oneness and the belief that we hold pushes us toward an experience of energy or toward consciousness depending on the belief.

In essence, our creative life energy flows to create an experience of that on which we focus our attention and awareness within the environment in which we find ourselves.

Observer-observed pair
(Top): For consciousness to observe and experience the form or creation that it intends, it needs to separate itself is some fashion into an observer and the observed based on the intention that is held. The consciousness becomes the observer and the energy becomes that which is observed or that action of what is occurring.

The ultimate illusion and the function of the attribute of consciousness that can best be called “mind” is to hold this illusion of observer and observed. Mind thinks it is the observer independent of its observation and the intention or creation which forms the observer - observed pair. In reality, the observer is interconnected and at one with its observation and the environment of that observation. Similarly, the function of the attribute of energy that can best be described as the particle nature of the wave-particle nature of energy is to hold the particular form that is to be observed and help the mind to sustain the illusion by being a particle or a fixed form whether that fixed form is only a belief or an physical creation or experience. By the particle having limits and boundaries to its existence it is seen to exist separate and unconnected from the observation and the environment in which it is observed. There are three components to every manifestation: the observer, the observed and the context or environment of the observation. These three together represent an intention that is desired to be expressed to be both experienced and observed and it is thought the observation that experience is had.

Energy consciousness when seen and experienced separate from each other form a pair much like the particle and anti particle formed in the pair production phenomenon. What is different is that in the pair production phenomenon non-localized wave energy is split into matter an antimatter. In the case of energy consciousness, the energy consciousness splits into a energy and consciousness pair analogous to the matter - antimatter pair.

The observer - observed pair always occurs within in a given context of observation. The environment and the unfoldment of a creation are integrally linked.

Belief & Belief Structure
(Top): The beliefs that we hold and the structure that our beliefs form, that is, our belief structure, act as the switch, or switches, that allows the movement between energy and consciousness. Our beliefs switch the flow of the creative life energy on or off within our being and determine the landscape or terrain through which the flow of energy our intention creates must flow. They determine the perspective we hold as the observer or the creation which is observed. That is, we create the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences through the beliefs we hold and the illusion created by mind.

Relative to the beliefs we hold, any one beliefs has a consciousness aspect and an energy aspect. The energy aspect of the belief turns the flow of energy on or off in a given direction. The consciousness aspects of the belief determines the perspective as the observer from which we experience the manifestation of that belief.

The term belief structure is used because in addition to the belief that is held, the way it is held cause a particular effect. For example we can view the belief we hold as a filter. We can view life through a yellow filter and a blue filter where the filters each represent a different belief. We can hold the blue and yellow separate as yellow or blue or we can allow them to mix as green. Or, we can hold them as yellow, blue and a mixture as green. In either cases the effect is different although we are only using two filters. The structure or view that we create with these two filters can be different than either of the filters. The belief structure is representative of how we use the beliefs that we hold.

Mind holds the beliefs. Our free will throws the switch. The consciousness, subconscious or unconscious focus of our awareness and attention on the beliefs and how we hold the belief allows for, or doesn’t allow for, our creative life energy to flow. The way we channel our attention is though our focus and we focus ourselves by intending or directing our attention onto a particular object or aspect of creation and holding to that intention in an unwavering fashion. We then turn this focused intention into a habit of our mind, or, if we hold the intention long enough and it will “go” subconscious or unconscious. It will continue to direct our attention and energy until we either go in and consciously change it or we hold a new belief or change our belief structure about what we experienced in the past such that we hold the new belief or new belief structure until we render the old belief inactive or dissolve it entirely.

Whatever we hold to as a belief within our being whether consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously, attaches and directs our attention and will continue to direct our energy until we let go of the belief that is held. To believe or not to believe is the question that determines if the energy flows or doesn’t flow.

Beliefs and the stream of life
(Top): What does need to be noted here is that any concept, word or symbol that we retain in our conscious or subconscious memory is a characterization of energy into particulate form with defined limits and boundaries. As such the belief holds or directs a portion of our energy. Our beliefs create a pattern which capture and hold the energy that flows within your being much like the way we can cause a string fixed at both ends to vibrate and create an illusionary envelop. Here our beliefs act as that fixed string which vibrates in the flow of our creative life energy to create an illusion form which we call an experience of reality or Creation.

In another analogy, our beliefs act much the same way rocks that lie in the bed of a small creek direct and redirect the flow of water of the stream depending on the depth of the stream. Our beliefs do the same analogous thing within our consciousness. When we act in great passion and have a great amount of energy flowing in our life, analogous to a stream with a great flow of water, many rocks lie deeply submerged having little influence on the flow. However, as the water levels drop, and our passion to act decreases, the deeply submerged rocks begin to have a greater and greater effect one causing turbulence in the water.

Once a belief is held in memory, it is within our being like one of the rocks within the stream bed that can create turbulence in our life when our energy levels are lowered. However beliefs are slightly different than the rocks. It takes some of creative life energy, or some of the water flowing within our stream to form the rock itself. Remember, all is energy consciousness and we perceive it as energy or as consciousness. As discussed in the origins of thoughts, to hold a belief means we must form that belief out of a portion of our creative life energy and characterize that portion into the belief we hold. Once the rock forms it then becomes a possible obstruction to the flow depending on the level of the flow. The beliefs we hold affect the flow of our creative life energy in two ways. One way is that it takes some of the flow of our creative life energy to form the analogous rock. That rock once formed, then becomes a possible obstructing creating turbulence in the flow. Possibly diverting, fragmenting or scattering the flow of our creative life energy which in lies our creative power.

Because energy and consciousness are one and the same thing, wherever or on whatever, we focus our awareness and attention we direct our energy and it will grow and expand. Hence, if we focus on a beliefs directly or indirectly, we move energy into the belief and that has the effect of essentially causing the rock within our stream to grow and divert the waters of the stream even more. Similarly, whatever we remove from our focus and attention will collapse and shrink.

Our consciousness can affect the flow of our creative life energy in two ways. One is that it allows us to change the level of the flow of our creative life energy in any direction in life by how we focus or attention. That new flow, in turn, causes some beliefs to become more profound in their effect and others to diminish. Our consciousness is what is responsible for raising or dropping the level of the water that flows within our stream by how it does or does not allow us to access our creative passion. Also the beliefs that do affect the flow of energy also act as a feedback loop to redirect or enhance the focus of our consciousness in the given direction. It needs to be realized that we are a creative living process. What we experience affects what we believe and what we believe affects what we experience. There is an ongoing dance of continually recreating ourselves by the experiences we have.

The second way is that consciousness affects the flow of energy is that it causes the rocks in the steam to increase or decrease by how we focus on them. But we must remembered, the fact that if we consciously remove a belief, that does not mean it is removed on the subconscious or unconscious level. Our mind may still contain habits and patterns of thinking or acting that contain the belief.

Remember our beliefs are integrated into a belief structure. Removing a beliefs does not me we remove or change the structure built around that belief. The structure can still remain long after we change the belief and even some of our thinking. Often this residual belief structure does not surface unless we experience some even in life which that particular belief structure is called upon to response. This residual beliefs structures are part of the hauntings and ghosts from the past that seem to continually reappear at certain times in our life.

There are many beliefs we hold which lie below the main currents of our stream of consciousness or the flow of our creative life energy. As flow in our creative life energy changes, and the level varies as in the water level of a steam, given the correct consciousness level and/or accompanying change in the flow of our creative life energy, the beliefs will resurface - or at least the residual belief structure built around those beliefs will surface. This can be quite puzzling and surprising when we thought we had removed a particular way of thinking.

In addition switching and controlling the shift between energy and consciousness, in the realm of consciousness, each belief determines our view and interpretation of reality. In the realm of energy each belief actually casts and molds the creation that we experience into the view and interpretation we have. This energy consciousness aspect is the aspect of reality that allows reality to mold itself to what ever it or we intend by what we believe. Energy consciousness molds itself into what ever it intends or holds with in consciousness (consciousness, subconscious or unconscious consciousness) in the mind. It is the intention(s) we hold which cause the perceived separation of energy from consciousness. An intention although like desire, is much more subtle than a desire for one can ask what is the intention behind our desire or what intention do we carry that we desire what we do.

Intention as use here has two aspects and each is extremely important in how our consciousness creates our experiences. One is what we intend and the other is why we intend what we do. Both have a tremendous influence and role to play. For example, the intention of cutting a person with a knife has significantly different implications if it is done in surgery to fix an abnormal condition in the body as opposed to stabbing a person and stealing their money. All intentions have what can best be described as a direction associated with the movement of the energy. In physics that is called a vector and vectors add and subtract slightly differently that adding and subtracting numbers.

Each intention has a “what” component and a “why” component and also a magnitude of passion or energy and a direction of flow - toward or away from something. The most important understanding is that energy flows and forms where one focus their attention and awareness. From this aspect, we can say that this energy consciousness has a direction and it flows in whatever direction we intend. There is no correct or right direction and there is no wrong direction. There is just toward and way from something which mind holds.

Our intentions are what underlay all the energy flow in our life. There is a direction that goes with each intention we hold. The flow of our creative life energy is either scattered and fragmented or brought into a coherence and a unity of force. I t is analogous of the difference between a flashlight and a laser. In a flashlight the light my be directed in the same direction but it is not a coherent beam where each particle of light adds to strengthen the power available within the light. In a laser, each particle of light adds to strengthen the overall power available in the beam of light. Our intentions do something similar. They add or subtract with all our other intentions giving you a resultant direction to your life. The question is whether or not the focus of our life has a creative power to it like a laser like focus or is the creative power scattered and fragmented more light a flashlight focus.

The key to understanding intention is that with the realm of energy consciousness, anything on which we focus our attentions and awareness grows or expands. When we take our attention off something, it contracts and dissipates. However, to move our focus and awareness off a conscious memory or belief and move it to a subconscious or unconsciousness level does not dissipate the energy. Nor does it mean we do not stop adding energy to it. What most come to see is that it is essential to surface the subconscious and unconscious memories and beliefs that are holding our energy to fully restore our creative abilities and accessing the creative power that we already have. It is not some much about gaining creative power as it is restoring and access what we already have that is operating subconsciously and unconsciously. Although all memories are a form of consciousness and energy because the are a creation of energy consciousness, because of the way they are held, some memories hold or bind more energy that which is necessary to sustain the memory itself. The goal in accessing and releasing our unlimited creativity is to access and release the energy which is bound in our past.

Along with our intention manifesting it needs to be understood that the intention and the unfoldment of that intention will persist unless it is changed. There is the physical principle which states that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Normally we associate the word object with something physical. From an energy consciousness viewpoint, an object in any ‘named’ quantity of consciousness. For examples: a thought, a belief, a person, an idea, a symbol, and attribute of something or anything that consciousness differentiate or separated into a particulate or particle form is an object. So whenever is intended will persist until it is changed. Any time we cause a differentiation or separation of energy consciousness, that separation will persist until we dissolve or dissipate the cause to the separation.

Implications of the equivalence of energy consciousness
(Top): Now there is an important aspect of energy consciousness that may be difficult to accept. If all creation is only this energy consciousness molding itself to what consciousness intends, then every thought, every cell, every particle of matter is capable of having thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions and that each is already in communication with everything else. There are realms within realms and thoughts within thoughts. The only question is what is the level of awareness of each of these differentiated forms.

There will be thoughts within the components and the total aggregate of the components can have thoughts. In some ways the feeling from a particular body organ or body muscle could be considered a thought by that composite or collective mind of that organ or muscle group. Similarly our thought can be considered as the total aggregate of thoughts from all our body parts. Similarly a group of people can have a thought that is result of, and held by, the entire group but individually the thought does not exist.

For example, any team, such as a football team or baseball team, can have thoughts that individually held by a player makes no sense and the sense only comes from the total team together. We can understand this concept if we look at only the individual movements of each player when on the field. Individually their movements seem to have no logic. However, in the context of a team executing a play as in football or the baseball team responding to the way a particular ball has been hit, the individual movements make complete sense - except of course for errors and fumbles.

In the energy consciousness model  of the universe, what need to be understood is that the body, mind, emotions, behavior, thought, and the environment all interact to create the experiences we have. They are not separate form each other. Another way of saying this is each experience of life is within a given context and that overall context can be considered a consciousness to itself. The only difference in all these varies aspects of consciousness is that each has a different view and as such each has a different belief structure, level of awareness and consciousness and unconsciousness to experience a given situation as it does.

In this regard, both our physical body and the mind need to be better understood to understand how this bridge point between consciousness and energy occurs and we how create our reality. It is here in the equivalence of energy and consciousness where the mind body connection really lies. In some ways we can say is our physical bodies are our current understanding of the energy aspects of energy consciousness manifesting. Similarly, our currently level of awareness and our enculturated mind (who we think we are) is the consciousness portion of this energy consciousness manifesting. To readily access that mind body connection we need to change our awareness as to who and what we are to change the focus of our attention and awareness that is manifesting our body.

To know what we currently understand about energy consciousness, we just need to look at what we understand about both our world and our current level of awareness. To become effective at being this energy consciousness we need to become effective at managing both the consciousness aspect and the energy aspect of being. When a reasonable footing is gained in each of these two areas, one can then start to learn to dance between the two becoming efficient at managing and being energy consciousness manifesting in physical form to have a physical experience. This journey starts with the learning to dance starting with the dance between the mind and the heart.

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