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As a result of how our creative power is in intertwined and linked to both our spirituality as related to our concept of God and our sexuality, a common introduction and a discussion of the link between Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality is provided as to their origins and occasion for being created. These two topics are discussed in the following files:

A common introduction to origins and occasion for creating
Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality

Overview of the primary issue and integral linking of God and sex

The above discussion are not essential to the origins of Creative Sexuality but they do provides additional information on the subject.

Occasion for creating Creative Sexuality

The occasion for creating Creative Sexuality came shortly after the realization that our concept of God and our understanding of sexuality as discussed in the topic “In a Box” function like the top and bottom of a box or cage in which we have placed our creative spirit and hold it captive. Although the author was aware of their influence from the time of the Ultimate Accident, he was not aware of how they actually functioned as boundaries limiting and controlling access to our creative power and creative ability. He was not aware of exactly how they were linked. The author observed there wasn’t an individual who desired to explore their creativity and creative power where sexuality did not arise in some way.

He knew there was a connection between the search for the Beloved (an experience of God) and the search for the beloved (that exception physical lover). They both arose from what the heart or what is symbolized by the heart. Yet, their connection with sexuality from a creativity perspective was not clear. When the author became clear of the connection, it was time to create, or at least lay the foundations for creating, both Creative Spirituality and Creative Sexuality. However it took several years of observation and revisions to understand what fully needed to be communicated.

Origins of Creative Sexuality

It is reported, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, know and it shall be open to you." Quite simply, the origins of Creative Sexuality arose out from on single question and request. It was a rhetorical request to the Universe to understand what lied behind sex and exactly why two individuals would need to separate/divorce in life. As stated in the discussion, “An Awareness About Sexualitythe issue of sex and sexuality did not raise its head directly. It started with the observation of a friend’s life, a question to be answered, a dream-meditation vision and an exploration into exactly what the dream-meditation vision revealed.

In looking at why to people separate/divorce in life, there were, of course, all the obvious issues and reason one can give, for example incompatibility. But the author knew there was something below the surface that was not being addressed by the reasons that are normally given. The question was, "What exactly causes two people to separate?"

The author believed that what he was taught about marriage. That is, "What God has joined together let no man put asunder." If this were true and individual were joined much the DNA of two parents joint together to form a child, the there is something between two individual that could not be separated. Or, the statement "What God has joined together" did not apply to individual getting married as the author believed. So the author watched and observed his life and the life of others, especially all those with whom he helped to access and release their unlimited creativity.

The  discussion “ An Awareness About Sexuality” addresses the situation which caused sexuality to arise as something the author felt he needed to consider investigating as to is influence on creativity. But, at the time, he did not see it as anything of particular significance relative to our creative power and creative ability. At the time, the issue he was observing didn’t appear to have anything in particular to do with the aspect of creativity he was exploring. He knew it was somehow related but didn’t seem to be important.

The author was aware of one mystical tradition that did not allow its members to explore the deeper aspects of that tradition unless the individual was over forty years old, well versed and in good standing in the tradition and they were married. But at this time, the author did not understand why such a recommendation was made. The author had observed that the playful creative spirit when free to express itself had a sexual favor to it but he had not yet made the connection of the desire of this creative spirit to create life both within the individual and within life itself. He was also unaware of how our views and uses of sexuality had a tremendous impact on our creative spirit. Exactly why this was true needed further exploration and ultimately is related to the role and functions of the inner masculine and inner feminine.

It was the dream-meditation vision which came eights month after his rhetorical question which directed the author’s attention and awareness to the creative power of sexuality. It complete challenged his thinking about sexuality and challenged him to take a deeper look as to exactly what that dream-vision was communicating about the effect and role of sexuality in creativity. The dream meditation vision cause him to explore what was available and taught about the creative powers of sexuality both what was available in the literature and in the mystical traditions like Tantra. Tantra can be considered a form of mysticism that is characterized by the belief that through physical love and sexuality accompanied with the appropriate spiritual practices, a direct and immediate consciousness of God can be achieved. Yet the author was not interested in accessing God or the Source of Creation. He experienced that in the Ultimate Accident. Rather, he was interested in what was taught about the creative powers inherent in sexuality.

Surprising, what the author could find on the subjects of the creative powers of sexuality other than for procreating physical children, the literature and the teaching were silent. Other than the Persian Poet Rumi, he found nothing which talked about it. Yet, there was not a person with whom he work on accessing their creative power that sexuality in some form or another raised itself as an issue in some way. So the author began to observe very carefully the role sexuality was playing in the live of people and how it affected their creative power. More important, the author had to wait and observe how the sexual influenced the individuals’ creative spirit and it expression in their lives and their relations with their partner and others over time. He watched those who stayed together and how their creative spirit became free or become more trapped. He watched those who separated looked at why. He also observed if in their separation their creative spirit become more free or more trapped. He also watch those who never formed a relations or a commitment and observed their creative spirit. The observations were most interesting and nothing like what he would have expected. The Creative Sexuality web page captures many of those observations.

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