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According to the dictionary, a beloved is simply something, or someone, greatly loved. However, the romantic and mystical use of the word is somewhat different. Romantically and mystically the beloved is seen as that which allows us to be whole. The beloved is what complements us to become complete. Without the beloved, something within is us incomplete.

If we see what we seek as being a physical being as in another human being, we see the beloved/Beloved as a beloved. The beloved, however we perceive the beloved, is our mind's best interpretation of what the energy looks like for us to be whole or to experience to manifestation of our desired creation. The beloved is only one of several possible interpretations. For example, there is also the muse and the soul mate. In this regard, it does need to be noted here, the concept of the beloved/Beloved is actually no different the concept of the muse, soul mate or beloved. The main difference come from our mental bias and what we think and believe.

If we see what we seek is seen as lying beyond what we believe a human being can provided, we see the beloved/Beloved as the Beloved and a oneness with God as we understand God.. In seek God as the Beloved, we believe that there are separate physical and spiritual realms and we need to transcend or some how seek that which is beyond the physical. As such, the we feel we cannot find fulfillment in a physical muse, soul mate or beloved. We believe we must transcend and seek God., whatever on concept of transcendence and God looks like. Yet, if we look carefully the feelings are the same whether it is for the beloved, the Beloved, the muse or the soul mate. It is the feeling for that entity that can call forth our creative spirit and inspire us into creative action and/or provides us with a feeling of wholeness within our being. The beloved is only our mind's interpretation of what we think we need to find fulfillment and satisfaction..

However, in any case, what we perceive as the beloved/Beloved is not which will satisfy what we seek. The beloved/Beloved is only mindís interpretation of a phenomena more profound that which mind normally experiences. In actually what we seek that mind interprets as the beloved/Beloved is ultimately the Creation before us.

The origins and journey to find the beloved

The origins of the beloved/Beloved lies in the creative tension of creation/Creation and our perception of this creative tension as a human being. What needs to be understood is that if there is not some tension of separation, there will be no creation/Creation for it is the tension of separation which supplies the energy to energize creation/Creation. This separation can be experienced as a deep longing for that which allows us to be whole and complete. That is, for that which will joint to remove the tension. Our mind interprets this completeness either as that perfect soul mate or merging with God. As such this deep longing for the beloved/Beloved catalyzes a journey to find the beloved.

The actual journey for the beloved/Beloved one undertakes can be experienced one of two ways if not both. Each way is a journey to find someone or something who will nurture us in the way we need to be nurtured. If the feeling and longing for the beloved/Beloved is seen as being supplied by a physical being, a male or female, the journey will be one of looking for that "perfect" soul mate. Some individuals long for what can be called a soul mate or that companion who will fulfill this longing. It cannot be found in another individual. Others have a very deep spiritual longing, similar to longing for a companion, but here the longing is for a beloved of Divine origin.

The journeys to find the beloved/Beloved are only two ways one can use to satisfy the deep inner longing. Some seek some role or position in the world. Some look to collect material things. Still others simply to numb the pain of the deep longing through some type of distraction or some addictions. However, in the oneness of the universe, the deep inner longing is only for a part of oneís own being that has not been fulfilled. That part is the experiences we incarnated to have. All this longing evaporates when we live our creative passion and the life we incarnated to live.

As we move more and more into alignment with the flow of our creative life energy and open ourselves up to what we feel, the desire we feel, that tension of separation experienced as a deep longing or loneliness within that for all practical purposes which becomes the desire for oneís beloved dissipates. Similarly, if, we allow ourselves to feel and seek our beloved and live our creative passion in the process of surrendering to what we feel, we will find the journey that takes one to acquire this beloved is actually part of the manifestation of the intention for our life and it brings forth the gifts within our being to be expressed in the world.

Our ultimate problem is really whether we serve the desires of our creative spirit and the intention for our life or the wants and desires of our enculturated mind. If we serve our enculturated mind without consideration of the intention for our life we will feel a separation of some type and/or a feeling something is lacking or incomplete within our being. In particular, we see ourselves lack a certain type and kind of feeling that is usually experienced as a nourishing energy we call love. As such, some look externally to a beloved or the Beloved to satisfy this feeling of separation.

The origins of the longing giving rise to the desire for the beloved/Beloved

The origins of the deep inner longing and the creative tension arise from how we separate ourselves into an observer and an observed in order to have an experience of creation/Creation. As described in the two topics, "Origins of Creation" and the "Observer observed pair and the nature of duality" that for which we long is an experience of the creation we ourselves created. Because our mind does not see itself as a the creator of the experience it has, nor understand how we do create, it see itself separate from that which it longs.

Internal to the creation process, the creation process creates a separation that results in a tension that is felt and experienced as desire to reunite with that part from which we become separated. This tension, the desire, is what supplies much of the energy for creation and animates the creation. One seeks the beloved and looks for it everywhere whether one realizes it or not. It is just that sometimes our mind characterizes it as a beloved/Beloved and at other times as something else. In reality, however our mind characterizes what is pulling us into creation is simply the ground point which allows our creative life energy to flow to manifestation of a desired experience.

The a pull of the beloved is always within each of us because it is inherent to the separation process. In remembering that our inner world is reflected in the outer, the beloved can be, and most probably will be, manifested in some physical object or person that represents this beloved. The creative tension can be such that the pull to the object, person, or attribute one seeks to manifest a new creation can be felt as though we were seeking a beloved.

Our consciousness reflected in our creative spirit is passionate to express itself and show exactly who it is and it has chooses to express itself thought the use of the physical body. If we donít access our heart and desire to create from the heart and become our truth we will not see the beloved for what it is. When our creative spirit is not allowed to express itself it feels the pain of separation from its creation, from its beloved, from its other half of being, from its true soul mate and is its reflection in manifested form. Rather, we will feel pain and either numb the pain or somehow deny it or suppress it and/or our mind will translate this longing into the need for a mate who will "fulfill" this inner desires. Many numb the pain through some type of addictive behavior of which thinking is the greatest addiction.

It is the premise of the energy consciousness model that the root of many addictions ultimately arise because individuals try and numb the pain that exist because of their separation from the desired creation of their creative spirit. That is, the pain resulting from how their consciousness want to live as a unique creative individual and how they have been taught to live by everyone around them. In the denial of our creative passion, we have to live in the pain of separation from the world our creative passion longs to create.

Many of us move into the mind and occupy ourselves with seeking some object of success that will make us successful in life and/or looking for the source of their pain outside themselves to be satisfied by something externally. The object of success, however our mind defines it, then causes us to move into the world to fulfill that objective in the expectation and hope that as we find success, or rather fulfill our definition of success, our inner longings will go away and we will find satisfaction.

For some, this journey into success can satisfy them their entire life before the discover the illusion that what they have been seeking is not satisfying. Some never see the illusion of success for what it is and are puzzled why they never find satisfaction. Others find their expectations of success end early in life and without finding an effective substitute, they become depressed and no longer are inspired by life and living itself. Still others imply numb what they feel through some other type of addiction other than thinking.

The question with which we are faced is what is really giving rise to mind's characterization of the beloved/Beloved as it does?

As experienced as a human being in Physical Creation, the creative tension which generates the energy for the creation we desire to experience is experienced within our being a tension between the inner masculine and inner feminine. When each is able to mature and we are able to thrust out in the world in our truth and there is no inner longing. Rather there is an inner satisfaction and contentment with life. However, if either is not able to mature, there will be an inner longing.

What is important to note here is the joining of the inner masculine and inner feminine at an energetic level is not the type and kind of joining one thinks about is human sexuality or even the physical connection a wire makes connecting the two terminals of a battery. Rather the joining and coupling is the way consciousness is able to focus its attention and awareness to "ground" the flow of energy or to create a flow of energy.

Any flow of energy needs a "low" point in which to flow. Exactly how consciousness creates the low point within what it thinks and believe does not matter. What matters is there is a way to focus ourselves as a result of how we think and believe which causes a flow of energy, a passion, to arise within our being that causes us to act to create the experiences we incarnated to have. What matters is the type and kind of experience as a result of the type and kind of low point we create to ground our energy. If we change what we think and believe we change the ground point and experience we have.

The concept of the beloved/Beloved, the muse, oaths of loyalties, the object of focus in a meditation such as a mantra, image or sutra, pursuing and adversary, looking to create success, and the like are all ways that are used to create the "low" point or focus into which we can direct the flow of our creative life energy. Similarly, again, if the feeling and longing for the beloved/Beloved is seen as being something spiritual or unseen , the journey will be a journey to find God or oneís understanding of God.

Whether one is male or female, it is in the relationship of the inner masculine and inner feminine we find the origins of the beloved/Beloved we seek externally. Whether one sees the beloved as male/masculine entity or a female/feminine entity, what we initially ultimately really seek in the beloved/Beloved is a soft nurturing feminine. It is a nurturing feminine presence that allows us to be free to grow and unfold true to ourselves.

If we see the beloved/Beloved as feminine, we are seeking what our inner feminine is unable to provide to the inner masculine. Those who seek the beloved as that strong presence that will guide their life are actually seeking and seeing the beloved/Beloved as a masculine. Here, we are seeking what our inner masculine cannot provide our inner feminine. As a result of what the inner masculine cannot provided, our inner feminine does not mature and cannot provide what we need. So in the end, outwardly, it looks as thought an individual is seek the masculine to tell them what to do or to guide their life but they really seek the inner feminine.

But the paradox in seeking that nurturing feminine presence is our inner masculine. We need to realize the only a way to have our own inner feminine free to nurture our being in the way it needs to be nurtured is to have a strong inner masculine. For our own inner feminine to be free to nurture our being in the way it needs to be nurtures we need our inner masculine.

In reality in seeking the beloved/Beloved is to look in the wrong direction. What we seek is our own mature inner masculine. It is the inner masculine which provided the safe and secure space for the inner feminine to be free to nurture the creation and allow her nurturing energy to freely flow as needed.

In realizing the origin of the beloved centers on the inner masculine and being unable to be our truth, if we become aware we feel we need to seek the beloved/Beloved in any form, we should look to access and become our truth. Otherwise we will never be satisfied in what we seek. Only in living and being our own truth will we find what we seek.

A note on sexuality and the beloved/Beloved

We should not be surprised if we feel a sexuality around the beloved or the Beloved. There is nothing wrong with this and is actually quite natural. We need to remember our our inner world gets reflected in the outer. What gives rise to the inner longing for the believes revolves around our inner masculine and/or inner feminine and their relationship. That inner relationship overlaid with our enculturation about being a male or female will spill over into our external relationships. It is only natural that the feminine will excite the masculine. It is only natural that there will be males who excite the inner masculine in a female and a female who excites the inner masculine in a male. That excitement will stimulate the sexual organs and there will be feelings and longing for a sexual interaction. The issue is not whether or not one engages is sex in looking for the beloved/Beloved. The issue is whether or not one becomes lost in the sex or do they continue to allow the flow of energy to lead their life. More on issues of sexuality and our creativity is discussed in the topic "Creative Sexuality."

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