The Outer Dance of the Creative Spirit
The dance between our creative spirit and the world in which we find ourselves

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The outer dance

The enculturated mind survival dance
The heart survival dance
The dance between the creative spirit and the world in which we find ourselves
Becoming proficient in the outer dance

From the Our Creative Spirit Home Page: The outer dance is between the free unfoldment of your creative spirit in the external world and the demands and expectations the external world place on its free unfoldment. (More on .... the outer dance)

The outer dance can be seen and experienced in three ways. They are not separate dances for each is about finding one’s way in the world as it currently exists. The outer dance can best be described as one dance done at three different levels, stages or complexities. They are the dance the enculturated mind does to survive, the dance of what is symbolized in the heart does to survive and the dance of our creative spirit and the world which we find ourselves.

As  a human being, we need to survive in the world in which we inhabit. Our body needs food air and water. So the basic outer dance is about survival. It is not only survival of our physical body. Rather, it is about our inner world learning to express itself true to itself and for that expression to survive in the outer world So each level or stage is about creating another way to survive in the world.

Creation is an experience that is not done alone. We each need another or other to experience Creation. That other may be animate or inanimate, but we see need the other. Each of us are born into the world within some social structure within a given geographical location. As an infant, we cannot and will not survive by ourselves. As our body grows up into maturity, it is very difficult to survive alone. For example, as a minimum as a mature adult, there will be the need of a mate if one is going to procreate.

The enculturated mind survival dance (Top)

The  social structure will help and teach us to survive in the world. It may even provide us a community in which to live. However to live in that community, we must adapt ourselves to its ways of doing and being in the world. The dance is between what we need to do to express ourselves and what we think and believe as to what is acceptable to society and our enculturation and life experiences.

In addressing this, the  first level of the outer dance is to fit into the community so as to survive in the world. We do this by what we have been taught and enculturated to do. We learn this dance and do this dance with our mind. Our mind is essentially programmed by our society to “fit in.” If we don’t fit in, we are either ostracized or somehow forced to fit in.

The heart survival dance (Top)

However, the first inner dance we need to learn to do is between the mind and what is symbolized in the heart. When we learn the view form the heart we can do the second inner dance. We need to learn that first inner dance of mind and heart and to figure out how to live our heart in the outer world. More often than not, our mind has no idea how to create the space or room to live our heart in the world. The mind has been programmed to fit in the way society wants us to fit in. It has not be programmed, nor taught, to find a way for our heart to live in the world. Now we are trying to fit in with the world but in a way that is different than how we have been programmed. So, we need to reeducate ourselves and figure out how to live our heart but also meet the needs of our social world and survive. Hence the second level of the outer dance - living true to one’s heart but in a way that allows us to fit in and survive in the world.

The dance between the creative spirit and the world in which we find ourselves (Top)

The dance between the mind and heart is learned to awaken the creative spirit and perform the dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine. But, when the creative spirit is awakened, one suddenly has a different view about their life. This requires the third level of the outer dance - how to live with an awakened creative spirit and survive in the world.

At each and every level, the outer dance is becoming harder and harder to do. However, as we live our truth, we find it easier and easier to handle the dance and begin to find a greater and greater internal satisfaction with our life.

Becoming proficient in The outer dance (Top)

The our dance is to realize that whatever we desire to experience while in a human body, we will have our experience of what we desire in physical creation. Even if you withdrawal from the world, sit and meditate, no matter what we experience in the isolation of our own mind, we will do so in a human body and what we create is an experience of our own mind.

What needs to be understood is the body is the creation of a mind that transcends our ego and our mind as we know it. Our awareness can detach from our body, ego and the mind as we know it and become a detached witness. Our awareness has awakened in a body and will be limited by the view from the body in some way. If we study this issue we will come to find the person who stands before us or the situation we experience is simply there to provide us the experience we choose to have at some level of our being. What we see in front of us is only the occasion and the stage for what we desire to experience. We literally call to us the experiences we desire to have, including the organizations in which we become involved. This fact is the basis of the mystical statement “I am God” or its equivalent, “I am the creator of what I experience in all ways.”

Now the question is two fold. Do we move into mind and what it thinks and believes to arrive as some type or kind of judgement about what comes before us. Or, are we willing to surrender to the experience and get out of mind and realize that we have asked for what we now experience at some level of our being and learn why we have created the experiences we have. What we desire is either the direct manifestation of what we desire to experience or it is the by produce of the experience we requested. Although the cause may lie deep within our subconscious, we can either surrender to the experience or access the cause and choose to change the experience at it root.

What needs to be understood is that we need to surrender to the experience rather than acting to change it because we do not like it. We each have a free will are can choose how we will respond to any situation. Unless we go within and learn to understand why we have created the experience we are having and change it at its root, we will be doing two things. One is we will be suppressing a flow of energy that is resulting from an intention we hold at some level of our being causing that flow of energy to manifest as some later time in our life. The other is that we will be scattering and fragmenting our creative powers. That is, because we hold an intention that directs our energy in a given direction and we don’t change that intention, any further intention we hold, like choosing to respond to the experience we have as opposed to surrendering to it, is further dividing our creative life energy between two intentions as opposed to one.

For example, we set the intention to go to the beach. As we are driving to the beach we are stopped on an the interstate highway in ninety five degree heat. The traffic is reported to be stopped for several hours while a accident is being cleared out of the way. There is no way to turn around. We are simply stuck. Now we chose to go to the beach. We chose the particular beach we wanted to go to and we choose the route we took. We could blame a lot of people for the traffic we face and the situation in which we find ourselves. It may not be the experience we expected but it is the experience that is currently available based on the choices we made. We may say, “If I had known there would be a the traffic jam I would have chosen otherwise.” But it doesn’t matter. We didn’t and now we are stuck. The question now is, “What are we going to do and how are we going to respond to the situation at hand?”

This is the kind of situation we find ourselves in for every choice that we make. We think we know what we are choosing and we think we know the conditions that exist. However, often we find ourselves with things we didn’t expect for we manifest our intentions based on the environment in which we find ourselves and some intentions grow better in some environments than others. Some of the things that arise we could have addressed if we were a little bit more careful. Others seem to be simply unexpected. But we can go into our subconscious if we so choose and ask ourselves, “What is it about my thinking and what I believe that I should created this experience as opposed to something I find more enjoyable?” If we pay attention, we will get an answer. Then we will have a choice. Do we change what we think and believe so we don’t create that type and kind of experience again or do we avoid what we have to do and set ourselves up for a repeat experience. It may look different in its external form but it will be an experience of the same thinking and believing that we are now experiencing.

All of us already hold multiple intentions for our life and the multiple intentions fragment and scatter our creative powers. The more intentions we add without manifesting the intentions we hold, the great we scatter and fragment our creative power. From a creativity perspective, the goal would be to make our life a single point meditation or a single point focus. The more we can move into that single point focus, the greater we can concentration our creative powers. The issue we face for whatever stands before us it whether or not we surrender to the experience and allows the intention to be fulfilled to regain our creative powers. Or, do we go to the root of the source and change the intention which will also help us regain our creative powers. Or, do we choose to respond in a way other than what is being presented and further scatter and fragment our energy.

Whether or not the experience we are having serves us cannot be determined by whether or not we judge the experience good or bad, pleasurable or painful. Rather we need to look to the emotional aspect of our being and to what we are feeling. Is what we are experiencing allowing us, or causing us, to expand and grow beyond ourselves. Are we moving towards accessing the depth and breath of our full being to embraces the truth of our being and experience life more fully. Or, does it cause the us to simply swim and stay float neither moving forward or backward, up or down. Or, do we find ourselves shrinking and collapsing somehow being forced to become less that what we are and/or our life is being taken away from us such that the life within our being seems to be drowning or suffocating? If we are becoming less than we are, we need to choose to move in a way that allows to expand and feel alive with life. If what we are experience is neither moving us forward or backward, up or down, we should choose to experience something that better severs us. If we are expanding an whether or not we just the experience painful or pleasurable, we should surrender to the experience and allow it to carry us where it may.

While we are a human body, there are things we cannot provide ourselves from within ourselves or we lack insufficient energy. In these cases the feminine is over taxed in one way or another. One of the things we can do is to get the energy we need for a creation from somewhere else rather than from inside ourselves. So we will need to go externally to our being to get them. The masculine aspect of our being will thrust out to get what we need. The masculine aspect of our being will cause us to act to get what we need to nurture the feminine aspect of our being to get what we desire to create.

In doing so, the masculine acts in its role to create a space for its creation to unfold and protect the creation. However, depending on its environment, it will either take what it needs in one way or another or surrender to another in an attempt to get what it needs. Whenever we act to take something from another, whether they are male or female, we will be taking from the feminine aspect of their being. If they fight us in any way, we are dealing with their masculine. In this case, we are then in a fight to see who is the dominate masculine. Once dominance is established, the weaker masculine acts more in a feminine role to honor the request of the dominate masculine.

It is here in surrender to a dominate masculine rather than in love of our creation our problems develop. In surrendering to the other we move into the feminine aspect of our being. Because the feminine gives so much in any creation we become afraid we will not get what we desire and/or need and be used and abused rather than being free to give in a way that serves us. The other, whether it be a person, organization or nature has the same problem we do. If it doesn’t become the dominate masculine, it must move into its feminine. But it too has no desire to give of itself and not get what it desires. So, either there is a struggle and competition or a dancer.

When you step out into the world to have any need meet, our masculine aspect is acting. However, depending on how the world responds, we will either stay in our masculine aspect or be forced to assume a feminine role that allows us to get what we need. Or, of course, we can give up the need. But what needs to be understood, whether we get what we desire in a masculine or feminine way, in a struggle or competition, each side holds to its position until one dominates and takes from the other what it needs. In a dance, there is a given movement around a piece of music.

The music is what determines the movement. The movement in any situation is determined by the flow of energy - that deep undercurrent giving rise to the creation. Although one may lead the movement, the one who leads still need to surrender to the music of the dance. Yet rather than learn to dance in our creative powers from within the flow between the masculine and feminine of the creation process, there is a struggle and one dominates the other rather than each surrendering to the music of the dance.

The key to the dance is to try and figure out how to create that safe and secure space for other to find the truth of their being. Each needs to do that for the other. When the decision is made to do this, each will move in a way that becomes mutually supportive. In doing so, each can dance a dance where they are served. The question each must ask is, “Can I give to the other in a way that does not compromise my truth and/or I cause the other to compromise their truth?” It is perfectly acceptable to compromise one’s truth for a short period of time but if we do it long term we will cause harm to our creative ability and create experiences the do not serve our best interests in the long run.

One thing that needs to be understood is that we all desire to create because the energy that sustains us in a creative life energy and we will create consciously or subconsciously. However, we cannot assume how we want to play in our creative abilities is the same way as the other wants to play in their creative abilities. Ultimately, we all want to play at creating our experiences and we already do so subconsciously. It is just that what we want to create is different and we need others to experience our creation. We cannot create alone. There will always be another. It is inescapable. Even the deep meditator who needs to be off by themselves needs another. They need another if for no other reason that to have an excuse to try and get away from where they initially found themselves because they felt distracted.

Although we need each other, most of us do not what to dance in the creation with another for we are afraid our needs will not be met and we will be taken advantage of. Most of us will resist the dance Creation offers at some level of our being. Rather we just want it our way. If we look carefully and deep enough, we will find we are afraid that if we dance with another we will lose ourselves and never be able to live true to who we are because that is what happened in the past. In the past, most often as a very young child, when we were free to engage in our creativity and creative play as a child in spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration, our actions were somehow thwarted. When this happened we experienced pain at not being allowed to live true to who and what we are and to freely express that truth in whatever form it takes.

We will not discover our true creative power until we learn to dance where each alternatively leads the other and we each serve another at the deepest level of being in that state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play. Both an inner dance into and out of our own heart and mind and into an outer dance and outside of the world of what the “I” wants and into the world the other wants.

The outer dance is about the inner masculine learning to be true to itself such that when it acts, it acts on what it believes and on what it has freely choose to believe and not what another has programmed it to believe. In doing so, it calls to itself the experiences it desires and as such is the true expression of its true nature. So too the inner feminine. It is about its creative life energy flowing freely into the creation it desires to nurture and sustain and not what it has been forced to nurture and sustain by another in one way or other.

Because we have so identified ourselves with our body and our understanding of the masculine and feminine with what it meas to be male and female, balance of the masculine and feminine is challenging for what we need to do for balance is biased by the experience of being male and female. For the masculine aspect of being whether found in a male or female, to achieve masculine and feminine balance from a creativity perspective, the masculine will need to perform the equivalent of bearing and nursing a child where the child is the joint creation with another much they way a mother world carry and nurse a child. The child they need to birth and nurse is the offspring of the marriage of the intention of their life and the intention for the life of another. For the feminine aspect of being, whether a male or female to achieve masculine and feminine balance from a creative perspective, the female must step into a masculine role to thrust its life intention, the role in which it incarnated to play, into Creation in its own identity. For some females, that life role is to bear or raise a child. However, it is quite erroneous to say that is the role of the majority of the females. In fact, it may be quite the opposite. Bearing and raising a child may be one of the experiences a female incarnated to have, but to think in any way that is the primary reason for incarnating is to discard all that a female and life has to offer. The key to this understanding is the intention for our life and the intention of the life of the other who stands before you as an individual or that lies within a group.

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