Dream Nanny


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Dream nanny
Common dream midwife - dream nanny background
Dream Nanny

Common dream midwife - dream nanny background (Top)

Our creative endeavors, the intentions, the dreams, and the desires we carry need to be allowed to live and follow their own nature into manifestation. Any creative endeavor can be seen as creating a seed condition which when planted in a fertile space grows and bears fruit. As a seed, it must be planted in fertile soil, germinate and grow and be properly nourished throughout its growth process if it is going to mature and bear fruit.

From the creativity perspective, there are three phases to this process. They are creation of the seed condition, germination of the seed, and nurturing what has germinated to maturity. There three phases correspond to the role of the dream rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny respectively. Within the portaging concept the rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny help carry our load. In doing so, they increase the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix for any transformation we need to undertake within the creative process. The concept which gives rise to the
creative shape shifter, the dream rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny comes from a story told to Jung by Richard Wilhelm.

The most import role of the dream midwife and dream nanny is to allow the dream within our heart to follow its own nature. Their loyalty is to the dream we carry, not to our ego. As such they focus their efforts on birthing our dream that we choose and assist the dream in living and sustaining itself within our being and the world in which we live.

The key item here is the dream is our dream and the need for it to manifest the way that it desires to manifest. The dream midwife and dream nanny do not manipulate our dream into what they want or desire. It is our dream. They are only there to be that loving supporter and to observe our life relative to that dream to see where we are, or are not, freely manifesting the dream of our choice.

As a seed which germinates our creative endeavors can be viewed as having a life of their own. In many ways the life of our dreams are analogously to a physical life. However, in this comparison, our dreams have one significant difference when compared to biological physical life. That is, except for the actual birthing which is not necessarily as quick and clean cut as a physical birth, a dream before the birth process starts, can enter into a state of suspended animation as a result of traumatic or strong emotional situations.

Any dream we carry can be said to be suspended in time and bound by the trauma or strong emotion that we have chosen, consciously or nonconsciously, to impose on the dream. This by the way is what happens to most of the dreams that individuals incarnated to manifest in their current life time. The dream, encoded on the individualís heart and the source of what gives them a passion for life, gets bound in a strong emotional experiences of childhood that can result from a variety of reasons.

Some of these strong emotional experiences are as simple as a discouraging remark from an insensitive teacher or parent or as strong as the loss of a parent in childhood or a childhood incest or rape. We cannot judge the emotional energy that an individual attaches to what they experience in life. But the emotional energy that does become bound has the potential to also bind our dreams and our ability to birth and manifest those dreams. When the dream of the heart becomes bound in childhood, or for that fact, at any time in life, then the dream remains in a suspended animation until that emotional energy is released, freeing the dream to manifest.

Because dream manifestation is a process and can become easily damaged, the loyalty of the dream midwife and dream nanny is to the dream and not the individual nor their ego Their job is to hold the space for the dream to manifest. In many ways you can look at the entire sequence of the dream midwife and nanny as a gardener. It is much like the way a gardener sorts through all the possible seeds. In finding the desired seed, the gardener searches for the proper terrain and fertile soil to plant the seed. Then, after in planting the seed, they water and nourish the seed as it grows into a strong, self-sustaining plant.

In the same way the gardener only assists the process, a dream midwife and dream nanny only assist the individual to sort through all the possibilities until they find their correct dream - the one they freely choose to manifest in this lifetime. The dream midwife and dream nanny then assists the individual to reconstitute their creative ability and creative power so they can come into their own power and understanding of whom they are and what they are here to manifest. The individual then utilizes their own creative power and creative passion and is only assisted by the dream nanny to manifest the dream.

Although similar, the role of the dream midwife is to assist us to birth our dream and the dream nanny is to help create the space to sustain our dream in the world. Although one individual can function in both role the two roles are slightly different.

In any case, the dream midwife and dream nanny understands what is needed to nurture the dream for that is the purpose of the dream wife and dream nanny to exist. They exist only to midwife and nanny the dreams of others as if they were their own. The most significant role the dream wife and nanny plays is to observe the process and be available to become what is necessary as appropriate and necessary for the dream, not the enculturated ego.

The individual desiring to manifest their dream becomes engaged and consumed in the dream process is not always aware of exactly how the process is going and assistance may be needed from time to time. Since they are immersed in the process itself, the one manifesting the dream can not necessarily observe the dream unfolding and the dreamís state of health, or maybe even their own health. There needs to be an observer to look from the outside from time to time to see what is occurring and why it is occurring within the realization and understanding that there is a dream that is trying to manifest. Hence the need for a midwife and nanny.

In most cases, the creative process of manifesting a dream, intention or desire is completely natural to our being. We have been doing it all our life. But we have never realized exact how we do it. Dream manifesting is so natural and inherent in our being and its energy so powerful that it activates every level of our being. In providing their assistance, the dream midwife/nanny help to make the process of dream manifestation a conscious process within our being. They continually bring us back to focus our attention and awareness on what we desire to create. In doing so, we can being to see the creative process for what it is. Then, armed with a conscious awareness of the process, we can become truly free to create the world of our choice and free to undergo the journey to claim the birthright that has always been ours. That is, to be that co-creator of reality with the Consciousness that permeates all that is.

There is note that does need to be made here in relation to the fact the energy manifesting the dream in our heart activates every level of our being. What is not understood by most is that fact that when we birth our dreams, intentions and/or desires that lie close to our heart, we feel the creative life energy flow within our being and we feel life itself. If we are remotely in touch with our bodies, this feeling of life will also be reflected in feelings of sexuality and is in fact one reason why individuals can become so confused around sexuality.

What many do not understand is that their dream is making them feel sexual and the sexuality they feel is their dream manifesting and not necessarily a result of any individual who appears in their life in response to their dream with whom they may or may not be able to engage with sexually. Yet, another individual may be called into oneís life for the life experiences they need to have. The other individual is frequently only there to assist the individual in freely expressing what they feel in whatever form it takes. Consequently, the two, the dream manifesting and this other individual, become very confused and entwined.

However, to confuse the issue even more, there are cases where the individual whom one is capable of engaging in with sexually is actually vital to the dream manifesting. It may be necessary to be sexual to have the experience necessary for the dreamís manifestation. It all depends on the nature of the dream that is carried with the intention for our life. Sexuality and the energy of manifestation within dreams and intentions is beyond the scope of this particular discussion and discussed in the topic of "Creative Sexuality." If we do attempt to manifest the dream of the heart and begin to encounter issues of sexuality, it is recommended a very clear intention be set to allow ourselves to understand sexuality and its role in our dream manifestation. That intention will be lead us to the information and understanding that we need to have.

Dream Nanny  (Top)

The dream nanny is a creative shape shifter who nurtures what grows after birth or germination. In many ways the dream nanny must set an intention equivalent to the intention to become unconditional love. They need to chose to serve the heart, not the mind. They in turn must be capable of, and willing to step out of their own mind to become that unconditional love that allows requires them to shift their shape for whatever the needs and become the occasion for the rain and waters of life to life to continue to freely flow.

They work their inner world which become reflected outward to create a space for the individual and the dream that the individual is trying to manifest so that the dream can grow according to its own nature. As a creative shape shifter, the dream nanny is unconditional in that they will go inward and make whatever changes they need to make to create the space for the individualís dream to have a safe and secure space to manifest. They create the space that allows the nurturing and creative waters of life that are already flowing within the individual and given unconditionally by the universe, to be re-channeled and directed into manifesting the individualís dream in the way that is accordance with the nature of that dream.

The dream nanny helps to ensure a safe and secure space until the dream was strong enough to "stand on its own two feet" and go into the world. The dream nanny helps to protect and nourish that awareness of the Source as it grows within the individual so the individual can sustain it in the world.

That dream nanny help to protect, nourish and sustain that awareness of the Source as it grows within the individual so the individual can sustain it in the world.

The dream nanny is an individual who creates and holds a safe and secure space for our creative spirit to come out and experience the freedom to create in the way it needs to create until our creative spirit is strong enough to stand on its own two feet in the world.

The infancy period of the dream after its birth is a growth period where the dream grows and the external reality of the individual changes to sustain that dream. This is the phase where the nanny role is played. All dreams need a nanny until they are strong enough to stand on their own in the world, much the way a young child needs caring and loving parents early in life. The birthing process ends when the individual become comfortable with riding the energy within their being to manifest their dream.

As with the dream midwife, the dream nanny will focus on three similar roles. The first is that they give their loyalty to our dream, not our mind and what it thinks. Second they create that safe and secure space for one to consciously step "out of mind" and to be and do whatever needs to be done to sustain that dream into the world. This includes the transition from the individuals old way of being in the world before the birth of their dream and the new way of being based on what they have experienced and what they have come to know and understand about sustaining a dream including the inner world and outer world changes. Third, they too hold the dream of the individual as if it were their own.

The dream midwife can also be the dream nanny. The only real difference is how long after the birth of dream will the dream midwife go and do another type and kind of work. As with birthing a dream, to properly nanny a dream or a child, one needs to create the space to allow that dream to become what it is and not what the nanny thinks it is or what the nanny would like it to become. The nanny must remove any expectation as to what is growing and manifesting, much the way a gardener only provides the care, love and attention for a plant to grow according to the plantís nature. So, too, with dreams. They must grow according to their nature otherwise they become stunted and retarded in their growth. To properly and effectively manifest a dream that has come into the world, the dream nanny needs to look first into their own mind, then into the mind of the another, then to nature itself to be that caring and loving parent to strengthen and nurture the dream in the world in which we currently find ourselves.

The birthing process ends when the individual become comfortable with riding the energy within their being to manifest their dream. However, that does not mean oneís external world or for that matter oneís internal world are entirely adjusted to dream that they are now allowing to manifest. It takes time for the creative life energy to shut off flow in one stream of life causing the creation at the end of that stream to wither, die and disintegrate and for the other stream to start up causing the new creation to grow and manifest. Both of these process are occurring simultaneously.

Additionally any change in the focus of our awareness and attention will only serve to divert the energy from our new creation. The dream nanny work to surface competing conscious or nonconscious intention we carry that cause us to pull away from the intention we carry or the dream within the heart. To sustain the form that is being created to manifest our dream, we will need to be open to our creativity to be able to have the insights to learn how to sustain the dream on its own as it manifests in the world. The dream nanny encourages us to act on those insights and not doubt them. The dream that we are manifesting will require us to live differently in the world. Although many of the people, places and things in our world will remain unchanged, they will not necessarily be viewed or used in the same way. How much of the world that will remains unchanged depends on the dream itself. The dream nanny provides for a unchanging anchor point, or at least one person in our life that maintains as consistent unwavering focus in our life as we change.

The old world is in a form that was fully compatible with the way we used to live. To live in the new world of the dream that is manifesting and to sustain the energy manifesting that dream, the old form of the external world will need to be change to reflect a new environment to sustain that dream. Energy can neither be created or destroyed only altered in form. What we are actually doing is transforming the existing form of the energy to make it compatible with the dream. This is why it is so important to learn to be comfortable with flow of the energy and to ride the flow.

The energy itself knows where it need to go and we need to trust that the energy will mold itself to our intention as long as we hold the intention. However the time we experience on the physical plane for the external transformation to complete itself cause many fears, doubt and second guessing to occur and we can be very prone to divert our energy. The dream nanny holds our attention on our dream during this process. Once the external world has changed, or is changed significantly enough to allow us to live as that energy that is manifesting, and our ego becomes comfortable with this new world and will now defend that dream manifesting as its own rather than fighting it is when the dream become self sustaining and the nanny process can end.

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