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Any creative endeavor can be seen as creating a seed condition which when planted in a fertile space grows and bears fruit. As a seed, it must be planted in fertile soil, germinate and grow and be properly nourished throughout its growth process if it is going to mature and bear fruit. From the creativity perspective, there are three phases to this process. They are creation of the seed condition, germination of the seed, and nurturing what has germinated to maturity. There three phases correspond to the role of the dream rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny respectively. Within the portaging concept- the rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny helps carry our load. In doing so, they increase the possibility of creating a gentle phoenix for any transformation we need to undertake. The concept which gives rise to the creative shape shifter, the dream rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny comes from a story told to Jung by Richard Wilhelm.

The current human physical experience is much like the seeds on a large tree. Although a tree will produce many thousands of seeds, only a few fall to ground to germinate, grow and bear fruit. Many never germinate and all that do germinate never grow to maturity. So too with the dreams the lie in our hearts. They are seeds waiting for the opportunity to germinate and grow. Our creative passion is what brings the waters of life to water the landscape for the seed to grow. All we need is a fertile mind for that dream to manifest. This is why it is so important to develop both a creativity perspective and to hold our creativity sacred. They provide the fertile ground for the dream of the heart to manifest. With the creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, all we need is the safe and secure space for our creative passion to be expressed.

Creation, all creation and any creation, needs a space in which to manifest. The rainmaker creates a space both within themselves and a space for others. There is an observer and observed within the context of an observation. The rainmaker alters the context that in turn, changes the nature of the observer and what is observed. The rainmaker creates the occasion for those nurturing waters of life to enter an individualís life by how the rainmaker chooses to observe and act. The dream rainmaker is an individual who is capable of bring forth the waters of life within us to water the parched dry inner landscape within us so our desired intention, especially the intention for our life, takes a form, as a minimum in the form of a feeling, to be recognized. Once recognized it can be explored and birthed.

The dream rainmaker is an individual capable of calling forth our creative spirit. More often than not, this is done by showing us how to remove the top, bottom and the bars of the cage of our own making in which we hold our creative spirit captive. Often the rainmaker is an individual willing to perform the initiation to call forth our creative spirit. In doing so they seek to free our creative spirit where it seems to be stuck. The intended purpose is to get the waters of life, our creative life energy, our creative spirit, to freely flow within our being to nurture our passion. In doing so, we become to open to that awareness which lies in feeling for the intention for our life or what we desire to create..

The goal of the rainmaker is to create the space to allow an individual to have an experience that is solely determined by the individualís intuitive guidance. It is an experience in which the individualís intuitive guidance is allowed to guide them through the entire experience. It is a safe and secure space such that the individual can enter a pure state of innocent and spontaneous childlike play to explore and come to know their intuitive guidance in the way a child would spontaneously and innocently explore the universe in which it finds itself.

The rainmaker is a creative shape shifter. As a creative shape shifter they are capable of aligning themselves with Creation as it is. In doing so, as a result of how the inner is reflected in the outer, they create a space around themselves which allows whatever is in that space to also align with Creation as it is. The rainmaker is an individual who has become whole in both the feminine and masculine aspects of their being. The are capable of letting their inner masculine or inner feminine lead as appropriate to the situation. They act in a way which allows the other individual to learn to lead with their creative spirit and/or begin to be totally free to live in accordance to their own unique nature and own truth. There is no attempt to control or hold the other in any way. The commitment of the rainmaker is to the energy which brought them together with the individual for whom they create a safe and secure space.

The rainmaker is not always needed in a creative endeavor. When the mature nurturing feminine creative energy is available, the rainmaker is usually unnecessary. In many ways, the creation rainmaker supplements and complements the feminine presence to bring it up to a level of the mature nurturing feminine creative energy.

When the rainmaker is present, they do two things. One is they help to create the safe and secure space for the free flow of the creative life energy and for the individualís creative spirit to freely express itself in the way it needs to be expressed. The other is they hold the individual accountable to the intention they created. It is very easy to become distracted in a creative effort and/or to try to escape the anxiety of creation experienced during the transit through the chaos of the cauldron of Creation. The rainmaker helpís to keep the individual focused especially if the individual faces a dark night of the soul as the individualís current world is stripped away. In essence, the rainmaker is capable of becoming more feminine than the individualís inner feminine to nurture what lies in the individualís heart. Similarly, they are capable of becoming more masculine that the individualís inner masculine to hold the individual accountable to their truth so as not to become distracted by the mundane of the world and/or the enculturated mind.

In particular, the rainmaker becomes the occasion for a fertile space within another to be created for what lies in the heart of the other to manifest the seed condition to germinate, take root and grow. They create a safe and secure space for the individual to process the pain, fear and whatever else has kept their creative spirit bound and unable to be free to express itself. The rainmaker becomes the occasion for the individual to create the conditions within which calls forth the nurturing and nourishing waters of life, the free flow of our creative life energy, our creative passion, to create that seed condition which will give rise and grow to what we desire to create and/or experience.

An alternative view for what the rainmaker does or provides centers around the pained female archetype embedded within the human collective and in both males and females. It needs to be remembered, the feminine is what nurtures any creation. Both males and females have a feminine aspect within their being and this feminine aspect is in contact with the feminine collective whether we realize it or not. But we do feel it at some level of our being. It acts as a background level of pain. It is another reason why we raise the threshold to feel pain.

One problem we face is that when we access the feminine to nurture a creative endeavor we have the possibility of tapping into the pained female archetype. In learning to see the pain and anger in both male and female feel as a result of this pained female archetype, it is here using portaging to carry anotherís karma and a guide can be the most useful. The use of someone who can function as rainmaker to nurture the intention for our life or nurture our desired creative endeavor serves their greatest role. It is possible to carry someoneís burden. However, the one who helps carry the burden cannot learn the lessons the burden provides for the individual. Only the individual can learn the lesson. All that we can really do is carry the burden long enough for the person to heal and rest, then the burden must be given back to them. The best model for how this is done is based on the portage model discussed under the topic of "Portaging." The rainmaker helps to carry anotherís burden to give the individual that time and space to heal in the way they need to heal. Or, maybe better said, the rainmaker gives the individual the time to consciously create something which better serves who and what they are.

In looking at the role played by the dream rainmaker, dream midwife and dream nanny, the rainmaker is the more difficult of the three roles. In general, the rainmaker makes whatever necessary internal changes to become whatever they need to become to create a safe and secure space to allow an individual to express themselves in a way that the individual can align perfectly with the flow of their creative life energy. The individual is then free to allow themselves become whatever they need to become in whatever form it takes no matter what it looks like. By giving that experience of the free expression of the flow of the creative life energy from within their being to an individual, the individual can then use the memory of that feeling and the experience as an internal compass to guide their life.

As discussed under the topic of the creative shape shifter, the rainmaker needs to be willing to shattered everything they understand and how they see the universe and Creation work. It is only though such an act that they can being to see the creative spirit of another and to understand why that creative spirit is not free. In this awareness, they can then see what to do to free that creative spirit. It is here they are actively and consciously using the interconnectedness of Creation.

They work to surface competing conscious or nonconscious intention we carry that cause us to pull away from the intention we carry or the dream within our heart. The rainmaker understands the key to creating reality is that the inner world is reflected in the outer and the outer world reflects the inner. One of those ways is through synchronicity and that there are no chance occurrences. In realizing that, one can learn to read the needs of any environment. The rainmaker realized what exists in a given situation is only a reflection of what is in his own internal being. In becoming aware and attuned to the Universe around us the rainmakers understands how we reflects our internal state. It is only becoming aware and attuned to the universe around us are we capable of understanding how our environment reflects our internal state. Then by making the appropriate changes inwardly, we can change the outer. This is what the rainmaker knows, understands and is capable of manifesting. Any external condition can be changed by knowing and doing what we need to do within ourselves.

A rainmaker entering ain individualís life to do what needs to be done provides a proof for us to realize that we are loved, cared for and supported by the Universe. On this note, we never need doubt that we are loved and cared for.

One question that arises is, "How do I find such a rainmaker who can fulfill what is described here?" The answer is, "Our mind will not find such a person - but our intuition will." The fact that you are reading this should be telling you the Universe is already in the process of bringing a rainmaker into your life. But it, or they, will not look like what you think they should. Nor how you will be initiated to call forth your creative spirit look like what you think. If you follow your intuitive guidance and honor what is provided you will be lead to the rainmaker who will call forth your creative spirit and the life giving waters within your being.

Most probably we will not see an individual as the rainmaker that they are simply because our mind remains in the way. If, however, we adopt and creativity perspective, hold our creativity sacred, and can become a detached witness, we will begin to see who in our life is actually allowing our creative spirit to grow and unfold in ways we never imagined. We can feel the passion and the energy rise within us and we can being to see what individual or individuals are allowing us to do that. Often the rainmaker themselves will not be aware of what they do. But there are a few who do.

The rainmakers who do realize they are a rainmakers can be quite frightening to an individualís mind. The reason for this is the individualís mind realizes what the rainmaker does will call the death of the mind as it currently exists. It needs to be realized the mind which created the problem we face is not the mind which will solve our problem. The rainmaker creates the space for the mind as it currently exists to become the mind needed to support and nourish the new creation. Hence, the individualís mind will fear its destruction little realizing as consciousness it cannot die. It simply transforms itself into a new form.

If you are puzzled by what is discussed here relative to the destruction of our mind and the calling forth the creative spirit in something like an initiation, we need to remember that initiations are often done to relay secret knowledge. What the Universe does is the opposite. It will honor the intention we set and provide the initiation to access the awareness in the feeling. However, it holds nothing secret. It allows us to see whatever we wish if we are willing to focus our attention and awareness to see. The Universe allows mind to see what it wants to see rather than the truth of what is for after all, we do have a free will. Consequently, the whole process looks secret, mysterious and puzzling. However, in reality it is all revealed and open to whomever is willing to focus their attention and awareness to see. To do this we start by becoming a detached witness to our life.

Ultimately, what we each need to do is to become a rainmaker at least within our own lives. That is, to create a space and a state of being within ourselves that is reflected externally in the world we experience. Then, if we so chose, one can then learn and become capable of creating the space for another. But, because of how the inner reflects the outer, and we cannot give what we do not have, becoming a rainmaker will happen quite naturally at the nonconscious level. The reason for this is we will naturally give what we have.

However, to become a conscious rainmaker, it does need to be added is that the rainmaker must be very clear about what exactly it is they wish to manifest both in themselves and any other with whom they may work. They need to realize there are an infinite number of contexts of observation for any one observer - observed pair in which they can be a part. The question is, "What are they going to water in their own life and the life of all with whom they come in contact?"

It also needs to be noted that there is nothing special about what the rainmaker does. We all currently do what the rainmaker does. That is, we water what lies in the fertile creative mind and creative imagination of any other. Only we do it on a nonconscious level in unawareness and with no mindfulness of our actions. To become a rainmaker is only choosing to make the nonconscious conscious and then consciously choosing what it is we wish to manifest.

To reach a happy, satisfied and joyful state is difficult. To bo birth that state into the world and maintain the state, once reached, is even more challenging. This is where the dream midwife and dream nanny enter the process.

In general, rainmakers for what we desire to create are not easy to find for they do not always look like who we think they are or what we think they should look like. If we need or would like the assistance of a rainmaker to help us, we only need to ask the universe to send such a person. There are many who can perform this role nonconsciously and they will be pulled to us to provide the help that we need. If we desire to move to become more consciously creative in our life we can also ask the universe for a rainmaker who is consciously aware of what they are capable of creating. Their awareness of the role they play will assist us in becoming a conscious creator. Rainmakers exist, it is just they do not advertise what they do in the way one normally advertises.

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