Energetic nature, metaphoric, symbolic and literal functions of sex


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Energetic nature, metaphoric, symbolic and literal functions of sex
Some definitions
Stepping into the energy and the symbolism
The illusion within sex
Sex is about giving life and a life giving power
An unexpected consequence of sex

Mixing energy
A death in some aspect of our being


What is probably obvious to all is that biological sex is about creating life and it is used to mix genes to ensure survivability of the species. This single statement sets the stage for the energetic, metaphoric and literal functions of sex. That is, it is about mixing energies to create some type and kind of new life.

As most are probably aware, joining and uniting a male and a female through sexual intercourse is the way human offspring are created. The fact that sex can provide great physical gratification and enjoyment causes it to take on an importance to the individual that can significantly overshadow the life creating function of sex. Many have argued whether sex is just for reproduction or also for our enjoyment. However, the functional purpose of biological sex is procreation through the mixing of genes.

Also, since sex is about reproduction and the creation of offspring, the concept and issue of heirs arises. All the associated social aspect related to the continuation of the society in which the individuals find themselves arise. As such sex takes on a tremendous number of aspects that go well beyond the reproductive function of mixing genes. Yet it is this reproductive function of mixing genes that is closes to understanding the role of sex and sexuality as it relates to our creative power and creative ability. All the other issues of pleasure, social implications, preferences for a mate are all issue that ultimately reside in the mind and not direction associated with the energetic aspects other than mind directing and controlling the flow of energy which results.

From an physical perspective, it can be said that creating life is why sex exists. It is for creating life with sufficient genetic variability to help sustain the species. However, to say sex exist to create life actually has the process backwards. That is, sex and sexuality arises because of how the creative process creates and sustains a creation. What needs to be remembered here creation is about bringing into existence that which is new has not has been previously experienced. Nonsexual biological reproduction does not create a new life form. Rather it is a continuation of an existing form. Only when the genes mix to we get a new form of life. Similar to the old but nonetheless unique unto itself.

To fully understand the creative power of sexuality and use sexuality effectively in our life we need to look to the energetic and metaphoric/symbolic aspects of sexuality and realize there is both a masculine creative aspect and a feminine creative aspect to sexuality. Whether we are male or female, there is a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect to our creativity. They lie inside us and become reflected externally. Unless our inner masculine and inner feminine can dance with each other and create an inner offspring that serves us will be unable to get control over the sexual influences in our life. There will be imbalance that arises from within us and which go out and become reflected in the world.

Some definitions (Top)

To better understand exactly what is meant by sexuality and its relationship to creativity, it is appropriate to review some definitions and a couple of concepts.

Sex is defined as is either of two division, male and female, by which organisms are distinguished with reference to the reproduction functions. Additionally, sex is the activity or phenomenon of life concerned with sexual desire and reproduction. Some observation which can be made about the biological function of sex and reproduction that eventually relate to our creativity are discussed in the topic, "Some observations from nature about sex."

Sexuality is defined is a state of having, or being, distinguished by sex, the preoccupation with sex, or the possession of sexual power. Anything that is related to the function of sex and/or stimulating the desire to engage in activities related to reproduction would be considered sex related or sexual. Anything pertaining to or characteristic of either sex, the senses for sex or the organs or function of sex would be sexual.

For example, many species have secondary sex characteristic. These are characteristic unique to males or female of a species. They are used to identify and suggest to the opposite sex the individual entity has some enhance or better genetic characteristic for the survivability of the offspring than other members of the same sex. Particular coloring of some bird or size of antlers on male animals are examples of secondary sex characteristics that develop. Similar, modern advertising which uses sexual advertising attempts to functions much like the secondary sexual characteristics of species to draw a reproductive partner.

The goal of sexual advertising is to suggest that a particular product will enhance oneís ability to stimulate and/or draw a reproductive partner. However, sexual advertising usually has little to do with the true biology but builds on the social aspects of sexuality that a particular society develops. It is here in how our mind associates certain things that really have nothing to do with sex that gives rise to how sex and sexuality impact our creative power and creative ability without engaging in sex

In returning to the definition of sex, if we make a word/concept replacement in the definition of sex from a more physical definition to more of an energetic and functional definition, a whole new picture emerges and the reason for sexuality arising in our creativity becomes relatively clear. The words to be replaced are male and female with the words and concept of a masculine function or aspect and a feminine function or aspect. Here the masculine function or aspect is as seen in the male reproductive function or aspect - a thrusting of a seed into a fertile space. The feminine function or aspect is seen as the female function of being fertilized and carrying the fertilized seed of creation unto its birth.

Additionally, if we look at the offspring of sexual reproduction as a creation and the process of creating that offspring as an example of the creative process, and review the creation process we will find all acts of creation of any creation, fits into what we could characterize as sexuality. That is, sex in the form of a division between a masculine and feminine function, is inherent to all of Creation. The key to understanding how sex and sexuality affects our creativity is to understand energy and how energy flows to create the experiences we have in Creation. The topic, "Sexuality and the creative process" discusses how and why the creative process is a process that can be seen and experienced as a sexual process for any creative endeavor.

Stepping into the energy and the symbolism (Top)

What needs to be understood is physical sexuality is the end result of a process that has energetic origins. Analogously, it is much like the way a lava tube is created. The tube is only the outer express of something much more energetic occurring unseen and internal. There are things that are occurring energetically which give rise to the feeling we experience as sexual feelings let alone what happens energetically when we act on the feeling.

There is the need to understand there is an energy aspect that accompanies any physical experience, including any sexual experience. As such, any sexual experience also has a metaphoric and symbolic aspect based on what is happening with the energy that may not be obvious in the physical sexuality. Sometime the literal interpretation of the sexuality we feel is the correct interpretation of the energy. At other times, the metaphoric or symbolic interpretation is more appropriate. On this point, if the sexuality is a result of something much deeper, the biological feelings of sex to have intercourse will never satisfy the feeling that arise from the energy when the energy is originating from the need to join with, and create, with another. Unfortunately, unless we been there and done it both ways, we will probably not understand the significance of this statement.

The issue we face is that we are multidimensional beings and mind only knows what it has experienced. Our mind will characterize any energy we experience based on the past experience we have had. There are many aspects of the creative process for which mind will only be able to characterize what we sense as a sexual experience. Human sexuality is the most significant and clear demonstration any human being has with the creative process to create a new life. As such, whenever we are involved with the creation process and it is creating a new life within us, our mind will quite naturally characterize its awareness of the creative process as a sexual process and probably as a sexual experience. There is nothing wrong with this. The issue arises when we get diverted by sexuality of the experience as opposed to staying with the flow of energy to create the new life which is desired.

What occurs at one level of our being or in one dimension will not necessarily look like the same in another dimension or aspect of our being. Or, what mind perceives as occurring in another part of our being is a sexual experience and translated that experience into our physical reality. A sexual feeling in the physical may actually represent another aspect of our being undergoing a transformation into a new life. To deny what we feel physically may actually thwart what is happening on the other level. Similarly to get diverted into the sexuality and not staying with the flow of energy can also thwart the creation. Sexual attraction is not always about a physical attraction to another. Yet, another may be needed physically, including physical sexuality, to help pull out what is manifesting and unfolding in another dimension or aspect of our being.

From a physical perspective, the bottom line statement about sexuality is that it is about creating life. It is not always clear to our mind what level of life it is creating. For an individual to feel a rise in the sexuality, they are feeling a flow of energy. That flow of energy can be seen as a life unto itself. What needs to be understood, in human intercourse, there is always the mixing of energies and the possibility of creating another physical life. However, what is not understood, is even before an individual engage in intercourse, to feel the sexual energy within onesí being is to feel a new life within oneself. The question is, "How does that new life need to be brought out into the world?" Sometimes it is through sex at other times it isnít.

Within the energy consciousness perspective, energy and consciousness are one and the same. Consciousness can be seen as flow of energy which has awaken to its own existence. Or, if we donít like the thought that all we are is a flow of energy that has awaken to its own existence, we can say that the experience of creation is the awareness of the movement of energy. We become aware of Creation existing by watching the movement in creation as result of the flows of energy giving rise to Creation. However we look at it, we need to experience a flow of energy in some way to experience any creation/Creation. Without movement there is nothing of which to be aware. In this regard, any flow of energy can be seen as a life form in some way and the source/Source of life is the flow of energy..

The sexuality we feel can be interpreted as a part of ourselves awakening or as a new life flowing within us. When sexual feeling awaken within an individual they feel different and take on a different perspective about life and what they need to experience in life. Their life becomes different. This change in life occurs well before they have any sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse only adds to the changes we experience.

Normally what we experience is that the new life first arises within one individual and it then seeks to awaken that life in another individual or find another individual who has a similar life awakening in them. In joining, the two energies mix and a third life now exists between the two individuals. The two individuals, whether they realize it or not, are forever changed because of the experience they had together.

The key point here is any feeling of sexuality is a new life arising to unfold in Creation. The question is, "At which level is this new life arises and what is the best way to unfold that new life?"

Relative to engaging in sexuality with another, we need to remember biological sex is not only about creating life for the propagation of the species. It is also about mixing the genetic makeup to create offspring slightly different than the parent. Creating the variability changes how effectively any one offspring can respond to a different or changing environment. If all the offspring had the same identical genetic makeup, the life of the species could easily be annihilated by a change in the environment. With a mixed genetic pool, survival of the species is better ensured. Sex is not needed to maintain an existing life form. Rather, sex is needed to ensure the survivability of a life form in a changing environment or under changing conditions and/or to create a slightly different life form.

So too creativity. Sexuality is not needed to maintain a given expression of a creative life form or a given level of creativity in an unchanging environment. Rather it is needed to ensure the survivability of the creative life form as the environment changes and/or to create that which is different than the past.

What needs to be understood is that within each of us is a creative spirit that seeks to continually to express itself. Sometimes it desires to just express itself as it is. At other times it seek to become different. It does this by mixing its energy through sexuality.

The illusion within sex (Top)

Anyone who has ever freely engaged in their sexuality as opposed to be forced or obligated in some way to engage in sex, has probably noted there is a flow of energy we experience that causes us to seem to become more aware, have a fuller expression of life, more energetic and a variety of other descriptions that point to an expansion of who we are. In fact if we look carefully, sometimes the flow is much greater and more spontaneous than at other times. The flow of energy we experience in sexuality is often quite different than anything else the we may experience in life.

What needs to be understood is that a flow of energy we feel in sexuality is always present within our being. But unless we are free to flow with it, experience it and follow where it leads we will not feel it. Eastern mystical talks about a concept called awakening the Kundalini and releasing a primordial life force within us and moving it to a higher level of awareness. In reality, it is really only about awakening ourselves to the existence of this flow and allowing to freely flow in our life and realizing it flows directly from the Source of Creation.

For most, sexuality is what provides us the opportunity in life to move deeply into this flow of energy and become aware of its existence. The reason for this is the fact that sex is about creating and sustaining human life. We need to remember, we cannot give what we do not have. We must return to the Source of life, the Source of Creation, and the source of our life to create life. Sex and the human function of sex allows us to do this nonconsciously. When done consciously and freely, the feelings can be overwhelming. When done in spontaneous and innocent creative play the door opens to the most creative state of being. It is these types and kinds of experience that lie at the basis of the concept that deep spiritual and mystical states can be achieved through sexuality such as Tantra.

Similarly some may have noticed that sex can lose its excitement and can become very unsatisfying. In these cases the question arises, "What happens to this energy - where does it go?" The answer is that it is always there. It never leaves us. We can live in the orgasmic pleasures of the flow all the time if we so choose. However, we will have to change how and what we think and believe.

For whatever reason the freedom that was first felt in the sex is lost. When we are not free to follow the flow of energy that arises in the sexual attraction. Or, if we are not consciously aware for whatever reasons we may to feel the flow of energy when we engage in sexuality and follow it, we will lose the excitement in the relationship and we will wonder where the energy had gone. In reality, the energy does not go anywhere. Rather, our mind steps in and for whatever reason no longer allows us to experience the fullness and freedom that were once present.

We need to realize the thoughts and beliefs we hold about sexuality, about ourselves and our partner, the freedom or lack of freedom to express ourselves, and why we choose to engage in sex or use sexuality are planted and energized at the source/Source of our being to germinate and unfold when conditions are correct. Unless we become mindful and aware and carefully look at what we think and feeling, it is not unusual for mind to step in and in some way divert the expansiveness of the sexuality such that the energy seemingly becomes lost. It is this phenomenon that allows sexuality to be used both as a tool for awakening and enlightening or to putting us asleep and turn off our ability to feel and rob is of our creative power.

Sexuality is just one of the opportunities that allow us to peer into what gives rise to Creation and lies behind Creation. To many mystic the Source of Creation is a pool of "no-thing-ness" or a formless void. However, to one who is open to feeling and creative play, the Source of Creation is a way of being that provides an immense inner satisfaction and the freedom to create whatever is desired. The more one can be free to spontaneously and innocently play at each and every level of our being the more we move toward that most creative state of being and the Source of Creation. In the realization that sexuality takes us to the source/Source of life/Creation, properly used, sexuality can be the fastest way to restore oneís ability to enter the most creative state.

The sad thing is that it is always there. We are just not open to seeing it and allowing ourselves to experience it. Rather, we live in the illusion of mind and the illusion of Creation and see ourselves separate from the Source. Sexuality is a door way through the illusion of mind to experience the source of our life. If we can simultaneously step through the illusion of Creation as done in the Ultimate Accident, we can experience the source of our life and the Source of Creation in a conscious awareness for they are one and the same. However, as discussed in the topics, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind," we will be unable to correctly characterize the experience we have. Quite simply our mind is finite and it will be trying to explain and infinitely expansive experience.

Sexual energy is much like the energy between two oppositely charged particles. Far away, there is movement between the particles but is small because of the distance. Bring the two particles closer together, there is greater movement and more energy is released that can be harnessed. Couple them together and it can be an explosive release of energy. So too sexuality and our creativity. There is an energy inherent between any male and female. What keeps us from feeling it is simply what we think and believe. That inherent attraction can be converted to energy of movement, a flow of energy and to into life itself at some level of being simply by what we choose to think and believe.

If we do not choose to create consciously we will do so nonconsciously in one way or another. We are creativity machines that cannot not create. Our very existence is an ongoing creative endeavor. We are a creative living process recreating ourselves every moment with every experience we have. The only question is do we continually recreate ourselves in the image of the past or do we choose to create and experience something new and different.

At a distance the attraction is small but still existence. That is the success of sexual advertising. In advertising we often do not need any particular female to entice the male. All we need to do is to suggest the presence of one in our life in a new and exciting way because of the advertised product and energy starts to flow. Our mind and what we think and believe is the switching station to turn the energy on or off. Advertising attempt to harness that flow of sexual energy and have us buy their product by how they influence what we think and believe. So too the female. It is just that what excites the female is different than what excites the male. Essential to understanding how sexuality influences our creative and to understand it energetic nature, we must become mindful and aware of what we think and believe and why we think and believe what we do.

Sex is about giving life and a life giving power (Top)

Human life comes from life and it is sexually transmitted. How a human lives their life is another question. There are some who are vibrant and full of energy where as there are other who are more like zombies with little energy and desire other then to survive. To live a vibrant life there needs to be some passion and enthusiasm to engage life for one reason or another.

At one level, sex is about creating the initial life and human being that brought us into the world. However, sex can also be use to awaken and bring vibrant life to parts and aspects of a human being long since dead or never awakened. One can create the space to bring life into an individual thought sexuality if it is done with the correct focus of awareness and attention.

The ability to do so starts which creating the correct state of being within ourselves. That is, we need create a clear intention for desiring to awaken life within the other individual at each and every level of their being. In doing so, we in essence become "pregnant" with life within ourselves and create the space to give to life to another or others. We can literally infect others with that life in the way we channel or direct our creative life energy. We can awaken or resurrect facets of an individual which have never been awaken or have died years earlier as a result of the experiences they had.

Many engage in sex to satisfy their desires. Such a desire tends to take energy from another rather than give it. Many see sex as a part of a relationship and sex is expected to be given when one desires it. Or, many seen sex as the definitive expression of love for another person. However, none of these kinds of attitudes will necessary bring life to an individual and/or awaken or resurrect long dead parts of their being. To bring life to an individual in any part of their being, we need to look at the entire process of the individual being excited and allowing a life giving energy to enthuse their entire being.

When we seek to create this type and kind energy flow, the individual awakens. However, when they awakens, we have to be prepared for the individual to become different for a new life has been created inside them. If we believe we can have sex with an individual, including a spouse of thirty years or more and remain unchanged, we are robbing ourselves and the other individual from a life giving power. Every engagement in sex with another individual even if done every day for thirty years can cause a new life to come into existence and make us different every time it is done. As a minimum each engagement in sex should be a life expanding experience. If it is not, we are robbing ourselves and the other from the life giving properties of sexuality. Additional, when the new life within the individual is created, they must be free to allow that energy to unfold as it desires and it may be to seek fulfillment in another type and kind of relationship without sex.

On this point we need to understand it is not uncommon for the physical sex act to awaken long dormant parts of our being such that when awakened, we are lead to live a different life. It is not far fetched for an individual to engage in a terrific and passion sexuality only to find they become aware life calls them to live a life in which the never engage in sex again. In some ways it is like fueling a rocket with the energy to fly off on some far mission never to return. When we engage in a life giving sexuality, we must be prepared for all possibilities and not hold on to any expectation as to the outcome.

It is in this regard, sexuality can be need as the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. When the individuals unite there is tremendous release of energy that catalyzes a whole different life. In the release of that energy it could totally destroy the past way of living. Or, it could only be a tremendous fuel reserve that catalyzes an individual to purse some particular creative endeavor and/or energize their life in a particular direction for a life time.

Sex is a life giving power. Sex is literally and figuratively about creating life both within and without Sex is about creating life at any or all levels of our being - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and/or physically. Sexuality is about energy generation and it is the flow of energy that is created through sex and sexuality that can be experiences as a new life or a resurrected life.

Whether we realize it or not and whether or not a biological offspring is created, energetically there is a life, a flow of energy, that gets created in sexuality all the time. Sexuality causes a flow of energy to be generated within each individual and between the individuals. Internally, that flow of energy as a life giving energy is a healing energy and can help heal long wounded parts or our being. Externally the life that is created is the life we now live in the external world and the life we now share with or because of the other.

There is always an offspring of any joining and that offspring can be spiritual, mental, emotional physical and/or any combination. But there is always an offspring. The flow of energy in the sexuality goes somewhere and will take on a life of its own. In that joining a part of each always goes into that offspring. The offspring is a creation, at whatever level of being it exists, and must be properly nourished. If that creation is not properly nourished, that part of us that has gone into that offspring also dies. In this regard, sex can be one of the most damaging ways to rob ourselves of our own creative power.

As an individuated point of consciousness we can see ourselves and an individuated flow of energy that has, or is, a consciousness unto itself. So too any particular aspect of our being including the energy generated in us through sexuality. It can and will have a life of its own. If we do not nourish that life it will die but also a part of us dies with it for it is a part of us.

The issue of sex is about bringing life into existence either into the world and/or into our being. Whether or not we recognize that life doesnít matter. It happens. If our relationship nourish the life created within ourselves, the other individual and the life between us as result of the relation, we will find an expansion within our being in each and every sexual encounter. It will never grow old even if we have been with the same individual forty, fifty, or sixty years. It still can being a life expanding experience each time, new, different and as trilling and most thrilling. If we do not nourish the offspring and/or do not what the offspring, we will find a contraction and shrinking in some aspect or part of our being if not every part of our being.

Since sex is about creating life, whether we realize it or not, we often engaged in sex to keep ourselves or the other alive or to keep some part of our being alive. This is important to realize. Some engage in sex to keep alive and feel alive because life is taking so much out of them. Some have even said they engage in sex because it allows them to feel. Life has numbed them to the point sex is their only way to feel life.

Probably the most puzzling and challenging aspects of sex creating life is that when done in a particular way, it will resurrect and awaken dead parts of our being. The awakening of these dead parts of our being can be experienced as a great epiphany and awaken much like the Kundalini rising. In this case we are literally enthused with an energy that transforms our life and brings great joy and satisfaction about life. However, it can also be experience as terrifying and frightening as the pain of the past come screaming back haunting us.

In these cases, rather than looking at the individual with whom we are with as the occasion for such experiences, the individual is seen as the cause of the experience. Or the individual is seen as someone who is going to harm us as was done in the past. Similarly, when we are free to experience what is offered, we often see the individual as that "idea soul mate" or some profound healer, teacher or guru, when in fact they are not. In either case, unless we are mindful and aware of what is happening to us in the sexual experience, more often than not we see the individual as the cause of what we experience rather than the occasion for us to remember and resurrect a part of our long dead past. In these cases we should not be surprised at an irrational attachment to the individual or an irrational withdrawal from the individual.

Relative to the pain we experience in life and the life giving properties of sexuality, we need to remember that when we are very young and get hurt, we look to our mother to hold us as we cry and process our pain. Being held by a nurturing feminine presence provided a vehicle to process our pain. Whether we realize it or not our body seek such a warm fuzzy place to process what it feels. Without any awareness of this fact, sexuality nevertheless can come closest to creating this state in the adult and some seek it through sex without realizing it. Being held by another in a loving and/or supportive way opens the door to allows us to process the pain of the body and the pain of the past. Unless sex is forced in some way, whether or not one intends to create this state within in the body or not, in and/or during sexuality, the body will move towards this state to one degree or another, usually more than less. Again, we should not be surprised as to painful past experience arising in our sexuality. How we choose to process what arises is our choice. What we need to understand and remember, is that, unless the sexuality is being forced or performed under some obligation, the individual whom we are with is the occasion for what arises, not the cause.

One last point is that as a result of being enthuses by a flow of life giving energy through our being in sexuality, our creative spirit and body may find the ability to heal itself and/or the space is created for another to heal. Sex can alleviate conditions that are causing unhealthy conditions to exist. However, it is recommend that sex not be used in an attempt to cause a healing of any type to occur. Rather the focus should be on embracing the life and flow of energy generated in each individual and between the individuals. Then allow any healing which may occur to be a byproduct of the new life which emerges.

An unexpected consequence of sex (Top)

Mixing energy (Top): One aspect of sex that few pay attention to is that it is about mixing energy. Human biological sex exist to create variability in the human gene pool. Energetically, a similar mixing occurs between each individual. We literally mix energy with each other in sex. If we are mindful and aware, we can see we know things or have feeling that are not ours. Rather, it is what we picked up from the other individual. Some give the other clarity, others give the other confusion. The end result more often than not, the mixing of energy causes clarity to be lost. The recommendation is to developed a clear insight as to our truth and our true nature before engaging in sexuality. In particular, the truth as to why we are engaging in sex for we will walk away from the encounter with something we do not expect or for which we cannot plan .

It needs to be understood that there is an ability in sex to open us to our feelings and gain access to the truth of our being and that of another. If we are at least aware of what occurs energetically in sexuality, we can begin to see glimmers of our internal needs and that of the other even if finding the truth of our being is complicated and confused by sexuality. These glimmers of truth can be quite useful if we becomes aware of their presence.

The energy exchange between individuals cause the energy of the thoughts and intentions we hold to get both energetically mixed and be planted in fertile ground within each other. Although sexuality can be a very close approximation as an adult to this warm fuzzy place we desire as a young child when we are hurt, it also an become a place of great confusion if not outright harm for we may be pickup things we do not intend in the interaction.

The complexity of sexuality and mixing of our energy with another is one reason why celibacy is often recommended when one enters a path to explore their true nature or seek some spiritual state. It is not because celibacy is necessary. Rather what is necessary is a single point focus for what we desire. To create the experiences we desire we need to hold a single point focus and the mixing of energy in sexuality, let alone the pleasures, simply diverts us from that single point focus.

To feel celibacy is needed is because sexuality is not understood as the creative tool that it is. But celibacy is not the solution. Being mindful and aware of our desires, intention and what we experience in life in any moment is necessary. It also needs to be noted here that because sexuality is part of our being, to know the truth of our being. Similarly, it is something each of us will eventually have to explore. How we do so is an issue each of us will have to face and the way we do it will be unique to ourselves. The recommendation made here is that before we start to explore sexuality we have some idea of the truth of our being so we donít get lost in the exploration.

A death in some aspect of our being (Top): All the energy consciousness that will exist exists. Although it appears that we can create something from no-thing-ness, in reality we are just transforming energy consciousness in one form to another form. In this regard, all that every will exists exist but not in the form of the future. Similarly, all that ever existed exist but it has been transformed into the present. It is all simply a matter of rearranging the energy consciousness which is.

To create a new life, a new flow of energy, something must be transformed into the new flow of energy. The creation process and the conservation of energy and consciousness requires that for any new creation, something of the old form must be sacrificed to release the energy for the new creation. That sacrifice and release can be experienced as a death. For sexuality to create life, it also creates a death. Every experience of sex or sexuality will also require a death of some type. A part of us will die to make room for and to create that new life. How we experience that death is another question.

The bottom line is that we need to be prepared for something to die within our inner world and outer world if we are going to engage in sex. So, we should not be surprised at the changes that occur in our life as a result of engaging in sex. This is why the recommendations are made to (1) desire and embrace the life that is created as result of sex for it will reduce the pain of the death that occurs and (2) engage in sex with someone with whom we desire to share life for there will be a life to be shared. Obviously, the more an individual allows us to grow and expand into the fullness of our being before sex is probably a good bet that they will continue to do so during and after sex. However, it does need to be noted that dormant or long dead aspects of our being may be awakened or resurrected. These newly awakened or resurrected aspects may cause each to view the other in an entirely new way. Here again, we must be willing to embraced the death and changes that occur. Otherwise, we will cause ourselves unnecessary pain.

Summary (Top)

To freely engage in sexuality without awareness of the offspring will cause our creative life energy to be bound in ways that we do not understand. To regain our creative ability and creative power it will take deep inner exploration to free the energy. This is one reason why it is so important to pull the string on the intentions and desires we hold to get the root of the desire or intention. We bind our energy at the deepest levels as to where our intention originates. It we think sex is only about creating physical offspring and as long as we prevent the conception of an offspring there are no issue, we will be binding our creative life energy spiritually, mentally and emotionally in such a way we bind ourselves to being human and the human experience. We then become puzzled as to why we cannot access the depth and breadth of our creativity and experience Heaven, the Kingdom of God or Nirvana here an now. The key is to understand the energy behind or giving rise to the sexuality we feel and what is really given rise to the energy flow which we feel in our bodies as sexual excitement.

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