Choosing to become the phoenix


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Choosing to become the phoenix
Why choose to become the phoenix
How to become the phoenix and create the reality of our choice
The possibility of a gentle phoenix

The question is, "Why would anyone want to choose to become the phoenix?í That is, why would they choose to destroy their world with the intent of rising from the ashes as in the phoenix myth.

Why choose to become the phoenix  (Top)

There are two primary reasons why one would have a phoenix experience. One reason is simply to realize that any creative endeavor requires a transformation of who and what we think and believe. The issue we face is the mind that created our current situation is not the mind that will solve the problem we face. We must somehow transform our mind and what we think and believe. Similarly, the world we inhabit cannot support what we desire to create. Rather it supports our current mind and what it desires. Our world will need to transform in some way to support our new mind and new way of thinking and believing to manifest what we desire. Alternatively said, this means that for any creative endeavor, we will be consciously or nonconsciously choosing to become the phoenix at some level of our being.

The second reason is to access the creative power available to us we need to attend to the task that we came to do. It is in doing what we incarnated to do that we optimize our creative powers. That is, the intention for our life is the source of our creative power in this life. This second reason may be a little hard to understand.

Whether we realize it or not, we are pulled though life by the purpose of our incarnation. There is a reason for us being here. We live in a cause effect world . We are not here by accident. There is a cause to our existence and the intention for our life is that cause. In living in alignment with this purpose or intention, we minimize the pain in our life because we minimize the fragmentation and diversion of our creative life energy. That does not mean we donít experience pain. It only means we minimize the pain we cause because we are diverting our energy from its intended purpose without changing the purpose. In minimizing the fragmentation of our creative life energy, we optimize our creative powers and abilities with the design of our life. Then again, we could create a phoenix experience to transcend the intention for this life and change that intention. But this is a bit more challenging to the average human. To do so, we need to accept the premise that we are the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality we experience to do so. It can be done, but a bit more difficult..

If we align with that intention, we will give to the physical plane, both to society as a whole and to the earth itself, what has traditionally been called our gifts. There are gifts we incarnated to give. To heal the planet, we will need to heal ourselves in order to give the gift that we have to the planet for there is this interconnection as to why we have incarnated.

This reason or purpose is encoded in what is symbolized by our heart and embodied within our bodies. It is encoded in our bodies and what we feel for our bodies are the specific vehicles that we chosen to have that intended experience. We have an internal compass which will guide us to the experiences we need to have if we learn to follow it.

Although the intention for our incarnation lies deep within our nonconscious mind, we can make the understanding of the intention conscious if we so choose to do so. We do so through the awareness which lies in feeling. It is to use of our body wisdom, coupled with a directed focus of our attention and awareness into our heart with the specific conscious intention to reveal our intention for incarnating. To do so will make the intention behind our incarnation conscious within our being. It may not necessarily be something our mind can fully comprehend or adequately characterize. Quite simply, our mind will not have the minimum experiences to fully know this intention for we have not completed our entire life to fully know it. However, we will know it through a deep and profound feeling.

In knowing this intention through what we feel, we then have options. We can follow our path consciously, return to a nonconscious awareness and follow it nonconsciously or we can choose to avoid the path all together. However, it is extremely difficult, if not almost impossible, to return to a nonconscious path and allow nonconscious awareness to lead when we have the mental awareness to make it conscious. Quite simply, it feels to good to let go. Once our mind knows it is there and we feel it. Because of the way mind operates to preserve itself and what it desires is so strong, it will not allow itself to lose control.

However, unless we have transcended our enculturated ego, the encultured ego will do everything in its power to take us away form our life purpose and we being to feel the pain of separation. A part of us will become schizophrenic. A part of our mind pulls us to live according to the deep profound feelings and another part pulls us to live the life we were enculturated to live. If we do not resolve this internal separation, we will be lead to form an addiction to suppress the pain or we force a part of our awareness to go back to sleep so as to not feel the pain. The solution is for our awareness to take control of our mind and tame it as we would tame a wild horse.

To tame our mind, we will need to consciously live our path in life. In taking control of the mind with a focus on the path of the heart, we tame the mind in gentleness and make it a useful workhorse. If we do not tame the mind through a focus on the heart, the taming of our mind will be a very painful and disciplinary struggle. Without the heart behind our efforts, we will not have access to the body wisdom, intuitive guidance and our full abilities to tame the mind. We have the power within us to do so.

Analogously, it does need to noted and emphasized here that for thousand of years men beat horses into submission to get them to do what men wanted.. However, it has been learned that horses can be gentle trained and talked into doing what men want. Men only needed to learn the language of the horse to communicate with them. So too with our ego our body consciousness and the deepest wisdom of our being.. In understanding the ego, who and what it is and how the consciousness that created the ego communicates, we can gently train our ego to support our transformation efforts and what we desire to create. Similarly if we learn to use the awareness in the body we access a deep and profound wisdom to help us and guide us.

Our mind is exceedingly powerful beyond our belief for in its abilities lies the essence of creation. Mind is what is responsible for creation. Our mind is only deceiving us if it allows us to believe that we can live in nonconscious awareness when we fully posses the awareness of making the nonconscious known. The mind is brilliant at maintaining control and our awareness will have to transcend our mind to obtain control. This, by the way, is the essence of transcendence and the reason many spiritual traditions talk about transcending the human physical experience. But what needs to occur is our awareness needs to become that detached witness and transcend the mind, not the body. Surrendering to the heart and learning to use the awareness in the body is the gentlest way possible of transcending the mind

How to become the phoenix and create the reality of our choice (Top)

The key to transformation and creativity is understanding the creative process and surrendering to the creation of our choice. Understanding the creation process is also the key to creating the phoenix experience. In being aware and understanding of the transformation process, one can recreate ourselves to experience anything they wish. Although several salient features of the phoenix process are discussed below, an understanding of the creation build blocks provides the essential information of what we need to know to allow ourselves to create the Phoenix and transform ourselves as we choose.

The phoenix experience can be done on an individual level and a group level. For a group, all that is required is that there is a commonly held intention that each is willing to make their own.

The essence of the phoenix is a dance. It is a dance in that the masculine must become feminine and the feminine must become masculine for the feminine to thrust out nurturing the life that is created. One steps into the masculine aspect of their being by choosing to set the clear intention for the phoenix and the necessary transformation to create what they desire. It is to then hold that intention for the duration of the transformation. The masculine then surrenders to the process to become the feminine to nurture the creation and become what is required allowing the body wisdom and intuitive guidance to lead. It is to learn to navigate from the heart.

The possibility of a gentle phoenix (Top)

A gentle phoenix is an option of transformation. It is noted that the method of transformation that is used is really our choice. It is entirely possible to choose a gentle transformation rather than the typical painful or strong disciplinary methods that have so characterized in past and current Eastern and Western esoteric and spiritual traditions to access the depth of our creative power. However the caveat is that it must be consciously chosen.

The premise of a gentle phoenix is that as individuated consciousness that can never die, we each have a intention for incarnating. That is, a reason or purpose. This intention is expressed in specific types and kinds of experiences that we have while incarnated. If we align with that purpose, we optimize our creative powers. Additionally our body is the perfect vehicle for those experiences. Our inherent body wisdom, if followed, will lead us through our nonconscious mind to the path that we need to take to have the experiences we incarnated to have. We only need to learn to listen to the body wisdom and understand how our body wisdom communicates with us and follow its advice.

To do this, we need to literally surrender to the body wisdom and to be "out of mind." That is, out of the control and judgments of the mind and what we think we should do and how we think the world works to follow that body wisdom. The way our body wisdom communicates to us is unique to each individual because we each are a unique aspect of individuated consciousness. Focusing on the heart, that organ that pumps the life blood though our arteries and veins. It is the organ of focus to access the creative life energy/creative spirit that sustains our being. A focus on our heart, is a method to accessing body wisdom and intuitive guidance. That path of the heart is the path of an ultimate gentle transformation. The more aligned with the path of the heart, the more gentle the transformation.

Use of our body wisdom, coupled with a directed focus of our attention and awareness into our heart with the specific conscious intention to reveal our intention for incarnating will make the intention behind our incarnation conscious within our being. So whatever we want to create, we just need to focus on our heart and put the intention out to the universe through our heart. If the choice is for a gentle phoenix and optimizing the gentleness, we need to consciously follow the path of the heart for our life.

To have a gentle phoenix, we have to set the intention to have that gentle phoenix and set the intention to access the purpose our their incarnation. We need to know if what we are trying to create is in alignment or opposed to our life intention. We then need to learn to access, use and surrender to following our body wisdom and intuitive guidance in the process working though all the obstacles, fears and the like that surfaces in opposition to the intention that we have set. The magnitude of the obstacles and fears that surface will be determined by how far off our currently life is from the purpose for our incarnation. Some of us are quite far removed where as others of us are almost perfectly aligned. Also we cannot compare our path with any other personís path. Each path is unique for we each are unique creations and only we can choose to live our path as our path reveals itself. The bottom line, however, is that a gentle phoenix is an option. That is, if we so choose to have one.

It does need to be noted, not all enculturated egos as they currently exist can support being unlimited in their creativity. For some individuals, they will need develop a strong ego then choose to become that phoenix and be consumed in the fire created by their own ego to be reborn new with a different but stronger ego and one that can access their unlimited creativity. For many they will have first learn to have the strength of will to love themselves sufficient to create a world of their choice and then surrender that ego to the phoenix.

To help get started on creating the phoenix, in particular a gentle phoenix, the topic, "Creating a gentle phoenix" are useful to get orientated and to take that first step on the journey. It needs to be remembered, no matter how big a task we feel we have to transform ourselves it can be done. A journey of a thousand miles starts one step at a time and that is all you need to take - just one step at a time. We only need to continue to take one step at a time no matter what enters our life to try and take us away from the journey we chose.

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