The issue of the mind in creative transformations and creating a gentle phoenix


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The issue of the mind in creative transformations and creating a gentle phoenix

 The issue of mind

Two biggest issues in mind

Working with the mind


The issue of mind (Top)


The issue we face is the mind that created our current situation is not the mind that will solve the problem we face. We must somehow transform our mind and what we think and believe. Similarly, the world we inhabit cannot support what we desire to create. Rather it supports our current mind and what it desires. Our world will need to transform in some way to support our new mind and new way of thinking and believing to manifest what we desire.


The task is to transform the form the world we created with our past and in which we currently live to the new world were our creative spirit finds the necessary freedom to freely live our truth to create what we desire.  To make this transformation, we need to move from what we currently feel does not work in our life and gives us an inner satisfaction or fullness of being to what we feel will work and we can feel the freedom of the experience of our desired creation. In this regard, we need to understand our feelings for they are ultimately our guide and the source of our creative power to create anything. Unless we have the feelings to act in some way, we will not move to create. The question is are we consciously aware of the feelings that are driving us through life. This is true for any creative endeavor.


The issue we face in any transformation is whatever we feel we need to experience that is driving our creative actions, mind tries to given an interpretation of what it thinks we want based on its past experiences. But mind does have the necessary minimum set of experience to fully understand what we desire to feel because we need to create it. We know what we are feeling is not what we want to feel , but our mind has no understanding as to how to create the feeling we desire to have. If it could it would have done so. Similarly, our mind does not have the minimum set of experience to know the path which will give the optimum gentle phoenix that is possible. If mind could address what we desired to feel our current mind would have already helped us to create it. We would already be  content with what we are experiencing and would not desire to create it. We would not be feeling what we are experiencing is somehow inadequate and that we need to create something different. As such, our mind will actually be of limited value in any truly creative endeavor. The more the creative endeavor is new and different from the past the less useful our mind becomes.


Although we don=t know the exact path we will have to take for our particular creative endeavor, we can follow the feeling we desire to experience.  We can use it with our internal compass and use the experiences and lessons learned of other where and when applicable. To do this, we need to have a perspective that allow us to:  believe a gentle phoenix is possible, use our internal compass, and how to incorporate the lessons learned of others.


Two biggest issues in mind (Top)


Two biggest issue in our mind we needs to face to create a gentle phoenix are our concepts of the internal and external creative powers. Facing these concepts , in turn, puts us face to face with our concepts and beliefs about God, our concepts and beliefs about sexuality, and how our mind characterizes what we experience by how and what we think we are. These issue are analogous to a chain connected to our body and to a stake. But we have the option of where we place the stake.  The stake and the chain serve to limit our mobility.  Where we put the stake is representative of the belief we hold.  If the stake is fixed in the ground we have limited mobility. However, if we carry our stake, we find we can move anywhere. What we need are a set of beliefs that allow us to carry the stake with us as opposed to fixing the stake in the ground and limiting what we can create. Holding a set of beliefs which allow us to hold our creativity sacred give us a set of beliefs that allow us to carry the stake with us. Or, at least allows us to put the stake in the ground to have a certain experience and then pull it up when we need to move on.


Working with the mind (Top)


It needs to be emphasized that anything that mind does that it thinks needs to be done to create a gentle phoenix may or may not be correct.  In this regard, what we think we need to do and things what has been gained form the lessons learned of others gives the impression there are various thing we can do. Additionally, the multitude of things we can do give the impression there is more than one gentle phoenix or there is a gentle phoenix of varying degrees. However, in reality, there is only one creative process for a given set of starting conditions. But the creative process can be experienced in a variety of ways by how we work with the process or fight the process We need to remember that what we do in any creative endeavor to create the fastest, easiest and gentlest way lies on a spectrum.


At one end we are like the wind at each and every level of our being. That is, we are totally free to move as required.  Additionally, at this end we also find, or use, an environment which allows for the free flow of whatever transformation needs to occur. At that other end we are fix and rigid hold onto everything and anything as hard and strong as we can.  At this end, we totally oppose, fight and struggle again whatever changes need to occur and do everything in our power to hold onto whatever needs to sacrificed and we do so in the wrong environment.


Relative to what need to occur, our mind will not know. However, there are various things we can do that help create a faster, easier and gentler transformation. Within any creative endeavor,  there are changes which need to occur within our being and are totally under our control. Then there are changes which occur external to us and are tied to the shared creation environment in which we are to experience our new creation. The required changes of both the internal world and the external world need to be addressed to create the optimum gentle phoenix possible in any given situation. If we run away form what we need to face we thwart our own efforts. When we face the external changes, the environment in which we find ourselves become very important. In facing the external changes having a gentle phoenix becomes tied to the assistance of another for creation/Creation is not done alone. The question here becomes, "How do we call that assistance into our life?@


We say optimum gentle phoenix because we exist in a shared creation and two set of conditions come to play. Both sets of conditions arise from the fact that Physical Creation is a shared creation between us and its creator/Creator, the human collective, and the other individuals in our lives with whom we experience Physical Creation. All that can make any transition faster, easier and gentler is not always under our control. However much of it is under our control.  This is because it is our transformation and there is a bridge point where all energy relationships we share with Physical Creation and others in Physical Creation come together. If we access that point we can optimize our influence in the external world and influence things that could otherwise constrain our transformation. However this is not something our mind will be able to readily do. We will have to learn to feel our way to make these types and kinds of changes.


The first set conditions we face at this bridge point involved our personal energy connections with the world and people external to us. Within our external world, much of the world functions as a backdrop or scenery for our experiences. The connections to the backdrop are relatively weak compared to those who enter our life and cause us to react. Of course, the more intimate we become with another or with an aspect of Creation, the stronger the energetic connection. These connections are strong and many of those connections remain long after the experience bound in our memories. It is here within these connection our greatest external work is done. Although difficult we can influence these energy relationships.


The second set of conditions we face at the bridge point are the rules of Physical Creation. Here we can attempt to change the rules of Physical Creation or work with them. Changing them will nullify the physical experience we incarnated to have and it is quit difficult to change the rules. Working with them allows us to create what we desire yet remain in the physical experience we incarnated to have.  This is much easier done. In particular, Physical Creation grows and unfolds life from a seed condition. That is, a seed condition of some type is created, planted in fertile ground, and it grows and unfolds to bear fruit. That process takes time and the seed must be properly nourished to grow and bear fruit.


But we can use this process to our advantage. Since we are talking about transforming our life, we are talking about causing a new life to come into existence. It too will need to start from a seed condition and grow to maturity to bear fruit. We only need to create the correct seed condition, plant it in fertile soil and the nourish it growth. Although a human transformation or a any creative endeavor will not normally follow a time line as a normal human life, it can. So there are some transformation that we can encounter which can take years if not a life time. We should not expect our creations to manifest as if we are walking into a fast food restaurant expecting to order a quick hamburger and fries. However, our creation can manifest quickly. But it depends on what we are trying to create and the conditions under which we start.


The good news is that if the seed for our creation which we create is planted in fertile soil and properly nurtured, the process takes care of itself. We don=t have to worry about it and continually attend to it. We don=t have to continually work at the transformation. We just need to create the correct seed condition and then nourish that seed as it grows to maturity. That in itself takes much of the struggle out of the process to make it faster, easier and gentler.  Of course, this does mean our mind needs to get out of the way to trust the creative process and allow it to unfold. It also means we need to access the feminine aspect of our being and allow it to lead.  Nourishment of a creation is done through the feminine aspect of creation. We will need to relay on the feminine aspect of our being to lead us. This is done by being open to feeling and allow the feel of the flow of energy giving rise to our desired creation to lead.


This bring up two items and the need for balance. One is that creating a gentle phoenix is mostly about creating a seed condition. Creating the seed condition is the masculine act of the creation process and is performed by our mind.  The second is that creating a gentle phoenix is about properly nourishing the seed that is planted and its environment. This is the feminine act of the creation process. The feminine aspect  is performed by stepping out of mind and surrendering to what we feel to discern the flow of energy created by our intention to follow into manifestation of our creation. We nourish the seed by feeling, not what mind thinks. We must learn to dance between our heart and our mind and learn that in a balanced creation the feminine always gives much more than the masculine.


Additionally, a  gentle phoenix can often be created in stages or phases. We move on to the next stage or phase after we harvest the fruit of the first state/phase. We don=t have to do everything at once. Sometimes doing things all at once is the best way. At other times it is best to do what needs to be done in stages. Here again, it all depends on what we desire to create. In this regard we cannot look to any one particular individual and try and copy when they do to create a gentle phoenix and think it will work for us. We must learn to walk in our own truth at each and every level of our being.


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