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Illusion of separation


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The prevalent world view is that we can be objective and we are separate from others and the world around us. When we are separate we can be unattached and objective. When we are separate and objective we tend to believe we can manipulate and control ourselves without external influence and we make everything else objects that can be observed, manipulated and controlled. We believe we can control other people, the animals, and nature around us and even God Himself/Herself/Itself by how we bargain and think we can manipulate Him/Her/It to meet our desires. When we believe we are objective we can remove ourselves from the whole.

However, separation is an illusion. As discussed in the Creation Story for the Creativity Perspective all arises from illusion of Creation created by the consciousness within, or behind, Creation. We are integrally connected to our environment. Our environment exist the way it does only because we observe it the way we do. The world is a shared creation and it exists the way it does only because of how humans have chosen to observe it and each of us are tied to the human collective sharing its view. How we, as society, have chosen to view and perceive the world is an illusion we have created. How we as an individual have chosen to view the world from within our society is another illusion. They are illusions for there are a variety of other ways to view reality and our role in reality to create alternative ways of living and being in the world. Some views cause us to live in separation and other allow us to live in wholeness.

If, however, we live the truth within our being, the truth all lies within, that we are one with all that is, and all emanates from the same essence, and attempt to view reality from this truth within we are perceived as crazy, sick, sinful, or somehow otherwise incompetent by many of those around us. Yet, in doing so we can move pass the illusion of separation and illusion of objectivity. To move past the illusion of separation we must first adopt a set of beliefs which will allow us to move past it.

When we live from the Source within our own being in alignment with the flow of life itself and live with the awareness of the interconnectedness of all that is, we are perceived as though there is something wrong with us. In this regard there is a tremendous pull by the individuals in our life for us to live as they do and there is a nonconscious pull., the pull of the collective to keep us within the normal way humans perceive Creation. More often than not, to survive in the particular illusion humanity has created, we deny our own truth and live with a separation within our own being. That separation scatters and fragments our creative life energy for it does not allow us to connect with all that is around us and draw from it power into our own being. Rather, it is more like we starve ourselves rather than feed on what is readily available.

It has been observed that there are three conditions that have been found to exist which give rise to, or holds us in, the illusion of separation.

One is that we think we are a separate entity unconnected to any other aspect of Creation. The belief holds that although we may be influenced by Creation and our environment, we are not connected to it.

The second is that we believe there is a past, present and future. Rather than living in the present moment and being open to what the moment presents, we hold to the past and project it into the future.

The third is that we can separate and compartment our creative life energy and life experience to confine different aspects of our life and keep them bound as separate from the other aspects.

Pain, in one form or another, is what ultimately keeps us in the illusion of separation and does not allow us to consciously experience the oneness of Creation and how everything is interconnected. That is, we can adopt new beliefs so we can sit in the present moment and/or we can create a wholeness within our being. But often in oneness we feel pain for many are in pain. If we are unable to face the pain we feel, ours or that of another, we will keep ourselves in the illusion of separation.

The key to facing the pain we experience is to understand pain and the origins of pain. Then, when we experience pain, before we mitigate it or look to alleviate it, we need to ask our intuitive guidance, "From where does this pain arise and what do I need to do or become to address it at its root?" Then be open to honor the guidance we get.

A separate entity

In the first condition creating the illusion of separation is that we think we are a separate entity unconnected to any other aspect of Creation. It is an illusion to believe we are somehow separated from the reality we experience. Although we may accept that it is an illusion to be objective and we and what we observe influences each other much like what has been observed in quantum mechanics where the observer affects the observation, we can still be of the belief that we are a separate entity. That is, we believe we are human with free will to do what we wish. As a consciousness this is true for our creations. But as a human it is not true for we agreed to play a role within Physical Creation.

As discussed in the wave particle nature of energy and diagramed in the "Pool of Multiple Forms" our creative life energy permeates all of reality. As such, our energy permeates each and every other point of consciousness just as their energy permeates us. Whether we realize it or not, or aware of it or not, we are connected to them and they to us and they expect us to play the role we agreed to play. Although we are independent and completely free to do what we wish, we are nevertheless connected, not influenced, but connected. We will feel the pull of that connection if we deviate too far from our role.

In many ways the fact that we must breath air, drink water and eat food is representative of the same type of interconnection that exist at every level of our being. If we do not exchange the equivalent of water, air and food at every level of our being with our environment and those around us, an aspect of our being will dehydrate, suffocated or starve and worse yet, can die or, if not a physical death, be rendered entirely inoperative.

The reality is that our conscious follows the same laws as every other consciousness and we are completely free to choose what we wish. Just as each and every other consciousness is free to choose what they wish. We are free to experience the separation or the oneness. For example, every consciousness defines itself as it chooses by the experiences it has had and in relationship to other consciousness with which it interacts. No other consciousness in the universe is like ours and has had our experiences. In this regard you are totally alone. We always were and always will be alone. It is the ultimate pain we face. Yet we will always have a very deep longing in our heart to be reunited with our "beloved." A longing to reunite with that other half of us that will make us totally fulfilled, whole and complete. It is to reunite with the source of our separateness.

However, we are surround by an infinite number of individual points of consciousness just like us and which react to their environment just like our consciousness. Whether we realize it or not, as an aspect of the consciousness within, or behind, Creation, and reflected in the origins of Creation, this infinite number individual points of consciousness is our beloved. Not one of them, but all of them and we can love any other consciousness as intimately as any other. There is no one person that is our soul mate. The entire created universe is our soul mate.

If we can think differently than the way most of us have been trained to think, we are only allowing ourselves to live in separation to have the experience of being human. The entire infinity of consciousness of all that is is our other half. It is what makes us whole and complete. In the same way a piano is incomplete without all its keys, any one key is incomplete with out all the rest. Two individual keys on a piano played together may sound very harmonious, but there are many other keys that makes just as pleasant a sound. Yet the piano is incomplete without all of the keys.

We long for wholeness and fulfillment. However, every part of the universe that we see as separate from us has a part within itself that longs for us. It is only when we are capable of fully embracing all that is as it is will we find the deepest longing in our heart fulfilled. Because of how we have been conditioned to live, rather than explore and live our own uniqueness, we try to live to everyone elseís standards and expectations. We each tend to define ourselves by how "normal" we are, that is, how close to the average we lie on whatever measurement standard we are using. We do this only because when we grew up, we learned to please those whom we depended on. If we were too different from their expectations, we would not get what we needed.

If we confine ourselves to meeting the "norm" that we judge as acceptable, we will never reveal our full nature and true nature. If an individual only plays two keys on a piano because they sound nice together, the individual will never experience the whole piano. The only way to experience the whole piano is to play all the keys individually and together in different combinations. Then and only then will we begin to understand the full depth and breadth of the creation called a piano. So too with our consciousness. It will, and does, play individually and together in different combinations with all the other infinite number of points of consciousness. That is why Creation is always moving and flowing because consciousness can only define itself in relation to another consciousness. It is the "music of the sphere" the ancient esoteric traditions talk about.

Another way to look at how reality is created by all these infinite points of consciousness is through a story by Swami Muktananda entitles the "Club of Princes." The story can be found in the topic,

The Club of Princes" As discussed in the story, so, too with the infinite spectrum of consciousness. Each point of consciousness plays the role it elected to play to create the shared creation we experience and each and every role is needed to create the play we all are choosing to create. The separation we feel only comes from the role we have chosen to play.

The only point we really need to understand, whether we choose to live in oneness or separation, is that we will need to exchange the equivalent of water, air and food at each and every level of our being; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. Similarly, we will have to give at every level of our being. Not necessarily give waste or by products like defecating, exhalation, and perspiration but rather in a way that mother gives food and nourishment. The Universe, Creation and the creation process is predatory. Each will eat of another in someway at each and every level of being and each we eaten by another.

If one is unable to do this dance of give and take they will either starve an aspect of their being or bloat an aspect. The aspect which is usually bloated is the ego for it tends to take and hold for itself rather than give. Whether we starve or bloat an aspect of our being we will not be able to perform in accordance with our nature. No matter how separate we perceive ourselves to be, the interconnectedness will always force us to give and take in some way. To break the illusion of separation relative to this aspect, we will need to become that detached witness and see what we needs to have to be nourished at our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level and then give and share at each aspect appropriate to the need.

Past, present and future

The second condition creating illusion is we believe that there is a past, a present and a future. In relations to the condition of the past, present and future and how they cause the illusion of separation is to realize all the energy of the universe is either in form or flowing into form. Our past and future are within us in this moment. The present is what is. The past is the flow and the past is why the energy is flowing as it is. All that we have been is currently within us manifesting the present as it is and creating the future in the image of what we are now. It is a current phenomenon. It is perceived as past only because we compare one moment to the next. However, the energy and its flow is now. Similarly, the future is in the present and is contained within the flow.

We can, at any time, go into our past and change the way we hold our memories. That will in turn change how the present is manifesting and how our future will unfold. All can be done in this moment. In this understanding we can realize we can change the past by choosing to change the flow of energy and we can change the future in a similar fashion by changing how we think, believe and what we expect.

Separation by time into a past, present and future occurs within oneís self. Memories are now. They are not of the past. The future is now and lies in our expectations and our likes and dislikes of the past. We believe they are of the past but they are what is now. We can remember many things. But we only remember certain things at any given time. Frequently the context of what we are experiencing causes the memories to aries. Memories represent how our energy was and is bound by the past. But the energy is bound now and is needed now for our creative efforts. In this regard, our memories represent the conditions of our energy as it exists now.

Memories will surface on their own in a given situation for they are the excuses we have to keep our energy bound in the view of the past that we have. The most energetic memories related to what we desire to create are the memories which surface. We believe the past is over and done with so there is nothing we can do about what happen and the energy stays bound. Often these memories represent the experience that we used to define our limits and boundaries. They are what we are using to protect ourselves from the type and kind of pain or suffering that we felt. At one level it is true that they protect our creative spirit. But, they are also an excuse if we donít deal with the fear and the hazards themselves. These memories are often part of the cage of our own making and the bound energy is needed for what we desire to create. Otherwise they would not have arose at the particular time they arose.

As for our future, it is contained within the flow from the past and the expectations we place on that flow in the present. To know the future, we only need to look at the past both what we consciously remember and what we nonconsciously hold and how you think and believe. It also needs to be understood that the past is only what and how we think and believe. If we were capable of becoming like the wind and leaving like the wind we would have no past or future. However, that does not mean there is no past and future. For as long as there is flow, and there always will be flow and one can make a comparison between some previous or future point and the now, the moment that is occurring. However, we are incarnate and there is an intention governing our life and the flow of energy in our life to always push us to see a past and a future.

Our ability to compartment our life

The third condition which creates the illusion of separation is the separation within oneís self and the scattering of oneís energy in this separation. It arise from the belief that we can live a compartmented life. We attempt to separate our internal world and external world and our professional or work life from our personal life. We declare my possessions from yours and a myriad of other separation and compartmentizations in our life.

The truth is there is only one flow of creative life energy within our being. The creative life energy that sustains our being flows from one  Source. It is not fragmented or separated. It is only our beliefs that causes it to become so. Similarly, we are not fragmented and separated but only live in the illusion of separation.

The focus of our attention and awareness is what is scatters and fragments our energy by our lack of focus. The only way to truly prevent fragmenting and scattering our energy is to live the truth of our being true to wherever we are and whatever it looks like to the external world. To live the truth of our being is tremendously difficult for most people because they have never developed the courage and passion to live their truth. Nor have they dealt with the pain and fears of the past that is keeping their energy bound in the response patterns they developed in life to protect themselves. To live our life in a compartmented fashion or to believe we have to be different in different situations is an illusion. There is one and only one truth to our being. If we cannot express that truth wherever we are we are fragmenting and scattering our energy creating the illusion of separation and disabling, and/or robbing ourselves of, our creative power.

Stepping out of the illusion of separation

One is not going to break the illusion of separation confronting the illusion. To confront the illusion is a choice by mind and mind is what created the illusion in the first place. To break the illusion the simplest and gentlest way is to set the intention to experience the oneness of the universe and ask our intuitive guidance to lead us. In doing so our intuitive guidance will show us the path of least resistance if we honor the path that is provided. We then need to surrender to the flow of energy to create our desired creation and allow our body wisdom and intuitive guidance to lead. Once we experience the oneness in our own unique way, we will find that experience will allow us to dispel all the illusions we have over time. On this recommendation, it needs to be noted that the heart will always give us the path of least resistance for that is the way energy flows and the heart follows our energy. It is only our mind and the resistance of mind to what is that causes the resistance we feel in life

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