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Exploring our mind
The premise giving rise to the need to explore mind
Cautionary statement and disclaimer
Starting conditions

Exploring the mind in the creativity perspective is not the same as exploring the mind in psychological and/or medical science. Although techniques may be similar, there is a fundamental difference in the premise as to what a human being is, the nature of the mind, and what we hope to achieve in exploring mind. Exploring mind in the creativity perspective is not about healing or "fixing" anything. Rather it is to use the relationship of energy and consciousness, the role of consciousness in the cause effect chain  and creative process, and the fact we are a creation within Creation and to use how the inner reflects the outer to surface the cause which is giving rise to the experiences we have. In determining the cause, we can access and change what is giving rise to the experiences we have. In choosing to change the cause we can choose to create something which better serves who and what we are and what we desire to experience.

The premise giving rise to the need to explore mind  (Top)

The premise within the creativity perspective is we are infinitely creative beings with an unlimited creativity. We have consciously or nonconsciously limited our creative ability and creative power at some level of our being for the sake of having the experience we have. We limit our creative ability and creative power by our mind focusing its attention and awareness into a particular perspective by how and what we chose to think and believe. We then become attached to the perspective we create. This, in turn, directs our creative life energy into creating an experience of how and what we think and believe for the environment in which we find ourselves. In another environment, our experiences will be different for the same way we think and believe. If we do not release our attachments, we continually recreate the past in a new way regardless of the environment we enter.

Given the nature of physical Creation in which we find ourselves, the experience we create is experienced as a duality. It is experienced as a separation of energy and consciousness reflected in what we feel and what we think and believe. Or, symbolically, which we perceive as two view of Creation. There is the view of the mind which gives rise to the experience of our creative spirit and the view of the heart which gives rise to the experience of the flow of our creative life energy.

Yet, whether experienced as a creative spirit or as a flow of our creative life energy, what we experiences ultimately arises simply by how we focus our attention and awareness. We focus our attention and awareness to direct, limit or control the free expression of our creative life energy or creative spirit by what our mind thinks and believes.

When we consciously limit our creativity for an experience, we are free to let go of our attachments which gives rise to the experience we have unless mind steps in with it judgment for or against the experience we have. When we nonconsciously limit our creativity we end up putting and holding our creativity expressed as our creative spirit in a cage of our own making which binds the free flow our of creative life energy. Since these limits on our creativity are created nonconsciously, we experience them as response patterns to life without know why we response to life as we do.

The intention and goal of exploring mind in the creativity perspective is to access the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power to become creatively  free and access the most creative state of being. This most creative state of being is best recognized as the free expression of our creative spirit. Or, it is recognized as the ability to freely, spontaneously and innocently surrender to the flow of our creative life energy to discover and explore each and every and every level of our being - spiritual, mental, emotionally and physically - and wherever that flow leads. When we can do this we open ourselves up the Ultimate Accident and a conscious experience of the Source of Creation. Each of us have been in this state of being and most of us can recognize this state in a very young child before the child’s mind develops and steps in to judge and control what they do.

The key to our creative power at any level of being is to become like the wind. It is to come with nothing (no attachments and expectations) and leave with nothing (no attachments - no regrets in any way and no strong desires for or against anything). Until we become truly free and become like the wind, coming with nothing and leaving with nothing, we will not become free of the Physical Creation, any reality or any creation/Creation. Heaven, the Kingdom of God and Nirvana can be experienced here and now in this moment if we are open to an experience of them.

It is a matter of learning to become happy with is as it is wherever we are. It is not a matter of becoming without desire or desireless for desire is the raw material of creation/Creation. Rather it is learning to explore the desires and the nature of the attachments we have giving rise to that desire. It is to explore what our desires create through our attachments for it must be realized all the desires we have are not necessarily ours. Some have been planted within us and are not ours. Unless we learn to explore our desires and attachments we will be unable to become a conscious creator.

Exploring mind within the creativity perspective is to become a conscious creator and to move as close as possible into a state of creative  freedom to become like the wind in that most creative state of being. Exploring mind within the creativity perspective is to ferret out all the reason, obstructions, response patterns, pains, regrets, judgments, fears, and the like that prevent us from becoming a conscious creator. It is to claim our birthright as a being of unlimited creativity to both create our experiences and to create the reality of those experiences..

Cautionary statement and disclaimer  (Top)

If you are thinking of exploring the mind using what is provided here for any medical or perceived medical conditions and/or for health or healing related issues, it is recommended you review the topic "Truth in labeling - healing related disclaimer" before you begin this approach. Here the approach to exploring the conscious and nonconscious mind is to access our creative power and is different than the psychological and therapeutic approach.

The healing perspective used by most current medical and alternative practices different from the creativity perspective on healing. As such, an individual involved with any type and kind of psychological and therapeutic treatment should continue in that approach for reasons discussed in the medical disclaimer. Or, if appropriate, only use the approach provided here to compliment ongoing treatment in cooperation with the healer providing the treatment.

Under no condition should one’s current treatment be dropped in favor of this approach. The focus within this approach is not to provide healing. Rather it is to assist you to create experiences which better server who and what you really are. From a creativity perspective sometimes what we judge an unhealthy condition serves our creativity better than what we judge as healthy. Often the unhealthy condition is the catalyst for our creativity to awaken.

Starting conditions (Top)

There are three starting conditions which must be met to begin to explore our mind within the creativity perspective.

First condition: The first starting condition is to start where we are. That is, we accept things as the are in our life no matter what they look like. We do not look for some quick fix, divine intervention, human intervention, or anything other than us needing to take one step at a time. Until we move and take that first step and continue to step into the journey, the Universe does not know if we really desire what we seek. It will respond to meet us, but we must be the one to act first and continue to act. The responsibility for acting is on us and no one can act for us. We must take that first and all the subsequent steps wherever they lead. The recommended first step is contained within the second starting condition.

Second condition: The second starting condition is to give ourselves permission to explore our mind. We must be willing to go into a realm that is unknown to us. Although it is our mind, and it is what is causing us to have the experiences we have, most of us do not know our mind. Quite simply, it is infinite in its depth and breadth and what it can create. Few have ever gone below the surface.

It is recommended you become very clear as to your intention as to why you wish to explore your mind. Then, create a permission slip which reflects or embodies your intention and sign and date it before a witness. The permission slip should give yourself permission to explore your mind wherever that exploration leads to manifest the intention you set. If you wish, you can use the "Guardian consent form for the spontaneous playful child within" as a sample to construct your permission slip. But, whatever is used, should be created and written out by you in your own words in your own way.

Third condition: The third starting condition is to create some type and kind of ritual, ceremony or metatheater before a witness where you proverbially "draw a line in the sand" and step over it with the intention you are taking a journey and will not go back to where you started. The boundary over which you step is ultimately the limits and boundary your mind imposes on your creativity by what you have come to think and believe by the experiences you have had. What is done is to demonstrate to yourself that you are committed to the journey of exploring your mind and willing to step over the boundaries as necessary. If you are not truly committed to the journey, you will never access the reaches of the mind that are controlling the experiences you are creating.

Mind does not freely and willing let go of control. If you hope to access and release or change the cause that is giving rise to the experiences you desire to change, you mind will have to change and become different. You will need to learn to think and believe differently. We need remember, the mind which created the problem we face is not the mind that will provide the solution. Ultimately our awareness will need to wrestle control for what we experience from the mind our experiences have created. The way we do that is to step past the limits and boundaries imposed by our mind.

In creating the ritual, ceremony or metatheater, we should not create something our mind thinks is appropriate. Rather, we should consult our intuitive guidance and ask, "What do I need to do and/or create in a ritual, ceremony or metatheater that will appropriately and effectively demonstrate to myself and a witness that I am committed to exploring my mind and willing to step across the limits and boundaries imposed by my mind to access the creativity I desire?" Then honor what is received in a appropriate suorephex - a surrogate or real physical experience.

If for one reason or another your intuition seems to not respond on this issue, some type and kind of "not doing" action is recommended. Any true "not doing" action fully acted upon is appropriately symbolic of stepping past the limits and barriers we impose on our mind. A "not doing" action is doing the action associated with the statement, "I would never be caught dead doing that." Usually it is something too embarrassing or too against what we think and believe to do. Yet it is something like a not doing which allows us to step past our current mind and the ego it has created.

After the three starting conditions: After completing the three starting conditions, hold what you desire to create as a single point focus and act as you think you need to act to explore your mind.

You will be lead to what you need to address. It is here you only need to learn to trust the creative process. However, it will not occur in or on any time table your mind sets. Nor will it necessarily look like what your mind thinks. Remember, exploring your mind is a creative endeavor and somewhere you have not gone before. If you had been there, you would not need to explore your mind for you would already know what is needed.

The first three steps have proverbially open the door to your mind and whatever you need to explore. For some, they may feel they have open Pandora’s box and will run away from what they have found. For others, they will being to see a reality they never knew existed. Yet, for others, they will see nothing different - initially. But their lives will become different for they have created the seed condition that will germinate, grow and bear fruit. All that needs to be done is to hold what is desired with a single point focus.

For those who wish to begin to explore their mind using the creativity perspective found within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material, follow the sequence of topics beginning with the topic "Exploring our mind within the creativity perspective." Otherwise, as stated above, do what you think you need to do holding what you desire with a single point focus.

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