The marriage of the inner masculine and the inner feminine


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The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine
How the inner marriage works
The desire for the beloved/Beloved is for our inner masculine
Marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine
Problems in creating the marriage
An issue of sexuality
The dances of creation/Creation
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It is said in topics “Inner masculine and the mature inner masculine” and “Inner feminine and the mature inner feminine”: What is suppose to happen is that there is a marriage between our mature inner masculine and our mature inner feminine. That marriage creates an inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our lives. Since it is internally generated, we have fulfillment in life from within. That does not mean we do not cherish external relationships. Rather, we do not need the other individual for our inner fulfillment. We desire to share creation with them. We desire to share from our abundance and our inner fulfillment. As such we do not seek to own them or in any way hold that other individual. We do not seek to have them provided what must come from within our own being. We can literally give them the space of freedom to be free to who they are.

For our creative spirit within our being to truly express itself creatively there must be a marriage at the deepest levels of our being. A marriage between the inner masculine and the inner feminine. The goal of the inner marriage is to create a new life and a new world within one’s being that becomes manifested externally. It is about an understanding within ourselves where the inner masculine is able to thrust out in its own truth and the inner feminine is allowed to nurture its offspring in the world. That in turn brings forth the gifts we carry that have been called our charisma. In learning to become mindful and aware of our thoughts we can see which arise from the truth of our being. That awareness in turn allows us to nurture our truth and create this marriage.

In the discussion of the creative/creation process that if we compare the steps of the creative/creation process with our lives as our lives as an unfolding creation we will find our lives are a superposition of at least two such processes. One process is the creation of physical human life. It is a shorter duration than the life that is created. It runs the span of the desire to procreation through procreation, maturity of the offspring and its desire for the offspring to procreate. It is a creation process about the continuation of human life. The second process is about our incarnation and the experience our awareness has of physical Creation. This process overlays the first. It spans the desire which causes us to incarnate and goes through the death of the body and the creation of a new desire.

The discussion on our incarnation talks about the desires of Physical Creation for our life and the desires our awareness has for a physical experience or the experience of Physical Creation. The marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine is what allows these desires to be fulfilled. Without that marriage we will be unable to fully accomplish what we incarnated to do.

The inner feminine must nurture the truth within ourselves so that the inner masculine can thrust out into the world to express that truth true to ourselves. That marriage results in an offspring which will take on a life of its own. The marriage of the mature inner masculine and the mature inner feminine results in an offspring what has been called the charisma - wonderful gifts, talents and wisdom, and a passion to express those talents that arise from the depth of the individual not normally experienced unless one’s truth is accessed and expressed. In learning to become mindful and aware of our thoughts we can see which arise from the truth of our being. That awareness in turn allows us to nurture our truth and create this marriage.

How the inner marriage works (Top)

The masculine thrusts out into the world to create. It seeks to join with the feminine to create a flow of energy that will nurture and sustain the creation. The feminine seeks a safe and secure space in which to nourish her creation according to its needs.

We each are a creation unfolding. There is a masculine aspect to our being which is reflective of the desire of a consciousness. [You are free to choose who you think that consciousness is that desired you to come into existence] That desire is the intention for our life.  It resulted in our life and the consciousness that created us seeks to fulfill that desire with our life. The desire, which thrusts us into life, is to fulfill the intention for our life and is reflected in our mature inner masculine. As discussed in the topic “Our Incarnation,” it is the experience of the author the desire of the consciousness that created our life is a combination of the desires of our unique awareness and the desires of the consciousness which created physical Creation.  That is, we are a creation within a creation fulfilling desires at several levels.

The  desire of consciousness to create our life resulted in a flow of energy that created and sustains us. It is the energy that animates our life. That flow of energy is the inner feminine.

If the inner masculine is mature and secure in its identity, it will act to fulfill the intention for our life. If the inner masculine is weak, it will be overpowered by the enculturated mind we develop in life as a result of the experiences we have in life. That enculturated mind then takes over control of our actions and what we create.

If the inner feminine is mature, it is free to flow unencumbered and will inspire and excite the inner masculine to action in a creative passion to fulfill the intention for our life. If the inner feminine is not free to flow it will not flow in a way that inspires and excites the inner masculine. Rather she responds to creating what the enculturated mind directs. If the encultured mind is responding to the external world, the external world essentially controls the energy of the inner feminine and uses it for its purposes. Most enculturation and social actions tend to creatively castrate the inner masculine.

The  mature masculine is needed to protect the inner feminine from the enculturated mind. It protects the nurturing energy of the inner feminine from being used and abused. It prevents it from being sent to create something that does not serve the inner being. The mature masculine is what protects the space the inner feminine creates to nurture her creation. We can feel the struggle between the inner masculine and our mind when they are not aligned and are often lead to numb what we feel. That in turn, leads to addictions and addictive behaviors.

When  the inner feminine is not forced by the enculturated mind to do its bidding, she is free to call forth, excite, and nourish the inner masculine. As the inner masculine begins to mature it learns to protect the inner feminine in the way she needs to be protected. That in turn, allow the inner feminine to further nurture the inner masculine and a “boot strapping” starts were the inner masculine and inner feminine pull each the other toward maturity and the marriage they were meant to have. This is something that cannot be done for us. It is something we must learn to do following our inner guidance and the fulness of our being.

The desire for the beloved/Beloved is for our inner masculine (Top)

Whether one is male or female, it is here in the relationship of the inner masculine and inner feminine we find the origins of the beloved/Beloved. Whether one sees the beloved as male/masculine entity or a female/feminine entity, what they really seek in the beloved/Beloved is a soft nurturing feminine. It is a nurturing feminine presence that allows them to be free to grow and unfold true to ourselves.

The actual journey for the beloved/Beloved one undertakes can be experienced one of two ways if not both. Each way is a journey to find someone or something who will nurture them in the way they need to be nurtured. If the feeling and longing for the beloved/Beloved is seen as being supplied by a physical being, a male or female, the journey will be one of looking for that “perfect” soul mate. If the feeling and longing for the beloved/Beloved is seen as being something spiritual or unseen, the journey will be a journey to find God or one’s understanding of God. Those who seek the beloved as that strong presence that will guide their life are actually seeking their own inner feminine. It looks as thought they are seeking the masculine to tell them what to do or to guide their life but they really seek the inner feminine.

All we seek in the beloved/Beloved is only a way to have our own inner feminine free to nurture our being in the way it needs to be nurtured. Yet for our own inner feminine to be free to nurture our being in the way it needs to be nurtures we need our inner masculine. In reality in seeking the beloved/Beloved, what we seek is our own mature inner masculine. It is the inner masculine which provided the safe and secure space for the inner feminine to be free to nurture the creation and allow her nurturing energy to freely flow as needed.

What this means is that the individual needs to find their own truth and be able to thrust out into the world in that truth. That then creates the space for their own inner feminine to nurture their own being in the way it needs to be nurtured. To thrust out with the inner masculine is to break free of the encultured mind and the external world to freely live the truth of one’s being. That is what creates the safe space for the inner feminine to become who she needs to become. Hence we all seek the inner masculine when we look outward for the soft feminine nurturing energy.

What needs to be understood is that for the inner masculine to become mature to thrust out in its own truth to guide us in life it needs to be properly nurtured by the inner feminine. Those who seek the beloved/Beloved need to learn to love themselves and give to themselves in the way they need to be nourished and nurtured. Then in that nourishing and nurturing, the inner feminine can give to the inner masculine what it needs to become excited and thrust out into the world in its own truth. This journey is typically reflective of both males and females who have not accessed their own internal creative power.

Our internal creative power arises from alignment with the flow of our creative life energy, the feminine aspect of our being. External creative power is accessed through the experiences of mind and our understanding of how external creation appears to work. Ultimately, we can access creative power through our internal creative power. It is done through surrender to the flow of energy that sustains us and flows from the source/Source of Creation and follows what we feel. Honoring the intuitive guidance we access this creative power. Or,  we can access creative power by our enculturated mind which has been trained to do our bidding in the external world and harness our inner feminine to supply the energy to do that bidding. In the end, our creative power ultimately comes from accessing the inner feminine and learning how to use the feminine power and feminine aspect of the creative/creation process to support our actions in the world.

Marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine (Top)

As we focus on the truth within our creative spirit, the wisdom within the flow of energy that sustains us, and nurture the expression and free unfoldment of that truth, we access our internal feminine nurturing creative energy. This energy, in turn excites and awakens the internal masculine creative energy to create life. It excites the inner masculine to thrust out into the world in passion with the truth of our being. It is what allows us to live true to ourselves in the world.

In essence what happens is a marriage occurs which results in an offspring. The inner feminine which nurtures the unfoldment of our truth unites with the inner masculine. The inner feminine excites and catalyzes the inner masculine such that a new life comes forth from within the individual which desire to thrust out into the world. It is a life different than which we are enculturated to live or that we live simply as a mammal surviving in creation. Usually, it is very much different if not extremely different than what our mind would think and/or choose. The actions of this offspring from the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine in the external world is what allows our charisma to manifest in the world.

All that is needed for the offspring of the inner marriage to succeed is for someone or something, to call it forth to create life and give it the space to do so. Here the concept of the muse is most appropriate for it is real phenomenon. The muse is that external focus that stimulates us and excites us and keeps us motivated to push into the world. Although the inner marriage allows us to operate and find a source of energy that never runs dry to move into the world from within our own being, we need an external focus. The muse is that coupling point or grounding point were the offspring of the inner marriage is more or less exactly matched with a point in the external world. The phenomenon of the muse to call forth our creative spirit and creative passion is what lies behind using mantras, objects of focus, individuals of focus, and the like in meditation.

The passion that arises from our inner marriage of the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine is like a rocket with no way to control once it is ignited. When ignited, it will take off and go in a very pointed predetermined direction based on the intention for our life. The direction in which it travels is not necessarily seen by many as going in a direction that will serve anyone. Often the main goal of the external authority is to get the passion and offspring from this inner marriage harnessed to do its bidding. However, without the proper focus when ignited, it can be extremely difficult to harness. More often than not, rather than creating the space for the inner marriage of the mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine and allowing our gift to freely unfold, a space is created by authorities to  essentially castrate the inner masculine so the inner feminine can be harness in the manner desired.

Many see the inner masculine and inner feminine becoming tied to the intention for our life as losing freedom in life. How freedom is provided to the creative spirit in nurturing an offspring is that the offspring allows the feminine nurturing aspect of the creative spirit to be fulfilled and fully expressed in its role. The masculine aspect of the creative spirit is achieved in thrusting out into the world true to itself fulfilling its role. The feminine aspect is fulfilled when it is allowed to nurture its desired creation, not the creation of another or others. That is, the creation that comes from the marriage of the inner masculine aspect thrusting true to itself and the inner feminine aspects being true to itself to nurture the offspring of the inner masculine and inner feminine. That offspring then becomes our gift to the world. This offspring is the embodiment of the dream of the heart and is one, if not, the reason for our incarnation and purpose for being here. Fulfillment of that intention provides an inner satisfaction, a fulness of being and creates a life worth living. As with any birth, often a midwife or its equivalent is necessary and someone like a nanny to help and protect that offspring until it is strong enough to stand on its own feet in the world. The role of the midwife and nanny is reflected in the dream midwife and dream nanny.

The  masculine and feminineboth desire to give to their child. However the masculine perceives its child slightly different than the feminine. The masculine is about thrusting. It sustains itself in thrusting. It will see its offspring as the vehicle it creates which allows it to thrust its truth into the world. The feminine is nurturing. The child of the feminine is something which comes from the feminine’s own body. The feminine in some way becomes the creation. She is tied differently to the creation than the masculine. Her energy becomes the creation and she sustains her offspring until it become an entity unto itself. The masculine does not see its energy becoming and sustaining the creation for it desires to thrust. It will use the energy of the feminine to sustain its creation and enslave what it can to support its creation. This happens internally and externally. Unless the feminine feels the creation is hers she cannot support what the masculine wants without in some way being harmed or drained.  The masculine only needs to feel it is thrusting according to its truth to be satisfied.

The “trick” is the masculine must feel it is thrusting its truth. The feminine must feel she is nourishing her creation. When the masculine truth is in alignment with our inner truth, the inner marriage has occurred.

Problems in creating the marriage  (Top)

Our problem is we don’t create that inner marriage but look externally for someone to do it for us. Rather than being taught how to create that inner marriage, we are told what to do and what not to do. Although external guidance and authority can be of great assistance, we ultimately have to give ourselves permission to explore and live our truth no matter what the cost. We must create that protective space to allow our inner feminine to nurture our truth so that the inner masculine and offspring can become excited to thrust outward into the world true to ourselves.

If we thrust out in programming, we will not have the feminine support of our being unless that programming is somehow, in some way supportive of our truth. The greater the programming aligns with our truth, the greater the energy with which there is to create. The more our truth is not supported by the programming the less energy is available. Here lies the trap. When the programming is not in full alignment with our truth, we look outward to another to fulfil that mismatch. We look to some presence to meet that part that we are not meeting inside. When we do not meet our truth inside, we feel separate and talk about the need to become whole. When we thrust out in the world in alignment with our truth, we feel wholeness. We perceive no separation.

Without realize it, most males and females help keep their creative power bound and then they wonder why they can’t create what will truly make them happy. There is a dance each of us must learn. It is a dance between our own inner masculine and inner feminine that must be mirrored externally. Rather than creating the space within ourselves to allow both our masculine and feminine aspects to grow to maturity, we keep them bound like little children because of the hurt and pains we suffered as a child in the loss of creative play. We become hesitant and reluctant to step out in our own truth and suffer as we did when we innocently and spontaneously stepped out as that young child. Yet to be in the source of one’s creative power and simultaneously at the Source of Creation is to be in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of oneself and one’s world simultaneously at each and every level of their being. It is to play as a child before mind steps in. We we do that naturally, if we allow ourselves. As an adult, it is extremely difficult to do.

An issue of sexuality (Top)

It is to be noted here that it is said a marriage needs to occur between the inner masculine and inner feminine to allow our creative spirit to freely express itself and our charisma. It is also said that free expression includes the passion to express our truth in the world. Since we are talking about the joining masculine and feminine creative aspects and what gives and sustains life, many will interpret the feelings that go with this process sexually and the desire to express oneself sexually in the world. Hence it naturally spills over into sexuality for sexuality is how we create life whether internally or externally.

That is a man will look for a external nurturing feminine presence to do what the inner feminine must do. Similarly the female will look for a external masculine presence to do what the inner masculine must do. Since there is an energy flowing outward to express the truth of our being, many will interpret the expression of this passion something to be met sexually. That is, they feel the energy released in the inner joining and they desire to experience it externally. Hence they seek a sexuality union. Yet seeking the external pleasure risks compromising the external expression of the offspring of the inner marriage.

In this regard, sexuality can be very enlightening as to the truth of our being. Sexuality has the ability to open us to our feelings. The opening of feelings coupled with the ability to be mindful and aware how we are pushed to express ourselves externally through sexuality will tell us something about what needs to be occurring internally with our inner masculine and inner feminine and what inner needs are not being met.

In many ways you can look what is within the body as a seed. Sexuality is the shell that keeps it confined. The shell must be penetrated and broken for what is inside to come out. In many ways it is why sexuality becomes an issue in adolescence. As the individual starts to become mature, sexuality raises it head as an issue to create a life for the individuals charisma to be born and go out into the world to create the life the individual incarnated to live. However, the conditions to create the charisma have never been established. Rather than understanding the relationship of sexuality with our creative spirit and it supplying the energy to create the life for the charisma to unfold, it is seen as more as a biological function. Individuals are not taught how to access the inner nurturing feminine creative energy and to create the conditions for truth of our being to be conceived, gestated and birth into the world. When our the inner masculine creative energy thrusts out into the world, rather than trusting from our own truth, we thrust out based on our enculturation. That causes us to look outward for that opposite or even same sex to fulfill what needed to be filled within.

Both males and females, who have not learned to nurture their truth look for that feminine energy to nurture what they cannot do themselves. This by the way is the conditions for most of us, even most of the females. Those who have not learn to nurture their truth and thrust into the world in their own truth look to an external authority figure to give them truth and tell them what to do. They look to God, a teacher, an social author, a parent, whatever, to tell us how to thrust and how to be in the world. Creatively, most of us are like castrated bulls for we our inner masculine has never been allowed to grow and mature so we are lead by those whom seems to know better than us. When one learns to access their nurturing feminine creative energy to nurture their own truth and thrust out with the inner masculine in their truth, they become a light unto themselves. Many of us will need to recreate ourselves later in life to correct this condition if we every desire to find the truth of our being and release our charisma.

The life that is created then seeks to create with another or others a life in the external world that sustains, feeds and gives life for the growth and unfoldment of one’s truth. Before an individual seeks to engages another to create a life with another, the individual should become aware of what gives them life and makes them feel alive with a fulness of being within the external world. In that awareness we can engage with another sexually and know if that relations is giving life or taking it away and whether or not it serves us.

The dances of creation/Creation (Top)

There are several dances that one must step through that involve the masculine and feminine aspects of creation the are key to becoming and conscious creator and the creator of our experiences.

The first step is to realize there is a dance and to dance we must learn to go into and out of balance. The first dance is the dance between what is symbolized in the heart and the mind. It is the dance of heart and mind. It is to learn the view of the mind and the view of the heart and spend a little time exploring each. It is for mind to learn what lies in the heart and surrender to the heart. In doing so, one begins to move into the dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine. That dance gives rise to the marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine and an offspring. That offspring is a new life and a new world within one’s being. As we move to act from the energy that lies within this marriage and the offspring we being to move into the world and act in the world according to this offspring. That creates the second dance, the outer dance, where the offspring of the marriage of the inner masculine and inner feminine learns how to survive in the world in which it finds itself. This dance is where we begin to access the true depth and breadth of our creative power. The survival of that offspring will change the world we inhabits. It is here we learn a third dance as to how to both be the creator of the experiences we have and the reality of those experiences. It is here we moves to, and act form, the source/Source of our being and the source/Source of creation/Creation. It is here the creator/Creator and the creation/Creation are one/One. It is were we experience consciousness/Consciousness at play with itself/Itself.

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