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Feminine path to create a gentle phoenix


Essential four steps for a gentle phoenix experience

The influence of physical reality


Introduction (Top)


The essence of the feminine path to create a gentle phoenix is to simply follow what we feel and what is true for us reflected in our body wisdom, intuitive guidance and internal knowing without the use of any external reference. That is, we follow our own truth wherever it leads and in whatever form it takes. It is to simply stay focused on the feeling we wish to be the center of our life and create in life around that feeling. It is to use the feeling as a seed from which a life unfolds. It is to make our decisions in life to choose those actions that carry us toward that feeling to be ever present in our life in all that we do.


This path requires us to surrender to the flow of energy giving arising from the intention we hold to manifest our desired creation. It is to become open to feeling and surrender to the feeling and to learn to navigating from the heart. To do the we need to become open to feeling and the awareness of the body and what it feels and to use the awareness which lies in feeling.


Since the feminine path aligns with the nurturing aspects of Creation, it is inherently faster, easier and gentler than the masculine path. But there several things which make this path difficult for many to face. The feminine path requires surrender. Surrender, of course, is not something our mind likes to do and mind tend to fight this path.  However, to do this we must stay focused. To remain focused we must be very mindful and aware of our  thoughts, feelings and the decisions we make in life. Most are unable to retain such a focus unless they have an exceptional passion and desire to create a life around that feeling. Few have such passion. 


Secondly, all our life most have been taught to follow external authorities to one degree or another. In this regard most of us have developed the habit of looking outward for guidance rather than inward. The feminine path requires us to follow our own truth and an inner authority. This again, goes against what mind has been taught to believe and the habits we created. 


Thirdly we need to be open to feeling. We need to be open to some of the deepest feelings we will ever experience. Being open to deep feelings cause two issues to arise. One is facing the pain of the past and why we have raise the threshold on what we feel. The other is the deep feelings we will need to experience often lie beyond the deep feeling of sex and sexuality. Hence we need to be able to move past sex.  Facing our sexuality is often difficult for most and even more challenging to move past it. This is not about denying our sexuality in any way. It is to literally move past the sex into what we feel to access the awareness which lies in feeling. Hence, these issues tend to divert us from this path and the feminine path is difficult to use unless there is someone to hold us accountable to what exactly we are trying to create.


The feminine path is made available through our intuitive guidance and body wisdom, and not through what our mind thinks. We must surrender to the feminine aspect of our being and to the lead of our intuitive guidance. As a creative endeavor, creating a gentle phoenix is not something on which mind will be able to provide the guidance we need. We must learn to follow and honor our intuitive guidance. We can use the lessons learned of others but ultimately our journey will be unique.


However, surrendering and following the lead of our intuitive guidance is very difficult to do for any creative endeavor that extends over a period of time. Most only use their intuitive guidance for flashes of insight about a given particular topic or situation. Most do not know how to use it as a long term navigational device as used in our internal compass for duration of a long journey. Rather, mind continually steps in with it fears of the past and/or it judgments about what it thinks needs to happen. Additionally the mundane of the world will continually interject itself pulling us away from any creative endeavor we may be pursing. Here again, the assistance of another to hold us accountable as to what we desire to create is most helpful on the feminine path.


                                   Essential four steps for a gentle phoenix experience (Top)


The following four steps are the essential four steps we need to take we hope to create a gentle phoenix. Others things we can do are discussed in the topic, "Things that can be done to help create a gentle phoenix,@ and the "Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix.@


The first step after choosing to create a phoenix  is to calibrate our internal compass. This step may need to be repeated periodically as we open ourselves to feeling. As we open ourselves to feeling, we can begin to discern subtle feelings that were masked by the pain of life. In the awareness of the ability to discern the subtle feelings, we may find our whole experience of certain past situations and their meaning change. Calibrating the internal compass is relatively easy and can be iterated as clarity is obtained and as often as necessary to refine the calibration. However, facing the pain of the past to open ourselves to what we feel to  lower our threshold for feeling can be quite difficult and intense.  


The second step is to learn to become mindful and aware of both what we are feeling and the thoughts we have in any given moment.  We need to learn to be able to pull the string on any given thought or feeling we have and look to its origins and to see from where the thought or feeling arises. It particular we need to be aware of when insights arise and break through the "background@ thoughts and/or feelings we have because of what we are doing. These insight are like flashes of lightening that seem to come from out of nowhere to light our path. We need to learn to be attentive enough to recognize them no matter what we are doing and be able to capture the information they contain. If we are attentive and aware, when the flash of insight occurs, we can see the path we need to take before us.


This step is not so easy. One reason is the needs of the mundane world keep interjecting themselves to capture our attention.  Here the assistance of another can be most useful to both observe us in our actions and to query us as to what we are thinking and feeling to help us to learn to pull the string on any given thought or feeling.


The answer to stay focused seems to be to go and learn to stay focused with some type and kind of discipline. However, the discipline is not as important and just knowing how to discipline oneself to develop and keep a single point focus.  The discipline could be learning a musical instrument, learning martial arts, learning to meditate. Unfortunately, learning discipline comes with baggage. That is, whatever we use to develop the discipline tends to become the end in itself rather than the discipline becoming a tool to use to simply remain focused.


What is not understood is mind will generate thoughts based on its belief structure. In learning a discipline, any discipline, what mind learns in learning the discipline reprogram mind. In reprogramming mind the thoughts mind generates from the energy it experiences in life becomes different. That in turn causes the mind to direct the individual more toward the philosophy of life behind the discipline they learn rather that keeping focused on the feeling they wish to create.


To create a life around a feeling we wish to have is to enter the unknown and requires us to stay focused on the feeling wherever it leads. It is not about following any approach to life or the thoughts we have. It is to stay focused on the feeling and becoming true to the feeling in all ways and all that we do.


If we want to live life in freedom, we need to stay focused on the feeling of freedom in all that we do and grow a life around that feeling of freedom. Similarly, if we want a orgasmic life, we need to stay focused on the feeling within the orgasmic experience and not become distracted by sex or sexuality where most find the orgasmic feeling.  What people don=t understand is the blossoming of our own creative spirit is an orgasmic experience and we can experience an orgasmic life if we so choose and remain focused. However, to stay focused on a feeling is very difficult to do for there is so much we feel in life and about life and we are continually distracted by the mind and all that thoughts it has.


What takes us away from staying focused on creating a life based on a particular feeling is the mind and all that distracts mind. So the issue becomes how do we train mind to keep focused. Or alternatively said, how do we reprogram mind so that the thoughts it generates tend to be supportive of what we desire to create. This then takes us to the need for a different perspective about life. In particular, a perspective about life that causes thoughts to be generate that support the life we desire to live. A creativity perspective where we hold our creativity sacred helps us to do this.


Learning to meditate seems to be the best answer to develop the necessary discipline for it does teach an aspect of becoming mindful and aware of what passes through the mind. But becoming mindful and aware is not about learning to meditate. Meditation can be used to learn to sit and observe our thoughts and our feelings but its usefulness ends there. Meditation itself is a distraction as to what needs to be learned and accomplished for two reasons. The first reason is that any mediation that is taught tends to come with a philosophy and an approach to life. That philosophy and approach to life then takes over as the point of focus and the individual gets pulled of the journey they originally set out to take.


The second issue with meditation  is that what one will come to see is that once we are able to discern and capture any particular thought or feeling to pull the string on its origins, we will have to surrender to where pulling that string takes us. That means moving internally or externally as pulling the string requires. Many are quite surprised at where pulling the string on a thought or feeling takes us. To attempt to stay in a meditative posture when pulling the string will break the string. Pulling the string requires surrender.


The third step is to capitalize on the first two. We need to look to whatever thought or feeling on which we focus our attention and awareness to feel it to see if it will leads us away or toward what we desire to create. That is, does the thought or feeling seem to direct us toward an expansion of our being, does it cause us to somehow shrink and contract, or is it neutral. There are no really neutral thoughts and feelings relative to what we desire to create. It is just that what we perceive as neutral has a flow of energy that lies below the threshold of what we allow ourselves to feel. Or, our mind is woefully inadequate at interpreting the direction of the flow of energy of the thought or feeling relative to what we desire to create such that is sees no direction. More often than not it is a combination where our threshold is too high and we don=t have the necessary minimum set of experience to understand what we sense and to realize how high our threshold is set.


However, if we are really intent on creating a gentle phoenix in our life, we can look at any thought or feeling we have that appears to be neutral and pursue why we perceive it as neutral. This is to know everything in Creation has a flow. Without the movement of energy, there is no Creation to observe. So we know there is a flow of energy to every thought and feeling we have. We can use this fact to pull the string as to why we experience a particular thought or feeling as neutral. 


The fourth step is to learn to navigate from the heart with a single point focus.  That is, to allow the feeling for what we desire to create to lead our life and have mind attend to the details to make it happen and not allow the mundane world to distract us from our effort. It is to allow our intuitive guidance to tell us where we need to go or what we need to do. Then look to see how to safely act on what our intuitive guidance provides. Here, rituals, ceremonies, metatheater and the like can be very useful where we cannot literally act on what our intuitive guidance provides for whatever reason. Here we need to at least honor what we receive and not deny it. In honoring our intuitive guidance in some way, we keep the lines of communication open. If we begin to deny and not act on what our intuitive guidance provides, it will stop providing the necessary information and we will become lost and distracted by the mundane and external worlds.


Key to surrendering as required in navigating from the heart is to know exactly to what we need to surrender. It is not about doing what mind thinks it needs to do or follow. Rather it is about following a particular feeling that is unique to the creation we desire to manifest. To do this we need to be able to discern what we feel and learn to single out and align with, and follow, a unique feeling competing with everything else we feel.


More often than not, these four steps will cause us to enter one or more significant creative endeavors of relatively long duration  The creative endeavors may, or may not, be a creative endeavor and/or a relationship with another so as to produce some type and kind of offspring of the relationship. Often our mind may think the creative endeavor or creative endeavors to which we are drawn are about setting up some type and kind of business such that what we do takes the form of creating business adventure to make money.  However, the real purpose of the creative endeavors most probably will not be a business of the mundane or social world although they may be. Rather, the creative endeavor will be about accessing and moving to do the business of our life and what we incarnated to do in, and with, our life. The creating is what is accessing the business of our life. What we create is often far less important. More often than not what we are creating will become a distraction if we focus on what we create as being what is important.


Common examples of creative endeavors were we are lead to access the business of our life is to create by oneself or with another or others a workshop, write a book, create a new product for the purposes of marking, create a foundation or education center, create a business of some type and other similar marketable creative endeavors. Or, in some cases when physical sex is involved, it may be simply creating a physical child.  However, although what mind sees produced as something to market and/or create a business, it is really about accessing a creative ability and creative power not previously accessed. What is produced is only the vehicle used to access something which needs to come out of us. Often there is a disappointment because the business does not work or the relationship does not survive. Yet it is not the business that is important. It is what is access in the process of creating the business. That is, the business of our life unfolds in some way.


On this point, when individuals pursue accessing deep creative powers to recreate an aspect of their life, it is not uncommon for people to get pulled into sexual affairs that create havoc in one=s life current life if not produce a physical offspring. If one looks carefully, they can come to see the sexuality and even the child is only the vehicle used to make the necessary shift. It is here a variety of issues come to play. Sometimes the sexuality is only about creating the necessary energy to shift  our life. Other times the sexuality is about the offspring which is created, physical or otherwise. Here the issue becomes being sufficiently aware to follow the energy and not get lost in the sexuality and/or what it causes to occur in our life. The issues of sexuality and our creativity is discussed in to topic, "Sexuality and Creativity - Creative Sexuality@


The influence of physical reality (Top)


Following the four steps as outline above is easier said than done. As discussed above, in addition to being drawn into a creative endeavor and misreading what the creative endeavor is all about, there are a variety of things which can arise distract and divert our efforts to create a gentle phoenix Mind is, in particular, our biggest problem. The topic, "Things that can be done to help create a gentle phoenix@ discuss some of the things that can help keep mind occupied and how with making the fours steps above a little easier by addressing some of the issues encountered in implementing the four steps. 


However, to create and have a optimum gentle phoenix, we must learn how to use the body and what it feels.  That is a challenge unto itself. The topics, "Key to the optimum gentle phoenix@ provides a starting point for learning how to use the body for creating the optimum gentle phoenix. The topics  AAn awareness in the body@ also provides information in this area.


Additionally, creation/Creation is not done alone. To create a gentle phoenix, the issue is for someone to gives us the space for our creative spirit to be free. It is to create the space for another to become free. The question is, "Who is willing give to the creation what is needed and not  what they want to give and how do we find them?@


Related to this last comment of needing another, there will be many who do not support our efforts for whatever reason that may be given.  Here there is the need for compassion. It is compassion that will allow for a gentle phoenix. It is a compassion that understands no matter what our mind thinks and how it judges an individual or a situation they create, that each of us are doing the best we can with what we have been given. We, as others,  have not been given the understanding or the tools to do any better. If we had the tool and understood how to use them, we would be different. Just because we or another have been told something does not mean we understand what we have been told and are capable of translating what we have been told into an appropriate action. In this  compassion we are willing to let go of all that we think others have cause us, done to us, or are doing to us. How we obtain such a compassion is to choose to have. It is to ask what we would do if we walked in the other=s shoes. Would we really respond any differently? Thinking we would respond differently is very different than actually being in the experience and having to find a way to act.


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