Masculine path to create a gentle phoenix


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Masculine path to create a gentle phoenix


Variation #1 - the way of mind

Variation #2 - using the lessons learned of others

Variation #3 - a combination of #1 and #2 in whatever way we wish

Unavailable of the optimum gentle phoenix


Introduction  (Top)


The masculine path to create a gentle phoenix is where we do what our mind thinks needs to be done. This approach actually takes us more and more away form a gentle phoenix because in following mind we are not releasing our attachments to become like the wind.  However, if done properly, it can create the conditions for the Ultimate Accident, were we stumble into the understanding which will give rise to a gentle phoenix.


The masculine way to create a gentle phoenix is really about create the conditions to stumble into Ultimate Accident. Then, in the awareness of the Source to see the truth depth and breadth of the creative ability and creative power available to us.  The bottom line on this approach is to create the experience of freedom in the experience of the Source.  Then hold the feeling of freedom and allow ourselves to return to our mind and see what we feels in being trapped by our mind as discussed in the topic,  "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind.@. The difference in feeling gives as the understanding as to how captive we are and where we are not free to become like the wind.


It needs to be realized that in a true creative endeavor, mind does not have the necessary minimum set of experience to create what we desire. It is of limited value. Even if we use all the lessons learned of others available to us, our path is unique. Whatever mind thinks is necessary may, or may not, be appropriate for our unique situation. Mind will always cause many false starts.


In fact, our mind and what we think and believe is the primary obstacle to creating a gentle phoenix. The trick is to get out of mind. It will continually try and divert us or keep us from the feminine approach and surrendering to flow of energy. However, if we keep mind occupied in doing and creating things which the lessons learned indicate can help create a gentle phoenix, mind will assisting the effort as oppose to diverting our attention. It is this fact which really gives rise to the masculine path. The masculine path is not really the path to create a gentle phoenix so much as it is a path to increase the possibility of stumbling into the Ultimate Accident. In having the Ultimate Accident, we can come into the awareness as to what needs to be done to create a gentle phoenix. The masculine path is really about occupying mind in creating a critical number of mutually supportive activities that allow for the Ultimate Accident.


As discussed in the topic, "Origins of the concept of the masculine path to create a gentle phoenix@ the masculine path basically follows the path the author took to come to the of the existence of a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor. It provided the information as to how to create a gentle phoenix that is available to us. The feminine path is the path the author uses to guide others in their creative endeavors which arose from what was access in the Ultimate Accident.  The feminine path is used to guide others because it is inherently faster, easier and gentler than the masculine path. However, there are some things encountered on the feminine path that arise that can be quite terrifying to individuals. Hence the masculine so mind is comfortable at remaining in control.


Actually, there are several variations of the masculine path. The variations are based on how our mind chooses to remain in control.


Variation #1 - the way of mind  (Top)


The way we create with our mind is that we have an idea of what we want to experience and the create a life around that idea and we end up doing it one of two ways. One way is that we go through a series of trial and error experiences until figure out how to manifest our idea. The other ways is to have a complete and integrated philosophy of life and a way to view Creation that allows us to continually mentally choose in the direction of our idea.


To create an idea with a complete and integrated philosophy of life and a way to view Creation is the basis of religion and any "holy@ book or spiritual tradition. It is to follow what is within this book/tradition at the exclusion of all else including what we feel in our body, what we feel about life, what we feel  in life, what we feel about another. It is to believe and the "holy@ book will give us what we seek. It is to continually mentally choose in favor of the directions provided by the  "holy@  book or tradition.


In this approach, the mind is programmed or reprogrammed to follow the  "holy@  book or some type and kind of teacher, master or the like. It has been observed it often takes years to be accomplished in knowing any  "holy@ book or tradition whether or not it works as desired. Some spend years learning the way of a  "holy@ book or tradition only to find it does not work for what they desire to create. Others find a few words or lines that seem to work everywhere in their life such that they believe everything else in the "holy@ book must work never testing its truth.


The problem we face here is two fold. One is that in whatever book and tradition that we use is that it usually only covers a portion of life or certain aspects of life. The reason for this is any book or tradition is created for a given time and given place. Those who create it pass. Those how follow do not, and cannot, have the perspective of those who create the book or tradition. They can=t. Each of us are unique as are all our experiences. We each are a world unto ourselves.


Life, however, continually draws us into activities where the holy book or tradition is silent or the guidance it provides does not fully cover the situation. To make our decision we then us some other related or unrelated set of beliefs that, if they do not directly oppose the  holy book or tradition, simply direct us in a direction not in totally alignment with the book or tradition. Often the differences or non alignment seem insignificant but they lead to separation within our being and an unfulfillment for we do not experience a wholeness within our being.


The second problem is that it takes years to learn a  "holy@ book or tradition and to live our life based on that book or tradition. In some ways we cannot get on with living our life appropriately until we learn all that we need to learn. Yet, as described a the first problem, any book or tradition cannot and will not cover all that we will face in life. There needs to be a very clear internal guidance system that will allow us to say focused when the we out run, or step outside, the book or tradition.


The only thing that we will always have is feeling. What is in mind will change. What we feel doesn't really change that much. Hunger feels like hunger. Being tired feels like being tired. Burning our finger on a hot stove feels like burning a finger on a hot stove. The longing in the heart always feeling like a longing in the heart.  There may be great variations in what we feel because of how we are experiencing the situation. Nevertheless, what we feel doesn't change in the way how and what we think and believe changes.


The creativity perspective and the recommendation to hold our creativity sacred provide a way to work with the approach used in any "holy@ book or traditional approach. But it also had the added value to an internal compass to always carry our reference system with us wherever we go or whatever we face. We look and use the feeling of the fullness of being and whether or not we feel a growth and expansion and the free unfoldment of our creative spirit within our being or the collapse and shrinking of our inner awareness.


The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material is directed to provide a way to view and see life, a creativity perspective, where our creativity held sacred and we are able to create life based on a feeling of freedom, fullness of being and inner satisfaction that never runs dry. That is, a mental perspective on life that allows what we desire to feel to be the center point of our life and guide us in life. It is to combine both paths into an integrated whole so that we have a way to know where to go when we outrun the mental guidance.


The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and the Alternative View and Alternative Way provide a way to reprogram ourselves with an understanding as to how to create a life based on a particular feeling - that is the feeling of the freedom of our creative spirit to create whatever it incarnated to do. It allows for an inner satisfaction in all that we do in and with our life for we fulfill why we are here.


What is now very clear is how our intentions and fears create our experiences. But they are often very subtle in how they do it.  We fail to see how our thinking, intentions and fears at our deepest levels are creating our experiences.  We can see the consequences of our conscious decisions and conscious fears but we fail to see the consequences of our fears and deeper thoughts and what lies within our body memories.  Yet, they are nevertheless powerful creators.


Hence, the first variation of the masculine path. Do whatever our mind wants to do but hold our creativity sacred and look to see what we do in life to allow the creativity to grow and unfold. As we do so, adopt a perspective that allows us to hold our creativity sacred. The recommendation is to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. If what we use allows us to hold our creativity sacred and allows for it grown and expansion, use it. If not, find something which does.


Variation #2 - using the lessons learned of others  (Top)


Based on the lessons learned from others, the following tasks are suggested for mind to undertake to move toward creating a gentle phoenix.


Explore our own truth: Very few social, religious or spiritual traditions provided beliefs at to what it means to be a human being that really allow us how to access the depth and breadth of the creative ability and creative power we have available to us. Most of us are like the eaglet and lion cub discussed in the topic the "Human Condition as seem from the creativity perspective.@  Most of us are enculturated to believe ideas and concepts that either render our inherent creativity inactive, rob us of our creative power and even castrate our inner masculine. Few are taught that we each have an inner masculine and inner feminine that need to come to maturely if we are going to access our charisma, the gift we incarnated to give and/or obtain an inner satisfaction that never runs dry.


We each need the space and freedom to explore our own truth and to access the inner nurturing feminine creative energy and to nourish that truth. This is best done starting out small with simple exercises and/or creative endeavors. These initial exercises and/or creative activities are about introducing ourselves to facets of creativity we have either not previously experienced or in which we have spend little time dabbling. For example, it could be to exploring drawing, painting, playing an instrument, baking, woodworking and the like if we have never pursue such activity. Hobbies are not necessarily what is being discussed here. The idea is to explore aspects and areas of our being which we never really previously accessed. What we do, such as drawing, painting and the like, are only the vehicle we use to access those unexpressed pats of our being.


Similarly, we could attend a creativity workshop or similar creative activities to become exposed to different types and kinds of creative activities. These activities would be overlaid with teaching or introducing concepts essential to understanding the creative process and how we create our experiences.  On this point, this is why creating life map can be so powerful an experience. It addresses many aspect of our creativity and our truth  It calls upon our creative ability and the discussion of what we experienced as to how to reframe the experiences we had allows us to see how we create our experiences.


Then, as we begin to understand what really gives us a fullness of being, inner satisfaction and/ that which give us life we can move into deeper and more complex activities. As we go deeper we can begin to see the barriers around our creative  freedom. We can being to identify and explore what keeps our creativity captive and go to deeper feeling to under what truly serves.  The overall goal her is to go deep enough into our own truth to know what serves and does serve our being. We need to come to know and understand the feeling of what serves and doesn't serve.


Explore where creative power really lies: After we explore our creativity, get some understanding of our truth, and know the feeling of what serves us, we can begin to explore where true creative power lies.  As discussed in the topic, "Feeling and Creative Power/creative power@ our creative power lies in what we feel. Without the feeling to act, we will not act. The question is, "Where does the power of creation/Creation lie and how much of that power resided within our own being?@


To explore the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power we each need to be provided the opportunity and the space to address our concept of God and its relationship to the creative powers of Creation and our creative powers. We also need to look at other things in our life which may rob us of our creative power such as our concepts and understanding about sexuality, pain, and fear, in particular, fear of pain.


It this phase what also needs to be introduced is that when we are creating, is when we should be talking to the creator/Creator of Creation. A chemist or a physician talks differently to another chemist or physician than a lay person. In our creative activities we can begin to talk to the creator/Creator in a one to one relationship creator to creator/Creator. It is a dialog with our inner self and the infinite nonconscious that is one with all of Creation. Quite powerful insights are gained in this dialog and we also begin to better understand the language and symbols of our inner world and  and how our intuitive guidance really works


In this phase it is appropriate to create some type and kind of  ritual/ceremony based on what has been revealed in the creative activities, what is revealed in the dialog with the creator/Creator and revealed in our own mind. The ritual/ceremony should function as an  initiation into our own power. That is, we use the rituals as an initiation and to get in touch with the deep feelings and the energy at the deepest levels of being. In doing so, we only need an awareness of what do to with the feelings that are accessed and how to direct them. This, of course, requires understanding and a perspective.  It is here a deeper level into the gentle transformation is possible if we can use the awareness of the body and what our intuitive guidance provides as what we need to do, 


It needs to be emphasized here, there needs to be a context and understanding for what is really being accessed within our being or the memories and hauntings from the past pain and fears surface to control the process. The context and understanding is provided by the perspective we hold. We need  a perspective which allows us to see the true depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power. The topic "Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix,@ provides a starting point to explore some ideas and concepts to begin to develop such a perspective.


Awaken the inner feminine to excite the inner masculine: Within each of us, male and female alike,  is an inner masculine aspect and an inner feminine aspect. The mature inner masculine allows us to live our own truth in the world true to ourselves. If the inner masculine does not support our truth, we live in the expectation of others. Many have their inner masculine essentially castrated early in their life such that they never learn to become aware of their own truth let alone live it. If the inner masculine does not support our truth, the inner feminine never matures to excite the inner masculine to thrust our truth into the world. Additionally, rather than nurturing the offspring of the marriage of the mature inner masculine and the mature inner feminine to manifest our charisma, the inner feminine nurtures whatever is directed from the outside world at the expense of her own health since she is not protected by the mature inner masculine.


The inner masculine and inner feminine must learn to support each other. The inner feminine needs the inner masculine to defend and support our truth and the inner feminine needs to excite the inner masculine to thrust out in our truth. When the inner feminine properly nurtures the inner masculine, it become excited to both protect and  live our truth in the world. That protection then allows the inner feminine to mature. A mature inner masculine fully capable of living and express our truth in the world and a mature inner feminine nourishing that action of the male create an offspring that unfold as our charisma and the gift we incarnated to give. The maturation of the inner feminine is necessary to nurture the offspring to develop and be birth into the world to grow and unfold. The mature inner feminine supplies the energy and nurtures the creation that unfolds in the world from our truth. Without the maturation of the inner masculine and inner feminine we never live up to the full potential we have to offer. The more we live our truth in the world the more both the inner masculine and inner feminine are able to mature.


If the inner feminine is unable to excite and nurture the inner masculine, it will look outside itself to the external world for that individual to provide the nurturing it desires. Similarly, if the inner feminine is not protected and supported by the inner masculine to be able to nurture our truth, she will look externally for what she does not find internally. However, neither the inner masculine or inner feminine will find what they desire and need in the external world. Rather they will have a deep inner longing that cannot be satisfied by the external world. It can only be satisfied by the maturation of is internal compliment.


Each needs some time and space to protect and nurture our truth and be given the space for it to unfold. We nurture our truth and help the inner masculine and inner feminine to mature by creating something unique to ourselves or at least go after creating something. It is not about creating something others will accept, creating something useful or something that can be marketed. It is about simply creating from the truth of our being. It is about simply allowing the depth and breadth of our creative ability and creative power to come forth and bring something new into the world. In many ways drawing a life map is a good starting point for it allows us to review many of the reason why we have not freely and creatively expressed ourselves in the past. It also allows us to see where we have previously suppressed our truth


Look to develop the non localized aspect of our awareness: In the same way energy has a wave aspect and a particle aspect, we each have a localize aspect and a non localized aspect to our awareness.Usually our awareness is localize such that it perceives reality as looking outward into the physical world through our five senses.  However, it is possible to localize our awareness into any aspect of Creation. Our problem is more often than not, our mind does not have the minimum set of experience to fully or accurately understand what it perceives. Typically we attribute what we see at such times to a wild or overactive imagination and dismiss what we are capable of knowing.


The non localized aspects of our awareness is the basis of our intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and second knowing. We consciously can access the non localized aspects of our awareness by focusing on what we feel and sense through our body and within our being and looking to access the awareness which lies in feeling. It is to place our attention on what we feel and direct our localized awareness to look into the feeling.  Mind will then furnish the best understanding it has as to what exactly we are sensing. Although the accuracy of mind=s interpretation may be questionable, the energy we sense which gives rise to the feeling is accurate. With practice, we can being to understand were our mind is inaccurate and learn how to work with the energy itself.


In series or parallel to the activities we do to Explore our own truth, Explore where creative power really lies, and Awaken the inner feminine to excite the inner masculine in the three steps above, we need to work to develop the our intuitive guidance and body wisdom. The best way to develop of intuitive guidance and body wisdom are to play with them. It is not about training them or ourselves as we would work at an exercise program to develop certain muscles. It is more about become aware or what we feel and what we sense and then learning to focus our awareness into what we feel and see what arises. 


The best way to start is to do things that stimulate the body senses and body activity. Although sexuality is a good way to stimulate the sensations of the body, we initially probably want to stay away from things sexual so that the we can learn what the body senses independent of any other. Sexuality is ultimately about mixing energy and we introduce feelings which tend to complicate discerning what exactly we are feeling.  The activities we pursue should include physical activities and specific things to addresses the senses of hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell.


The goal is to learn how our body responds to known stimuli and increasing the types and kinds of things that we have sensed. In doing so, we increase the range of mind's capability to properly characterize an unknown energy.  In doing these stimulations, we should also explore the judgments of the mind as to what we like and don=t like and pull the string as to why. In knowing the preferences of our mind, we will also come to understand how and why our mind will refuse to characterize certain types and kinds of things we sense with our non localized awareness. Whether we realize it or not, there are things our mind avoids and does not allow us to see.


In particular, mind does not like to see and characterize things that it fears, will cause it to lose control, or otherwise cause it to experience what it does not want to experience. Only in working with our non localized awareness and the preferences of our mind will we being to see this and how powerful and illusion mind can create.  It needs to be understood, there is a price to pay for any creative effort. Because of the nature of the creative process and what it means to create, there is a sacrifice and an experience of chaos


What needs to be sacrificed cannot be known before hand at the start of our effort. But we can begin to see what needs to pass from our life as we move along to create what we desire. For example, we may not see a water fall on the river on which we are floating when we start our journey down the river. But we can begin to see the water as we move closer to it. However, we could have anticipated the waterfall if we realized that we are flowing to the sea we see off in the distance and we are on top of a high mountain. In some way, the water will flow down hill. We may not know the exact path and whether or not there are just series after series of rapids or calmness between water fall after water fall. So too events in our life. There are many things our mind can know about any creative journey but is just does not want to see what we will face. If it did, it would be too frightened or be too annoyed and/or angry at its loss of control.


It is here we can play a mind trick the opens our non localized awareness. If what we create will somehow be offered to others with no expectation of gain for ourselves, our mind become much less attached to the creative process it will need to face.  It is here whatever we create should somehow be offered to others.  Either what we create is for others and not ourselves or we give to others what we have found. It is in giving we open ourselves to the flow from the Source and we become a pass through for the Source.  As a pass through we do not hold to what passes through nor does our mind and ego attached to it in any way.


It needs to be understood, we cannot hold what comes from the Source or control it with our mind. The Source is infinite and we are finite. If we try and hold what we access, we will destroy ourselves in some way and/or keep ourselves in separation. However, we can be a pass through. If we allow what is in us that is coming out of us in the form of our creativity and somehow direct it to another or others without expectations, we become a pass through. We can literally experience the Source within and sustain what we found. We kill it when we try and hold it in some way or control it and/or attach our mind and ego to what we experience. In fact, this is the primary reason why much of this material is made free and placed on the web. In doing so, the conscious connection to the Source and the awareness of the Source remains unbroken.  It evaporates when mind steps in someway judging and/or placing expectations on what is accessed.


So too using the non localized aspects of our awareness to see what lies in what we feel. In being a pass through for the energy and not identify with the energy as part of our body or our being, including the pain we may feel, we can see and know things about its our source and origins and where it is flowing. We can literally be outside time and space.


Explore our creative imagination and create the space of creative freedom: All of what we create, including the life we live, starts in our creative imagination . Our creative imagination is where we generate the thoughts and ideas that we hold and eventually manifest as experiences in our life. If we cannot be free in our own creative imagination, especially to explore and pursue any and all options, we will robbing ourselves of the most powerful component of our creative ability and creative power.


We each need to spend some time exploring our creative imagination  and look to see where we have place limits, boundaries, restriction and the like on what we think and believe. What is important abut our creative imagination it to know what we do not allow ourselves to explore. The key to our creative ability and creative power lies in holding our creativity sacred. To hold our creativity sacred is to allow all else to be malleable and changeable. If we cannot hold our creativity sacred and give ourselves permission to explore and play with any and all options in our creative imagination we are binding our creative spirit and putting it in a cage of our own making. Only we have the key to that cage. It make take another to show us how we have bound and locked our creative spirit and it may take another to show us how and where we have placed the lock. But only we can open the cage and let our creative spirit out.


The goal in this phase is to explore our creative imagination  and the concept of creative play. It is to look to see how free we are to play in our own creative imagination.  It is then to take what we find and move from the realm of the imagination into the world of form through ritual, meta-theater and the like. This allows us to get a feel for what it will require to take what we find so exquisite in our creative imagination into reality. Rituals, ceremonies, meta-theater and the like allows us to experiment with what we find in our creative imagination and make it physical real in some way without casting in a form that cannot be changed. Rituals, ceremonies, meta-theater and the like allow us to experiment and experience different things in Physical Creation without causing what we experience in a way that binds our energy.  If and when we find something that truly serves us in the rituals, ceremonies and meta-theater, we can think look for ways to make it a key part of the life we live. 


To begin to really creatively play, we  will start with the creative imagination  and allow ourselves to play with our own thinking. This is more about playing games with ourselves in our own mind. Once we are somewhat free to play in our mind, we can  then begin to face our beliefs and play with beliefs. We can look to a set of beliefs that serve us and hold our creativity sacred.


We then can move on to "not doing@ exercises. It is to do and be different than we normally are to know we are more than what we think and believe about ourselves.  It is to come to learn and understand, with a little work, we can become like another. Whether we ultimately enjoy the role that any other plays is not the issue. The issue is we can become them if we so choose. "Not doing@ exercises allow us come to understand this. 


Along with the "not doing@ exercises we can move into rituals, meta-theater and the like. It is to move into making the creative imagination  real. It is about creating real experiences in a non binding way to see what they feel like and to be aware of the feelings we have while doing them. It is about becoming mindful and aware while we are engaged in activity.


Create a safe and secure space to freely express the truth we discover: Having explored our truth and the freedom of our own creative imagination , we will have to bring that truth into the world.  Here we need to look to see the ways that allow our truth to come out and express itself, true to itself in the word. It is also about learning how to regain an innocence and spontaneity in play. Namely, playing at freely manifesting our truth in the spontaneous and innocence of childlike play.


The goal in all of this is to allow ourselves to establish in our own mind what it feels like to be served and not served by what they believe, think and do.  These efforts focus ourselves to understand  whatever we do, we should be aware of what causes us have a fullness of being, fullness of life, a feeling of freedom,  a desire to engage life, and creates life within us and allows for an expansion of who and what we are. As infinitely creative beings with an unlimited creativity what we do should allows us to continually expand our awareness of who and what are and of what we are capable of creating. Ideally, we should be in wonderment and Aah@ at what our own creativity can produce.


This whole effort is to know what feelings serves us at the deepest levels of our being. In knowing this we can move through any facet of life including the deepest feelings of sexuality and not become trapped.  If we know what serves us, we will not become encumbered by anyone or anything for we will move only with people we know how can, and do, serve us. It needs to be noted there to serve us is not serving us in the context of being a servant to us. Rather, they serve us by allowing us to have experiences where we experience the fullness of our own being In knowing what serves and doesn't serve before engaging in life, we are free to move past any experience of life. When we engage in life, we would be free to play and it should be an expansion of our being and not be limiting and constraining in any way. In doing so, we access the proverbial Heaven, Kingdom of God, or Nirvana, here and now.


Develop ways to nurture our truth Once we access our truth and bring it out into the world in a safe and secure space, we will need a little time for it to become strong and stand on its own two feet so to speak.  Our truth needs to become strong enough to go into the world as a truth unto itself. 


We need to realize we live in a shared creation. Although we may be a world unto ourselves we are here in Physical Creation have agreed to abide by the rules of Physical Creation at some level of our being to have the human physical experience. No matter how much the world, those in the world and our own physical experiences tell us otherwise, Creation is magical enough for us to find a way to live that allows us to live our truth and others in our life to fully live their truth.  No one need to deny their truth for another. There is always a way to create such that each is served and nourished by the experiences we share. We only need to become creative enough to find that way. We can if we are willing to live our truth and give that gift of living our truth to another. That is, we give them the space to find and live their truth.


The goal is to come to know what feelings truly serves us and don=t serve us before we engage in life. If we know what serves us, we will not become encumbered by life for were will move only with people we know can serve us.  Most never get the opportunity to know what serves and doesn't serve them before they are asked to engage in life. Yet, we all come fully equipped to know what serves us and we can feel it. We only need to be open to what we feel to know.


The gentle phoenix is about have the space and means to allow ourselves to experiment with life to know what allows for, or gives us, a fullness of being, fullness of life, a desire to engage life, create life within our being and allows for an expansion of our being and an inner satisfaction that never runs dry. It is about giving ourselves a playful way of understanding what provides for the above within our being. Then when we engage in life or look to engage in life we can look to see if the people and what we do in life allows us to continue to create the space within to find freedom, and allows for us to grow and expand. Armed with this knowledge, we can have a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we undertake. With this knowledge we will find that we are lead to people and experiences who allow us to have the experiences we incarnated to have without become trapped in the experience or what happens. We will still experience pain in life but the pain will be different for we will know and understand the gift in pain and how to use it.


To help get started on creating the phoenix, in particular a gentle phoenix, in addition to what is provided here and/or to supplement what is provided here, the topic, "Things that can be done to help create a gentle phoenix@ are useful  It needs to be remembered, no matter how big a task we feel we have to transform ourselves it can be done. A journey of a thousand miles starts one step at a time and that is all you need to take - just one step at a time. We only need to continue to take one step at a time no matter what enters our life to try and take us away from the journey we chose.


Variation #3 - a combination of #1 and #2 in whatever way we wish  (Top)


Variation #3 is exactly as stated It is a combination of Variation number #1 to use some type of guidance document or tradition and the work the phases in Variation #2 in what ever way we wish. The recommendation as to the guidance you use to guide your life and actions is that it should direct you is to hold your creativity sacred and allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth. It is then to do whatever steps on Variation #2 and/or in the topic,  AThings that can be done to help create a gentle phoenix@ that seem to be effective at causing an expansion with your being such that you continually grow into a greater fullness of being and greater inner satisfaction. As long as your growth is toward an expansion, you will expand into the infinity of your own being and ultimately into the Source of Creation. In fact, you may even find yourself playing your way to the Source.


Unavailable of the optimum gentle phoenix (Top)


It needs to be emphasized mind interferes and tries to control what we feel. It does not like to surrender. Thinking can become an addiction so as to not to feel. The only hope of staying in mind is to do choose to do  sufficient number of activities which continually push our mind past its own limits and barriers to stumble into the Ultimate Accident.  In this regard, the mind robs us of the fastest, easiest and gentlest way possible in any creative endeavor. However, if we learn to work with mind and tame it, it can become a formidable ally in creating whatever we wish, including a gentle phoenix. It only need to understand when to surrender and support what the heart's desires. What has been provided here will help to tame the mind.


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