Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix


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Concepts and ideas to explore to create the conditions for a gentle phoenix
Results of an exploration into our creativity
Uniqueness of our being
The most creative state
A feminine approach
Two views of creation
At the most fundamental levels
Know and understand our true nature and/or the depth and breadth of our being
Our charisma, the gift of what is symbolized in our heart, and its unfoldment
That its mean for the creative spirit to be served by an activity in life
What it means to be imprisoned
Our understanding of creative power/Creative Power
Our understanding of pain
The Source of Creation lies within
The issue of sex

Relative the concepts and ideas that are beneficial to creating a gentle phoenix, it can be said all of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material and its applications are directed toward that end. However, it is necessary to do a little more that just accept another viewpoint on Creation. Whatever view we have, it must be our own and w e need to learn to live it and accept its implications. Hence the recommendations to allow effectiveness to be your measure of truth.

What is provide here are the more salient concepts and ideas that are recommended for consideration and contemplation to begin to develop your own perspective on Creation. After all, if we is going to live and freely express our truth, we will need a perspective on Creation that allows us to live and be that truth. The overall recommendations is for each look for a perspective or create a perspective that allows us to hold our creativity sacred but also allows us to live in, and meet the needs of, the mundane world in a way that does not deny our truth. The recommended is to allow effectiveness to be our measure of truth. Use what works for us and discard the remainder. So too with what you find in here and in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding and material. Use with is effective and discard the remainder.

Results of an exploration into our creativity  (Top)

As a result of an extended exploration into our creative ability and creative power and the nature of Creation at its most fundamental levels, it is concluded that we each are infinitely creative beings possessing an unlimited creativity to create our experiences and to create the reality we experience. We have only limited our unlimited creativity for the intended purpose of having certain types and kinds of physical experiences, in particular, the experience of being a human being in this time and place. How we do this is addressed in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding.

Uniqueness of our being  (Top)

Each of our mind are unique. No one has had the all the particular experiences we have had. Exactly what is in our mind is only known to us. No one can explore our mind other than us. From the creativity perspective, the recommendation is not to try and change our mind or our enculturation. Rather, it is to explore our own truth to know what is true for us as opposed to programming and enculturation we received and/or what we have come to believe about Creation, our life and who we are. Then, in those discoveries, the experiences themselves will cause our mind to change to become more reflective of a mind which represents our truth. It is much faster, easier and gentler than trying to use mind to change our mind.

The most creative state  (Top)

The most creative state of being - that is, the state of being in which the seeds and foundation for creating our experiences are laid - is characterized by spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration of ourselves and our world coupled with a calmness and relaxation within our being and a thought, idea or the like is injected in that calmness to take root. That thought, idea or the like inserted then grows like a seed guiding our action to pull from the unseen  the experiences we desire have to have and unfold a life based on that thought/idea.

The deeper the calmness and relaxation, the greater the thought takes root. The greater the breadth of calmness and relaxation cutting across our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being, the greater the thought takes root. The greater the depth and breadth of playfulness the greater the thought takes root.

If we are in a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play at each and every level of our being, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, and couple that childlike play in a relaxed and calm state of being spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, then interject an idea or thought, our whole world will shift to manifest that thought. In essence a seed is planted to recreate oneís life.

In essence, this is what happen to the author with the concept of a gentle phoenix and why the author remained in pursuit of finding how to do it and making it available to others for over twelve years. What needs to be understood is that creating a seed and growing a creation is a much different type and kind of experience than the normal way we attempt to create by having an idea and using mind to create it.

This is why childhood and childlike play are so important from a creativity perspective and things like meditation, hypnosis and the like are such powerful creative tools.

A feminine approach  (Top)

Creating a gentle phoenix, in essence, is based on the feminine approach to creating. It is to create a seed condition and a fertile space. It is to then plant that seed nurturing its needs so that it will take root and grow to bear fruit, namely a new life or new experiences based on the desired creation. Since we are creating something not previously experienced which is true for any true creative endeavor, our mind and its past experiences will be of little use in properly guiding how we nourish what is growing. Rather, we have to learn to feel what needs to be done.

We learn to nourish our creation by opening ourselves to feeling and using what is described in the process of complex integration. It is to discern the feeling of the creation we desire to experience when we play with options in our creative imagination . We then use that feeling as an internal compass to guide our action in life to determine by feel if we are moving toward our desired creation or away from it. We can feel an expansion within our being as we choose actions in our life which allow the seed to grow and unfold. We will feel a contraction or shrinking within our being if we are doing things or choosing actions which are either not nourishing our seed or harming the growth of the seed in some way.

The inner nurturing feminine creative energy is the key to the gentle phoenix and key to all our creation. We need to learn to consciously access the feminine nurturing creative energy within our being and nurture our own truth first. Then allow that truth grow within ourselves and to strike out when it become strong enough to live in the world. From that inner place, we can create the space for any another. They, in turn, can being to explore their truth in the freedom of their own play true to themselves as lead by their own intuitive guidance within what they choose to create. In following the truth of their own being and not listening to the truth of others they can create that gentle phoenix for their creative endeavors..

Two views of creation  (Top)

One observation in the exploration of creativity is that we do possess two ways to sense or view Creation - mind and heart, or better said, thinking and feeling. The observation is we need to learn to develop both to know what each is telling and us and then we need to learn to dance between the two views. If we focus on one or the other we will miss the truth of Creation.

It has been observed that most just do not know how to do the dance between the two views for most have never learned how to view Creation separately through each view to know what each is providing. We are taught how to use mind and most are frighten by what they feel deep within their being for there is often some pain in those deep levels. Mind only knows the past so it often has no way to really understand and characterize what we feel when we are sensing an unknown or previously unexperienced energy. Most never learn to develop the feeling side of their being. Those that do explore feeling and the sensate then to get trapped rather than looking at, and exploring, the awareness available within, behind or giving rise to the feeling.

Of course, what is stated here and what is stated about what keeps people from experiencing the Source of Creation within their own being , is from the observations and lessons learned from of the exploration into our creativity. It may not reflect your experiences or the experiences of others in your life. It has been observed to consciously feel the Source is overwhelming. Some feel they will explode like a balloon. Other see it falling into deep bottomless abyss. Other seen is as simply being overcome with an extremely warm feeling in the heart that will burn them up. Then again, some all it as the Kundalini and see it as awaking from the sexual organs moving upwards into an awareness about Creation. Then again, some see it as simply awakening long dormant sexual feelings and/or a passion for life and/or to create life. What each experiences is different.

Another observation is what we ultimate seek for joy and comfort in life, lies within our own heart and cannot be found outside of us. Once we attend to the basic physical needs for the body, what provides satisfaction in life that will never run dry lies within. It is here the issue of the inner and outer dance becomes most important. We need to look outside ourselves to meet the needs of the body and it survival but we need to focus within to see what really gives satisfaction. We tend to confuse the two.

Most form the habit of looking outside for what can only be provided from within. But a person will only see the truth of this when they have an experience of that Source that lies within. Then they will know. Until we have the experience all is only words and most of the words really donít make sense. So the question is, how does one get an experience of that Source that lies within. That of course takes us back feelings and the two views of Creation and to a safe and secure space. That is, a safe and sacred space to come to knows these two views and experience each independently and together so that one can learn to walk - going into and out of balance between each.

At the most fundamental levels  (Top)

At the most fundamental levels of Creation, Creation does not work the way our mind perceives it to work. Depending on how we choose to observer determines whether energy is perceive as a wave or a particle and or whether we experience our consciousness localized within our body or nonlocalized and capable of spanning the depth and breadth of creation. How we choose to observer is simply determined by how we consciously or nonconsciously have focused our attention and awareness. Each of us need to learn to work with this fact relative to the life we create.

Know and understand our true nature and/or the depth and breadth of our being. (Top)

To know and understand our true nature and/or the depth and breadth of our being we need to look to see what we known about who and what we are and why are there such difference in what humans think. It is said in the observation of identical twins that identical twins will have about fifty percent of their preferences the same and seemingly determined by the body and the identical genes. The other fifty per cent is unique to the individual. As for health, it appears to be about twenty five percent of the health issues are determined by genes. Whether or not these numbers are correct, there is the question, what is the real role of our body and what exactly is this other aspect we attribute to the mind, personality and the like.

To know and understand our true nature will require us to become intimate with our own being at each and every level of our being. This included becoming intimate with our body and what our mind. It requires us to become intimate with our needs versus our wants and what serves and doesnít serve our creative spirit and its free and unfettered unfoldment to create the experiences it incarnated to create.

Some will say it is an assumption that there is an intention for our life and experiences we incarnated to have. Or, that there is such a thing as a creative spirit which incarnated and this creative spirit is not the spirit of religious and spiritual traditions. But what has been observed from a creativity perspective and holding our creativity sacred, there is an  undercurrent to our lives. It is best described as a creative spirit and simultaneously a flow of energy - flips sides of the same coin so to speak. What gives rise to this undercurrent is most easily explained as an intention governing our life. It is also consistent with the way our conscious create its experiences by what we choose and do not choose to act upon in our life.

To become intimate with our creative spirit is to become intimate with our being. It is to become intimate with our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs. It is to provide for those needs in the way in which they need to be provided for if we are going to unfold true to our nature. It is not about giving what we think we need spiritually, mentally, emotionally or physically. It is giving what is truly needed. Sexuality is part of our being. It is an important part of our being and is related to the creation of life - both life within ourselves and the continuation of life. It is an aspect of our being that will need to be explored in a way that serves us and our creativity and does not deny and imprison our creative spirit. To deny our sexuality is to both deny the wisdom of the Creator and to deny and important and powerful creative power inherent to our being.

Our charisma, the gift of what is symbolized in our heart, and its unfoldment  (Top)

If we do not move past the limitation that mind can impose on us, our charisma can still be expressed but they will be less than they can be. In essence, it is like planting a tree where there is insufficient sunlight and nourishment. The tree may grow but it will never grow as big as it possible and it may never bear fruit for the conditions are not correct for it to mature. For example, the authorís charisma is about creating a safe space for an individualís creative spirit to become free even when an individualís mind think the author is threatening for he take individual into aspects of their thinking their mind doesnít want to go. His charisma was released in 1973. But it could not be sustained true to itself because of what he thought and believed about both himself, Creation and the unseen  energy of Creation. His charisma became a relative shallow expression of what was possible in twenty five years of in the area of nuclear, industrial and occupational safety and teaching people how to create safety in their lives, in the workplace and in society.

When it was re-released as result of the Ultimate Accident, it came out gain in a different way. But now it stayed out. The Ultimate Accident allowed his internal feminine nurturing creative energy to awaken and nurture the truth of his being. His truth was still focused on safety and to teach people how to create safety. But now it is about the safety of their creative spirit and what gives and sustains their life. In this way, he, as we all do, became the scarab, the dung beetle, a sacred symbol of ancient Egypt, and recycle our past. When our creative spirit is free to express itself we still use our previous talents and abilities. But we use them in a new way, a new expression of them. We use them in a much more expansive and encompassing, if not profound, way.

In many ways we can look what is within the body as a seed and that seed must be fertilized. Sexuality, and what we think and believe about sexuality, is the shell that keeps it confined must be penetrated and broken for what is inside to come out. That is, there is an inner masculine and inner feminine that must mate to fertilize the seed to grow into our charisma. However, two thing happen. One is the inner masculine and inner feminine must reach maturity to for the fertilization to occur. The second is our inner world gets reflected in our outer world and this includes the relationship of our inner masculine and inner feminine. Because we are taught to look outward, most look outward towards an external male or female to get what must come from the inner masculine or inner feminine. The external focus retards if not thwarts the development and maturity of the inner masculine and inner feminine. Hence, our sexuality, and what we think and believe about sex and sexuality become doorway. Rather than use what gets reflected externally to tell us what inner work is necessary, we get trapped in external relationship and never do the inner work.

In many ways it is why sexuality becomes an issue in adolescence. As the individual starts to become mature, sexuality raises it head as an issue to create a life for the individuals charisma be born and go out into the world to create the life the individual incarnated to live. However, the conditions to create the charisma have never been established for the inner masculine and inner feminine were never allowed to come to maturity in childhood. Rather than understanding the relationship of sexuality with our creative spirit and sexuality supplying the energy to create the life for the charisma to unfold, it is seen as more as a biological function. Individuals are not taught how to access the inner nurturing feminine creative energy and to create the conditions for truth of our being to be conceived, gestated and birth into the world. When our the inner masculine creative energy thrusts out into the world, rather than trusting from our own truth, we thrust out based on our enculturation. That causes us to look outward for that opposite or even same sex to fulfill what needed to be filled within.

Those, both males and females, who have not learned to nurture their truth looks for that feminine energy to nurture what they cannot do themselves. This, by the way is the conditions for most of us, even most of the females. Those who have not learn to nurture their truth and thrust into the world in their own truth look to an external authority figure to give them truth and tell them what to do. They look to God, a teacher, an social author, a parent, whatever, to tell us how to thrust. Most of us are like castrated bulls for our inner masculine is castrated early in life. That is, our inner masculine has never been allowed to grow and mature so we are lead by those whom seems to know better than us. When one learns to access their nurturing feminine creative energy to nurture their own truth and thrust out with the inner masculine in their truth, they become a light unto themselves. Many of us will need to recreate ourselves later in life to correct this condition if we ever desire to find the truth of our being and release our charisma.

Sexuality under the incorrect conditions keeps what is within the body captive. Sexuality under the correct conditions will release what is within the body and release untold gifts, talents and abilities Most important the individual will become a light unto themselves and function extremely will with an internal compass without the need of an external reference other than a point to which ground their energy or focus their creative efforts. But they will not be lead by the external focus. It will simply become a grounding point for their creative energy as an outer focus to express their charisma.

There are correct conditions for sexuality and incorrect conditions for sexuality. It has nothing to do with marriage, what society or religions says or anyone else can say. The correct conditions are unique to the individual and the individual must follow their intuitive guidance, body wisdom, and their own internal compass to create them. Most importantly, the correct conditions also depend on the intention one holds for what they desire to create in their life and with the other individual. The correct conditions will both activate and release our charisma and create the energy, a life, for this charisma to go out into the world. Although not correct for you, some observations about the conditions that seem to indicate the correct condition for sex are found in the topic, "Some observations on the correct conditions for sex."

What its mean for the creative spirit to be served by an activity in life  (Top)

For our creative spirit to be served by an activity in life means that the activity allows free unfoldment of the creative spirit and the associated feelings we get with the activity are allowing us to expand beyond our limits and barriers. It is much like a tree. As a tree grows, it grows past what it was. So to our being. We are served when what we do allows us to grow past ourselves. If we look carefully, we know when we are being served or not served by something.

What it means to be imprisoned  (Top)

What it means to be imprisoned is the opposite of being served. Anything that causes a restriction in the free expression of our creative spirit and/or causes us to shrink or become less that we are. It is to live in a way that we deny our truth and its free expression. Of course we will have to do the exploration to know our truth before we can say whether or not we are being served or imprisoned by anyone, any thing or any activity in which they engage.

There is a note here about being imprisoned. To create anything is to some extent imprison our creative spirit. The question is whether or not our creative spirit is served in the long run by what we create. Sort term the feeling is imprisonment for it is. Long term there is freedom. We can look to the future by simply looking to see if what we are experiencing is providing us a feeling of expansion into the infinity of our being. If we can feel the expansion, we are being served for we are moving from confinement in the experience of a creation back into freedom. Alternatively said, the creation/Creation we are experiencing is channeling our creative life energy towards dissipation as opposed to being held bound or becoming more imprisoned in what is experienced.

Our understanding of creative power/Creative Power  (Top)

The first and main obstacle to creating a gentle phoenix is where we believe creative power/Creative Power lies. That is, do we or donít we have the creative power within us to create a gentle phoenix. Our understanding of creative power is probably best addressed in our concept of God and what we believe, or donít believe, about God and the creative power/Creative Power of Creation. The question is, "Are we willing to decouple our dependence on God and trust that we have the creative power/Creative Power within to create what we need to experience to access Nirvana and Heaven here and now?" It is to trust that whomever or whatever caused Creation and us to come into existence has given us the free will to do what we choose and the power to create whatever we desire. We simply have to creatively grow up and learn how to use what has been given to us as our birthright. If we give our creative power/Creative Power away simply because of what we believe, we will be unable to have the creative power/Creative Power to create a gentle phoenix. We have to take responsibility for what we experience and to know that in some way, whether we understand it or not, we have created, or agreed to participate in, what we experience and the reality of those experiences.

Our understanding of pain  (Top)

It taking responsibility for what we experience the next issue is pain. Our concept of God and the Creator must be faced first. Otherwise we will be unable to face the second issue which is pain. Most individuals cannot see why God would create pain. Humanity has created such things as a Devil or other justifications to explain where pain comes from because many of us believe a loving God would not allow pain. Most look to God and Heaven to take away their pain. For those that donít look to Heave or God, they look to transcend the physical and believe pain is caused by our desires and attachments to the physical. 

Unless we are willing to look at the concept that the pain we face has nothing to do with God but is only an experience of Creation, we can then explore pain. It is to see the metaphor in physical pain. It is to realize that pain we feel in the body functions with the same sensors that give us pleasure. The metaphor is that pain and pleasure are of the same essence and arise from the same sensing of creation. It is only that some feelings we find pleasurable and others we find painful. But what we think is painful and pleasurable often arise simply as a judgment of our mind.

The issue in pain is whether or not we are we willing to face pain and see the gift that lies in pain. If we turn away from the pain we feel without looking into it, we blind ourselves and do not see the full creative process. That is, at the deepest levels of being lies a pain of longing for someone with whom to share our creation/Creation. That longing is the fuel of creation/Creation. It will always be there. That is why the Buddhist say Heaven never lasts. There comes a point in time we long for something different. Doesnít matter what it is, we simply long for that new or different experience. We long for movement and get bored with stagnation for stagnation ultimately puts us to sleep. That is why we can say there is a creative spirit that lies in each heart wanting to be expressed. We all long for the new and unseen  - that is, a new creation/Creation not previously seen and/or experienced.

When enlighten about the creative process, we understand the role of pain and no longer allow the desire to control. Rather we choose what we desire in a way that serves us and what we desire to experience. When we see the role of pain, we being to outgrow the need for physical experience in that way we have experienced it in the past. We simply see the pain as communication about what is being experienced and whether or not we are being served..

The Source of Creation lies within  (Top)

Creation is quite amazing. It is amazing and too much to believed but we are the Source of Creation manifested and we can all have a conscious experience of it. It is readily available and open to us except for one thing. Because of that one thing, we are kept from the very things we all ultimately seek - that inner satisfaction that never runs dry no matter what is happening in our life. What a marvelous way to hide the secret of Creation. It is said in the Islamic tradition, God is closer than our juggler vein. In actually, what people call God and look for in God, what one would call the Creator, actually likes within our heart. Discovering this was a never expected outcome in the exploration of our creativity. But then in only makes senses. To explore creativity to its depths only makes sense that one would ultimately stumble upon the creator/Creator.

When the exploration to look for An Alternative Way first started and psychics were being studied to see what psychics were able to see in the unknown, one of the psychics told the author that what was being explored was what was addressed in ancient temple rites. For the longest time, the author could never understand why such a statement was made. Nor did he understand to what the psychic was referring. Now it is quite clear.

The journey into the exploration of creativity started a journey simply to explore why individuals were not creative in the workplace. The journey then shifted to looking to free the creative spirit when it was realized the creative spirit exists and desired to become free.. In doing so, there was a stumbling into the Source of Creation through the Ultimate Accident. But it took some time to realized the Source of Creation lies within our own heart and is fully accessible through our heart. We do so by learning to follow our own truth unique to who we are which flows from the Source.

Yet, we are lead again and again to look else where. Even in those who teach meditation and/or teach going within do not teach how to access our own heart. The reason for this is it is not something that can be obtain with mind, nor understood by mind. It is something that is accessible only through feelings. Hence we need to use our feelings and the vehicle we have for feeling. The vehicle we have for feeling is the body and the awareness in the body.

What is so sad is that we have come to believe with our mind what an experience of the Source of Creation is suppose to be like. We have our preconceived ideas as to what Heaven or Nirvana is suppose to be like. Rather than just allowing ourselves to experience the Source for what it is, mind keeps us away from the experience even when an individual stumbles into it as discussed in the topic, "The problem of mind and the experience of the Source of Creation - the trap of mind." What is not understood is what we seek in life is within our own heart.

The nature of Creation is that the material of Creation, energy and consciousness, will mold itself to give us an experience of whatever we think and believe within the environment we find ourselves. Not so much an experience of what we desire but an experience of what we truly believe and think about what we desire at our deepest levels. To see the true Source, we have to somehow flush out and clean all that stands in the way dirtying our filter or lens we use to see Creation. Otherwise we will not see the Source for what it is.

The Source of Creation is freeing and we can feel its freedom. Source is free energy that is capable of becoming conscious of itself, and from this simple statement and consciousness awakening to itself all of Creation forms. All of Creation and all that we experience is only a product of what consciousness has come to think and believe about itself at each and every level. May be nothing more can be said about the Source of Creation other than this. So it all boils down to, a consciousness, "What do you wish to experience and do you have the energy and passion to create it?"

In that freedom of the experience of the Source, we can see how captive our creative spirit and our lives have been. In this awareness we have the creative power we have the awareness of what needs to change in our life. Other than that, maybe nothing more can be consistently said across all the experiences individuals have of the Source other than reality will mold itself to give us an experience of whatever we think and believe. But, it is safe to say, a true experience of the Source of Creation is freeing. Freeing beyond what mind can comprehend. What we do with that freedom and how we go onto cause our creative spirit to become captured in a cage of our own making is another question. It all depends on how we access the Source and why for what we will find will mold itself to what we think and believe.

When all is said and done, the only thing that can be done is to understand that reality will mold itself to whatever we think and believe. Then use the masculine path to create a gentle phoenix, the feminine path or the third path to create a gentle transformation based on what arises from our own truth as found in our heart. In doing so, we can have us an experience of the freedom of our own heart and the source/Source that lies within. We then need to hold the memory of the freedom we experienced and us it as our internal compass.

In that experience of the freedom within our own heart we have direction for whatever we do in life. We only need to realize all one really finds at the Source is freedom and in that freedom we can always be in, or moving toward the Source. Here we need to realize this freedom will be lost to form an experience of whatever we think and believe at our deepest levels of being when we walk into the Source. It allow whatever happens to happen as we move from this freedom, we reveal what it is we think and believe that is controlling our life. We can then look to go back to the memory of the freedom we experienced at the source/Source to see what needs to be removed iterating the process as we work to clean and flush out all that does not serve us. After each iteration we can check and see it that which remains serve us. Again, we know if we are being served by our mind and our attachments if we can feel the expansion of our own being.

The goal is to return to a place of freedom and free energy. Then seen how the energy found in the freedom forms to create a new set of experiences. Then based on what forms, the individual will get an understanding of the deeper pains, issues and beliefs that they carry.

The issue of sex (Top)

Once one gets past pain we carry, the issue is sex arises. Sex will never rise as an issue as long as we never experience the stirring of energy within the sexual organs - that is, a child before the sexual organs develop. However, once we feel our sexuality in whatever magnitude we face the issue of sex. Whether or not the sex organs are removed and/or become nonfunctional, once we have felt sexuality, we has a memory of the experience. What needs to be understood is the issue of sex is not the sex. The issue is the feeling to which sex gives rise and we then attempt to control.

The issue with pain and sex are ultimately flip sides of the same coin so to speak Each gives rise to feelings which must be explored. Pain causes us move away form experiences which need to be explored. Sex, because of its pleasure tend to cause to try and control the situation which make it available to and keep it for ourselves. The issue with sex is we usually need another to explore it so we try and control another to ensure the availability of sex and what it can provide in what we feel. Pain we can create fairly well by ourselves although another can help our exploration if they know how to do it. Sex however is different. We can be sexual with ourselves but the magnitude of what is experienced is not present in solo sex. A big part of sex is the other individual. Another will be needed. That other then introduces a whole series of complications that reveals what we think and believe.

The fact that another is needed to explore the issue of sex and its relation to Nirvana and Heaven give rise to sex as the ultimate control issue and stands at the gate of Heaven and the destruction of the ego. The orgasmic feeling within sex takes one to the door way of Nirvana and Heaven here and now as a result of the feeling it creates. It needs to be remember Nirvana and Heaven are a feeling and they are feelings of freedom. As discussed in the topic, "Heave, the Kingdom of God, and Nirvana" discuss the fact that Nirvana and Heaven are not a conscious place contrary to what we believe.

Sex, when properly done, takes one into feelings that opens the door to Heaven and the Source of Creation. However, rather than stepping into Heaven and/or what lies in the Source, most of us attempt to control the conditions of sex that give rise to the feeling. Rather than telling the individual whom one is with, "You have given me the most exquisite pleasures and fullness of being. I am so full of life and wonderment and "ah" at Creation and what is has to offer, all I can do is share what I have found with others - If you are so lead please give to whomever you are lead what you have given to me and created for me," we tend to try and control the other individual, own the other individual and/or hold for ourselves and our own pleasure. The issue is not being promiscuous or running from partner to partner. The issue is are we trying to own and hold what we found or share that abundance we feel in organism and what we feel with others. Most stay with the feelings in sex and try and hold those feelings. Few move into the feeling as we would explore pain to see what is really giving rise to what we feel and what lies beyond the sex.

In the same way one can move into pain and explore it to see what is really giving rise to it, one can move into the feelings we experience in sex and explore it. In moving into those feelings which lie in sex the universe opens. The universe and Creation is a place of feeling. Within feeling and exactly what we are feeling is knowledge and understanding. We can take another into feeling and we can coach another in how to look to see what lies in feelings. It is something that is rarely taught today. We are so mental that we think all that is in feeling is what we feel. We do not look to see what is really giving rise to what we feel and the awareness which lies in feeling.

We fail to see that if we become a detached witness, we can see into the feeling of pleasure or pain to see what is really giving rise to the feeling. It seeing what gives rise to the pleasures of sex we will find it is about life, freedom, and the free flow of the creative life energy of creation/Creation that sustains us and a desire to create. In that awareness we can see the oneness of Creation and all arises from the same Source. We can see we are each that same and all are ultimately seeking the same thing. We only do it differently because of what we believe and the experiences we have had in this and other existences.

The sad or rather disappoint thing is that one cannot consciously intend to use sex to access Nirvana or to find Heaven here and now. To consciously seek the sex causes mind to stand in the way for it ultimately tries to control what occurs. What needs to happen is to become lost in feeling and what we feel and allow the feelings to carry us in, and through, any sexuality which arises. But we must be prepared to move past the sex into the feelings which arises and explore them. Otherwise we will be captured by the sex. We can start with sex to surface feeling but we then have to become totally lost in the feeling and sex satisfaction cannot be the end point.

The endpoint of sex should be freedom. The individual should be left with a feeling of growth and expansion that they are growing more into the awareness of their own being as a creator. It is to move into the fullness of being and an expansion of oneís life. It is to be totally served by the sexuality and the individual desires the offspring, physical or otherwise, for their life would be incomplete without it, for it will be.

But the use of sex is a whole different discussion not necessary for here. The topic, "Creativity and Sexuality - Creative Sexuality," was created to help in the area of sex and our creativity.

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