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The following sequences of action from the rituals created to access the intention for our life have been found useful as an overall structure to construct rituals for any creative endeavor. Recreating our life based on accessing and living the intention for our life is a creative endeavor which follows the creative process. In this regard, although many of the actions are directed toward accessing the intention for our life, they can be redirected to address the parallel issues associated with an any creative endeavor. One would simply addressed what is discussed in each file but direct it toward the particular creative endeavor as it applies.

Topics to address (Top)

Being Loved and Cared For: Open ourselves to what is already available to us.

Initial initiation: An initiation to allow us to step into the role of becoming a conscious creator

Establish the background: Set the composite intention to free the energy contained in the past to prepare ourselves for the sacrifice of creation to create the seed condition for a new way of living and experiencing reality.

Opening Petition statement. The opening petition statement reflects what we are seeking and desiring to create. It addresses what we intend the ritual to do. It is to open our being to our intention and what the ritual will provide and/or reveal to us.

Bringing Forth Light: This ritual is about bringing light of understanding and wisdom into our being relative to the creative endeavor.

The Calling: The calling is where we call specific entities in the seen or unseen world to attend the ritual through the oneness of Creation and our interconnectedness with all that exists.

Opening Invocation: The invocation is a specific request for certain types and kinds of assistance or actions on the part of the unseen.

Opening ourselves to feeling: Create a ritual or rituals to open ourselves to feeling to create the seed condition for what we desire to manifest and to create an energized memory to continually catalyze our creative endeavor.

Imbibing of the spirits: Create a ritual symbolizing our willingness to experience the intoxication of our own creative spirit in its freedom and to enter a state of wonderment and "ah" .

Request: The request ritual is where we ask for what we feel we lack.

Thanksgiving: We need to be thankful for what we experience if for no other reason than to honor the creative process, take responsibility for what we have created, and learning to accept what is.

Ritual for the four directions: A prayer to create a ritual to honor the creative process

Healing and facing the pain of the past: Based on the review and exploration of our life consideration should be given to constructing a ritual or rituals to address health and related experiences and issues.

Review of the Seven Chakra: Use the areas expressed in each of the seven chakras to review our life and health related issues and create appropriate rituals.

Healing prayer: Create a healing prayer incorporating our personal and concepts of healing and a corresponding ritual to catalyze our ability to heal.

Healing Petitions: Through an appropriate ritual, request particular types and kind of healing for our situation to simultaneously address our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.

Locations of Wounds and Pains: Anoint each of the locations of a wound or pain with the intent to awaken the body memories and release any energy bound in those memories.

Chakras Anointing: Create a ritual that appropriately addresses each of the chakra and what each chakra represents in our life.

Truth telling: Create a ritual and/or a metatheater which allows for a safe exploration and literal or symbolic expression of our truth whatever it may be.

Forgiveness: Create a ritual and/or metatheater which allows us to explore the concept of forgiveness and what we may need to literally or symbolically do to forgive and receive forgiveness for our past.

Restitution, penance, payment, punishment: Create a ritual and/or metatheater do make appropriate restitution and/or penance to assist clearing and removing emotional energy bound in both our mental and body memories and for our past actions.

Consult the oracles: In whatever way we are comfortable consult the oracles as to what is the major issues needing awareness for us to access sufficient creative ability and creative power to do what we desire and what we many need to do access or create that awareness.

Compile the issues: Create a ritual and/or metatheater that allows us literally or symbolically compile and address all the issues that have been identified. Acting on the composite of the compiled issues in some way helps to bring our awareness to the interconnectedness of all that is and that we are not separated and fragmented.

Releasing: Create a ritual and/or metatheater which identify those areas of life, past habits, actions, memories and the like which we wish to release to move toward true creative  freedom.

The calling forth our creative spirit initiation can be done before or after the emptying and death ritual. Whether the calling forth is done before or after the emptying and death ritual depends on our view. If we perceive calling forth our creative spirit causes a death of some type then it should be done first. If we perceive we must die first before our creative spirit can become free, then the death ritual should be done first. In reality they occur simultaneous and usually can be seen to occur in stages as if we were pealing the layers of an onion.

Additionally, the following four rituals can been seen and experienced as one overall process. Our creative spirit is called forth and we die. In dying we enter the underworld and/or the unseen world where we are cleansed only to be reborn anew with a "clean slate" so to speak. Or, we die, enter the underworld to be cleansed and our creative spirit is called forth to be reborn into a new life.

Calling forth our creative spirit initiation: Participate in a unique initiation which creates a safe and secure space and that calls forth our creative spirit to freely express itself in the way it needs to be expressed.

Death and entering the cave/grave: Every creative endeavor requires a sacrifice of some aspect of the existing Creation. Create a ritual and/or metatheater which symbolically allows for the death and burial of that aspect of our being which must die and those things which must leave our life to make room for the new creation.

Cleansing: There are two aspects to cleansing. One is we view the world we experience through the illusion of our mind. That illusion can be seen as a lens that is dirty that does not allow us to see and experience the truth of what is. As a lens, it must be cleaned inside and out to see clearly. Create a ritual and/or metatheater representing cleaning the inside and outside of the lens. The second aspect of cleansing is we need to clean out all that does not serve us and make room for that which does serve.

Rebirth: To recreate an aspect of our life we must be reborn. Having cleansed out all that does not serve, we open ourselves to be reborn. Creation a ritual or metatheater which allows us to be reborn into a new life.

Transition ritual and/or creation ritual: The transition or creation ritual is the ritual and/or metatheater we create which represents the transformation from our current life to our the new life we desire to live and what the new life looks like.. In many ways it is a symbolic prototype of the transition we think we will take and what our new life will be like. The ritual allows us to open ourselves to the needed changes which will occur.

Follow up: We have created a seed condition which will unfold in our life if it is nourished. We can expect to see change and have the need to further let go of things we find along the way that are still holding us back. The follow up rituals address the issues we find as we move further on our journey. Many of them may repeat what has been done above or be something completely new. But in any case, each journey will be different.

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