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Sex is ultimately a creative tool. Other than for procreating children and the pleasure it sometimes provides, sexuality is poorly understood as the creative tool that it is. It is one of the most powerful creative tools we have available to create our experiences and create the reality we experience and is the second most creative state of being we can enter.

Creation can be seen as a painting repainting itself by it preferences within a given environment. Sexuality in the way it mixes energy will always be used at least nonconsciously and it is a way Creation ensures Creation is always changing and evolving. If not used consciously, we will use it nonconsciously. Unless we come to see sexuality as the tool that it is and uses it in awareness, we will always be limited and bound by it whenever we engage in it or deny it and suppress it in some way.

To use it consciously, we must understands and works with the flow of energy behind sexuality or will not see how to effectively use it as a tool other than for control and manipulation and/or procreation. To follow the flow of energy in sexuality, we will have to transcend or rather, step beyond the sexuality itself and flow with the energy as opposed to focusing on the sex.

Why sexuality is such a powerful creative tool is discussed in the topic, "Creative conditions of sexuality" The way sexuality can be used as tool are listed below. How we use it is determined by the focus of our attention and awareness. In this regard, the attitude in which we approaches sexuality and in which we engage in sex is extremely important. The power of the intention we have when we enter sex cannot be underestimated. It can create life and restore life and can suck the life out of a person. Sexuality is very much a two edge sword. It can bring life into and individual and cause them to awaken and become aware. Or, can rob life putting the individual to sleep and live in unawareness and the pain of their own suffering continually blaming the external world for their lack of joy. The most powerful way to use sexuality is in a safe and secure space in spontaneous and innocent child like play to discover and experience life, the other person and oneself at the deepest and in the most intimate ways at all levels of being.

The ways in which sexuality is a creative tool

Although separated for discussion purposes, all these ways are related and there will be aspects of all these present in a sexual experience

Recreation: Many, if not most, have come to understand sex can be used as a tool for recreation and pleasure. Not much needs to be said about this topics for most have their preferences in how they experience its pleasures. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topic "Sex as a tool for recreation."

Escape: Closely related to the recreational and pleasurable aspects of sex is the use of sex to escape what we are feeling. Sex an be used to mask or numb the pain we feel. Here we need to be very careful. Engaging in sex to escape what we feel can cause us to develop addictive pattern if not an addiction where we relay on the feelings in sex to avoid our pain. Some thoughts on the subject of masking our pain are addressed in the topic "Creativity perspective on addictions and addictive behavior."

Procreation: All are probably aware, sex can be used for procreation. As discussed in the topic, "Some observations from nature about sex" it increases the ability of a species to survive. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topic "Sex as a tool for procreation."

Energy generation and creating life: Sex is about energy generation and creating life. It can create a new life at each and every level of our being and between individuals. The creative tension between the masculine and feminine aspects of creation/Creation will create a flow of energy that can be experiences as a new life. It creates life in several different ways. First there is the offspring of the joining and the life that is created between the two individuals. Then there is the passion and flow of energy generate in each individual that can be experiences as a new life within each which can be experienced as a new perspective on life, a new way of being in the world or the having the energy to act in the world to create something new. Additionally, as we are enthused with this flow of creative life energy from sexuality it can awaken dormant aspects of our nonconscious mind and/or resurrect parts of our being that have been suppressed and/or repressed from past painful experiences of this life and what many call past lives. In any case, we should feel more alive because of it. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topic "Sex is a tool for creating life."

Destroying life: As stated in the introduction, sex is a two edge sword. In the same way it can create a flow of energy and create a passion for life and for living can rob us of our passion and our creative power. It does so diverting and/or binding our creative life energy is unpleasant and/or undesirable experiences. As a minimum sex with the wrong person only takes on off course from what we desire to create. Additionally, because there is a mixing of energy, it can be used to "dump" into another individual or it can be use to literally take another's energy and/or imprison and control another. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topic "Sex as a tool for destroying life."

Creation: Creation is about bringing into existence something not seen and/or previously existing or something significantly different from the past. The ability of sex to mix energy and create new flows of energy as a result of that mixing makes sexuality an excellent tool for creation at any level of being. How it is such a powerful creative tool is discussed in the topic, "Creative conditions of sexuality"

Creative power: Our creative power is accessed in feeling. Sex creates tremendous feelings within our being about individuals and situations we face in life. Sex is about accessing or creating passion and flow of energy that will sustain us through our creative endeavor. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topics "Our creative passion and sexuality" and the "Creative powers of sexuality."

Going to sleep and becoming unaware: Related and similar to destroying life and stealing our passion, sex can cause it to put our consciousness asleep and become unaware. Here sexuality boarders on being used as an addiction or a way to numb, suppress or otherwise avoid what we feel. In an addiction as viewed from the creativity perspective, we suppress or numb the pain we feel in some activity or through some substance. The alternative is to simply put to sleep that aspect of consciousness which continually attempts to be expressed but is suppressed in some way. In putting our consciousness to sleep and becoming unaware, we in essence are "hardening our heart," or shutting down our heart. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topics Sexuality as a tool to become unaware and going to sleep."

Becoming aware: Sexuality causes many feelings, memories and thoughts to arises. Simply by learning to watch what arises and how the thoughts, feelings and memories shift will allow one to become mindful and aware. Some thoughts on this subject are addressed in the topic, "Sexuality is a tool for becoming aware."

How we need another: Many aspects of sex can be performed solo without another. However, the full power of sex cannot be achieved without another. In the presence of another feelings, thoughts, memories and the like will arise that would not otherwise be possible. There are many things that arise only in the context of sexuality with another. However, in these experiences which only arise in the context of another, we need to understand that the experience we have is, more often than not, the occasion and not the cause for what arises. It is in the context of these experiences that we can come to understand how creation is not done alone and we need that other to have the experience we desire to have.

Awakening: Awakening is related to both becoming mindful and aware, and enlightened as to how we create our experiences. Awakening is about seeing differently because of the experiences we have had. To awaken, we must be mindful and aware that we do see differently and more often than not, we have an enlightenment about something because we see it differently. That is, we have awakened or become aware of a deeper truth about ourselves, the other or Creation. Sexuality has a nature ability to awaken deeper aspects of our being. Some pleasant, some not so pleasant. Some thoughts on this ability of sex to awaken us are discussed in the topics, "Sexuality as a tool for awakening," "Sexuality and awakening body consciousness." and "Sexuality and consciousness awakening consciousness."

Enlightenment: Enlightenment in sexuality and to gain insights on almost any topic is obtain by becoming mindful and aware of the feelings, thoughts and memories which arise and then pulling the string on what arises. Some thoughts on using sex to become enlightened us are discussed in the topic "Sexuality - a tool for enlightenment about our own mind and about creation."

Transformation: When we realize sex can be used to become mindful and aware, is a tool for awakening and as a tool for enlightenment, it is a simple step to combine these three and use it to transform any aspect of our life. Some thoughts on using sex to as a tool for transformation are discussed in the topic "Sexuality as a tool for transformation."

Enticement: If you have not noticed, sex sells. Sex can be used as a tool for enticement. The suggest of sexual gratification in some way is a key advertising method. Even the suggestion of sexual gratification entices the individual to pursue something such as the desired product or to act in a certain way that is different from the past such as buying the desired produce. Some thoughts on using sex to as a tool for enticement is found in the topic, "A tool for enticement - sex sells."

Flushing of our being: The intensity of the flow of energy which can arise in sexuality has a way of seemingly flushing out what does not serve us. The life giving energy can bring life to dead or inactive parts of our being. The flow of energy literally and figuratively shatters the cage in which we have held our creative spirit captive such that it becomes free to express itself. When an individual is free to engage in sexuality with a totally supportive partner who is looking to create freedom for the individual the flow of energy which is created can be seen to literally and figuratively flush out and release the energy in many past mind and body wisdom.

This tends to occur when the sexuality turns into a spontaneous and innocent childlike play of discovery and exploration. However it is not something that can be controlled by mind. That is, we cannot enter sexuality with the expectation of creating this cleansing effect. But it is possible that we can create it for another. It is about being in such a safe and secure space and having the freedom to just be true to oneself such that our creative spirit is totally free to flow however and wherever it needs to flow. It is then the most powerful transformations occur in sexuality or through sexuality. It is as thought an entire new life is created within us. No discussion file on this topic has been created because it is not something we can create. Rather it is something we must allow to happen. To create this possibility for another, consider becoming a rainmaker such that you become the occasion for the healing waters of life to bring nourishment to the patched inner landscape.

Open to feeling and vulnerability: The experience of sex can open us to feeling and lowering our threshold to feel. The more free our creative spirit becomes the greater our sensitive to feel the flows of energy of creation/Creation. As discussed in the topic, "Characteristics of the creative spirit - vulnerability," our creative spirit is vulnerable. When it free to come out and express itself and lower the threshold to what we feel we also become vulnerable. We become vulnerable because we feel both the pain of the world and those around us but we also become more sensitive to how and where our creative spirit becomes thwarted. Key to living with this vulnerability is how and why we lost our ability to creatively play and learn to response to such conditions with an adult perspective rather than the response patterns we developed as a child.

Open psychic abilities: Depending on how we focus our attention and awareness, when we become open to feeling, we can begin to see into the deep undercurrents of creation/Creation. We can see from where the energy comes and where it is going. Consciously experienced this allows us to see into the past and into the future and described as psychic abilities. We should not be surprised if insights about the past and/or future arise during or after a sexual experience where we have opened ourselves to feeling.

Awareness within feeling: There is an awareness in feeling for any feelings we have. The awareness which arises from within feeling are best described as a knowing. That is, we know something we have no logical way of knowing. It is beyond what we call psychic abilities. The awareness which arises is more related to how and why things are the way the are for a given situations. When we open ourselves to feeling and can move past the feelings of sex and sexuality there are profound awarenesses available to us. Sexuality opens the door to the awareness which lies in feeling. All we need to do is to step through the door. This subject matter is discussed in the topics, "Exploring the feelings in sex" and "Moving past the sex."

Weapon of control and manipulation: As the second most creative state and as the two edge sword that it is, it is not surprising the most prevalent use of sex by individuals and society is as a weapon of control and manipulation. In fact, if you look carefully, you will see it is probably used more of a weapon of control and manipulation than it is used to procreate children. The depth and breadth of how sex us used as a weapon of control and manipulation is tremendously vast and the best that can be said here and in the topic, "Sex as a weapon of control and manipulation" can only serve to bring the focus of your attention and awareness as to the existence of this issue. You will need to explore your own life to see how it has been used on you, is being used on you, and how you use it to get what you desire.

A vehicle for death: There is always some type and kind of death in sex as discussed in the topics "Sex is an experience of death" to create the life that comes with sex. In this regard, there is a way to use sex in a related fashion as a vehicle for death. Using death as a vehicle for death is more about using the transformation properties of sex. Given the amount of personal, family and social conditioning around or on sexuality, sex becomes a very powerful vehicle to experience the death of our ego. A “not doing” practice is a powerful way to step out of mind and outside our enculturated ego to transform ourselves to change our perspective on or about life and/or create a new way to experience life. Given all the taboos about sex and all the beliefs and baggage we carry about sex engaging in sex more as metatheater and as a not doing exercise is a way to choose to break free. It is to choose to destroy the ego as we come to know it. However, to use sex in this fashion, we need to become very clear as to our real intention. We need to pull the string to see exactly what we seek. Using sex in this fashion is best addressed under the topic of "Sexuality as a tool for transformation."

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