Second most creative state of being


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Second most creative state of being
Introductory thoughts
Some background considerations and thoughts
The basis of why sexuality is so powerful
How to use the second most creative state

Planting seeds of the future
Difficult of entering the most creative state when starting with sex and sexuality
Closing thoughts

Sexuality is the second most creative state we can enter and will probably be the most creative state most will enter in their life. It can used consciously or nonconsciously. If it is not used consciously, it will be used nonconsciously. We cannot escape it for the human experience is a sexual experience. We donít have to physically have sex to use sex and sexuality creatively. However, engaging in sex opens the door for all the creative aspects of sexuality to come into play.

Only spontaneous and innocent childlike creative play in the discovery and exploration of our world where we are free to enter any and all facets of our being and/or Creation whether it be a spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical level is more creative. The power of the most creative state of being arises as a result of the synergetic effects that occur from the coupling of spontaneous and innocent childlike play and sexuality. Most will never reenter the most creative state of being for they will have to face how and why the lost their ability to be in creative play and face and move past both their sexuality and their understanding of God and where the creative powers/Creative Powers of creation/Creation really lie.

Introductory thoughts (Top)

Sex is ultimately a tool. It can be used for procreation, recreation, creation, awakening and transformation, going to sleep and becoming unaware, and as weapon of control and manipulation. Unless one understands and works with the flow of energy behind sexuality one will not see how to effectively use it as a tool other than for control and manipulation which is the way it is most currently used and taught to us.

What needs to be understood is that whether properly or improperly used, consciously or nonconsciously used, sexuality is the second most powerful creative state and we will create with it.. It is the metaphysical equivalent of nuclear energy. When used inappropriately, it is the most harmful state of being we can get ourselves into for we create pain, suffering and separation with it. It is the power that lies in sexuality to create harmful effects that is, in part, at the bases of many spiritual and esoteric traditions renouncing sexuality to prevent the harmful traps and/or creating the conditions which arise to leech of our creative life energy. However, more often than not the concern is not so much it harmful effects of sexuality as much as it is simply harnessing and controlling the creative power of sexuality for the spiritual or religious tradition.

In the end, renouncing sexuality for whatever reason only causes a separation within our being. Rather it needs to be understood in the wholeness of being and the dance between the inner masculine and inner feminine which becomes reflected externally. It is not something of which to be afraid and/or denied or suppressed. It is to be understood and uses with wisdom and understanding.

The real issue of sexuality arises from the creative process and it is the primary tool for the existing created form of Creation to be annihilated and destroyed to be made manifest into a new Creation. What is essential to understanding sexuality is that there is no separation between the physical and the spiritual. Both are the much like water and ice. The energy is only expressed differently because of the conditions of observation. The sexuality allows the fires of transformation to heat the ice such that it melts and can be recast into a new form.

Unless we understand sexuality and learns how to move beyond the sex and see how it relates to the flow of our creative life energy, we will not understand how it can be as a significant factor in Creation as described here. Rather we will be stuck in the normal views about sexuality using it as nonconscious tool for creation whether the engage in it or not. Avoiding sex and sexuality by either denying it or suppressing it does nothing to stop its impact on creating the conditions in our life. Only in understanding will we be able to manage its creative impacts.

Some background considerations and thoughts  (Top)

Sexuality has much more to do with our creativity and Creation that just creating the physical life we each experience in our body and provide enjoyment - at least for some. We say enjoyment for some for everyone does not experience it the same way. Some find it painful, if not physically painful, painful at some level of our being.

This fact is often overlooked. Sex is not just a physical act. It is an energetic act that occurs at every level of our being and sex is inherent in every creative endeavor. When we are not totally free to give ourselves to the sexual experience at all levels of our being, there will be some pain and suffering that shuts down as aspect of our being. This is true for both the masculine and the feminine.

Here we need to emphasize this discussion about sexuality as the second most creative state of being is about the masculine and feminine. It is not about the male and female. Within each male and within each female is an inner masculine and inner feminine. Additionally, both the male and female can express and masculine or feminine attributes externally. Only in the actual physical act of human sexual intercourse does the male match the masculine role in the creative process and the female match the feminine role. Otherwise, the male and female can both serve either the masculine role or feminine role in a creative process. It all depends on what is being created.

It was said above, "When we are not totally free to give sexually at all levels of our being, there will be some pain and suffering that shuts down as aspect of our being." It need to be understood that sexuality is capable of creating life and is responsible for life at every level of being. However, sexuality and sex in addition to creating life at every level of being also has the potential for destroying life. We forget that sexuality can also destroy life and we never really consider how sex can destroy life.

Part of the creative process requires a sacrifice and death of the existing form of creation. Given the conservation of energy consciousness, to create something new, some of the old must be destroyed to create that new. Hence to create life there is also a death. Anytime there is a engagement in sex there is an engagement in death. Give how the sex/sexuality is approached, it is possible that the death aspects overwhelm the life giving aspects. As such, sex is an extremely powerful tool in this regard and its harmful powers can sometimes exceed its creative powers.

The basis of why sexuality is so powerful (Top)

If we study and explore sexuality from an energy consciousness perspective, we can see why sexuality becomes such a powerful creative tool for it optimizes all the creative aspects into one act. To understand why, we must remember how we create our reality and create our experiences. Recall that the energy consciousness of reality will mold itself to what we think and believe. The more passion and energy we can put into a thought, the greater the probably if it manifesting. To insert a thought into the consciousness of the universe to manifest that thought, the most powerful way is to get very calm and relaxed within our being, as one would calm a pool of water as in the pool meditation and then insert the thought we wish to manifest allowing it to ripple out into reality.

Any thought is energized if there is a powerful memory to catalyze acting on that thought. The action we would take to consciously and intentionally create such a memory is a ritual ceremony or metatheater. The purpose of these acts is to create a particular memory to catalyze our creative efforts. Any action we take that creates such a memory although not consciously performed creating such a memory also acts much like a ritual. Because sexual acts are so powerful and so much energy flows through our body, each sexual engagement makes huge impression in memory. Hence any sexual action can act and be a ritual. Additionally, the individuals can combine energy through a common intention and add energy to that interaction by acing together on that intention in some way by to create a commonly held memory to catalyze the common intention.

Additionally, analogous to the way human sexual mixes the genetic composition of the offspring, sex allows for energy to be exchanged and be mixed between individuals. Feels, thoughts, understandings and the like can be transferred. The way is done is through our infinite nonconscious mind. Our consciousness awakens as a result of the types and kinds of experiences we have and consciousness can awaken consciousness by creating certain types and kinds of experiences. It is what schooling is all about. But, given the awareness which lies in what we feel, consciousness can awaken consciousness more directly by creating certain types and kinds of feelings and accessing the awareness which lies in feeling. Sexuality awakens many feelings and the feelings that can be awaken in any sexual exchange is the equivalent of transferring energy. Whether experienced as feelings the flow of energy or as consciousness awakening and whatever we experience is perceived as constructive or destructive depends on the individuals and what is awakened.

Paralleling the awakening of consciousness, sexuality also has the potential to create feelings that cause parts of an individual to shut down or turn off. What we would call painful, forced, obligatory and similar types of sexual experiences all have the potential to cause a part of the individualís creative spirit to retreat from life and lie dormant unless resurrected at some later time.

Sexuality simultaneously influences our creativity ten different ways at three different levels. The ten ways are: 1) the attention and focus on the body, 2) through the feelings it creates; 3) creating a calmness within our being; 4) through the intention that underlies our actions; 5) through the thought(s) held during our actions; 6) through creating a diversion for the nonconscious to process what is desired; 7) through mixing the energy of participants; 8) through creating a flow of energy, a new life reflected externally in some way; 9) through the mental memory it creates; and 10) through the body memories it creates. The three levels are the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels within our being. Each of these aspects are discussed in the topic "Creative conditions of sexuality."

The power of sexuality is that it does all of these simultaneously both independently and synergistically at all these levels in all these ways. It is powerful beyond what our imagination can conceive. Sexuality is so powerful because it wraps all of these pieces up in one single physical act. Also what needs to be realized, the process described here is true for both individuals engaged in the sexuality. If one is not aware of them consciously, they still occur subconsciously.

How to use the second most creative state  (Top)

The first comment that needs to be made on the topics of using the second most creative state is that we all use it at a nonconscious level. The goal to become a conscious creator is to learn to use it consciously. That is, to do what we now do nonconsciously consciously.

Anything done with sexuality must be done with clarity of intent and honesty within our being. Whether we use sex and sexuality physical, as an enticement in advertising, or in our bias as to what we think a male and female can and canít do, we need to become very honest with ourselves about what we think and believe and our true intention. We need to pull the string to truly understanding why we are choosing to use sex and sexuality and/or engage in sex. We need to look to seek whether what we say we are doing is really in alignment with what we really want. To say "I want to use sex to allow a certain individual to feel the pleasures of being physical" when deep down we only want to have the pleasures of sex for ourselves is a lie and we must face that lie. That lie will sow seeds of separation within our being and we will reap the fruit in our life. It is vital that we pulled the string as to why we choose to engage in sex and/or use sexuality.

Additionally, the attitude in which we approach sexuality and in which we engage in sex is extremely important. It is the temple act - that is, it is the most powerful creative act in which one can engage and access the Source of Creation, the Source of life in Creation. In engaging in sex we open the door to the deepest communication possible with the creator/Creator of our life and with life itself. The power of the intention and the attitude with which one enters sex cannot be underestimated or understated. It can create life and restore life and can suck the life out of a person and there will be an offspring created whether or not there is any physical child produced. The most powerful way to enter sex is in spontaneous and innocent child like play to discover and exploration of life, the other person and ourselves at the deepest and in the most intimate ways at all levels of being. However, such a state will be the most vulnerable state in which we will ever be.

In many ways the whole concept of only having sex in marriage is a way to make the powers available in sex and sexuality relatively safe. That is, the marriage contract and the social structure around the marriage in society create a container in which to contain and direct the energy releases in sexuality and it provides a space to address the physical and nonphysical offspring of the relationship. However, such a container does nothing to address the need to hold our creativity sacred, learn how to use it creatively and/or to give us the experiences we incarnated to have. It may, but marriage is not designed to address these issue. It is designed to contain and direct the powers within sexuality in the direction determined by society. In this regard, there should be some type and kind of container created that will allow the life and what arises from sexuality to grow and unfold true to itself.

The recommendation here is the two individuals between themselves do something to the equivalent of binding aka cords where they choose to combine their energy for a common purpose. The common purpose may be to just enjoy the pleasure of sex. There is nothing wrong with this but both must be very clear this is their purpose and nothing else. But then each would have to work for the pleasure of themselves and the pleasure of the other. Most will find this much more difficult than they first imagine. It needs to be realized that if we set the intention to simply enjoy sex, the all the reason why we are not free to truly enjoy sex, and most probably life itself, will surface to be addressed. If we donít address them, they will interfere if not destroy the relationship. We need to realize and remember, sexuality is the second most creative state and it works at the conscious and nonconscious levels. Engaging in sex will cause the door to the nonconscious mind to open and influence whatever experience we have. If our nonconscious house is not clean all of the stuff from that unclean house will surface to be addressed. It is inescapable and inevitable. That is, unless we turn ourselves off to what is really happening and what we are experiencing, which most do. Hence the advantage of marriage.

Marriage creates a socially acceptable container and gives limits and boundaries on sex as to what it means. If we believe what we are told about sex, marriage and the need for marriage, the door is closed to many of the nonconscious aspects that would otherwise arise in sex and the door is closed to using the creative power in sex consciously. The creative powers of sex are still there and work nonconsciously. However, our beliefs about sex for the most part contain and control what is and is not accessed. It is then only when the intention for our life and the desire to have the experiences we incarnated to have becomes so strong that we break through all the programming and usually it is painful to do so.

It needs to be realized, in the oneness of Creation, there is no need to be separate from anyone in our life. To experience a sexual relationship which truly serves us in a freeing way, even if we physically separate and live thousands of miles apart the energetic connection is still there and we could pick up exactly where we left off. There is no need to experiencing anything other than a natural amicable moving to where we need to be in the moment to allow for the full and unfetter grow of each other in whatever way it needs to be. To feel we cannot let go of someone, to attempt to own them in some way, push someone away, or we are afraid to face them in some way all arises from the mind and most probably a result of a lack of awareness as to why there was a relationship in the first place.

If we pull the string on what we are really seeking especially in sex and look at what we have been taught to believe about sex to look at the real nature of the longing we feel, we will be surprised. If we go to the depth of our being and look to what is really giving rise to what we feel, we will find there is the desire for another. But it will me much more than a sexual desire. There will be the desire to share who and what we are with another at every level of our being. It is not just a desire to share sex but to share who and what we are from the depth of our being. Sex is only icing on the cake so to speak. That longing is inherent in all of us and it is what gave rise to Creation.

There is no particular way that can be recommended as to how to use the second most creative state and no recommendation that can really be made as to how to use and/or approach sex other than the lessons learned of other as to what seems to serves us and what doesnít. What is recommended here is to become aware of sex and what it does and doesnít do. Much can be learned from the experience of others and what has been learned from a creativity perspective. What has been learned is provided in this are related topics found in "Discussion topics on creativity and sexuality." However, you still may need to do some of your own experiments and explorations.

If the choice is made to engage in sex even in marriage, we need to look deeply at what is it we are really seeking, especially in that other. Ultimately, we must find wholeness and fulfillment within. Another cannot do that. We can share the joys and pleasures of our physicalness with another in sex and we can mix our energy and understanding in and through sex and gain a greater awareness about life. However, fulfillment and wholeness comes from within and arise from a mature inner masculine and a mature inner feminine. The recommendation made here is to look to find another who will give us the space to grow into the fullness of our own being and will help us to hold our creativity sacred. In the mean time, look to mature the inner masculine and inner feminine and allow that mature inner masculine and mature inner feminine and their offspring to be reflected in our external world. If we are in doubt as to what we need to do to allow that maturation to happen, we only need to consult our intuitive guidance and honor the guidance that is received.

Planting seeds of the future (Top): Human sexuality is about planting a seed in a fertile space. Energetically sex is about planting seeds. We need to realize our thoughts and intentions are like seeds. If they are planted in fertile ground they will grow. If properly nurtured they will grow to maturity and bear fruit. If the ground is not correct or the conditions are not correct for germination, the seeds lie dormant until conditions are correct. Then suddenly and as if by magic, the dormant seeds spring to life.

The thoughts we hold during sexual interactions especially during physical intercourse are reinforced and energized in ways well beyond our consciousness awareness. The thoughts include the intentions we hold whether held consciously or nonconsciously and when we engage in sexuality energizes those thoughts and intentions within our being and their expression in our life.

We create by how we focus our attention and awareness and the energy we put into that focus. We can use this fact and the conditions created by sex by selectively planting seeds in our psychic through the intention we hold for having sex. It is essential we become aware of the seeds we plant in sex and through sex and sexuality.

Unless we have some way to stay extremely focused on what we wish to create in and with our life, we will not see how our sexual encounters are hampering or assisting our creative efforts. More importantly, often hampering our finding fulfillment and satisfaction in life. To see this for ourselves and to learn to use sexuality as tool, we must move past the sex of sexuality and understand the flow of energy that gives rise to sexuality. Most get absorbed in the sex and never see that sex is part of a larger picture and a larger flow of energy. Look to move past sexuality. Not avoid it, abstain from it or run from it. Rather, move through it to see what lies behind it for there is were are seeds get planted.

Difficult of entering the most creative state when starting with sex and sexuality  (Top)

For most individuals the most powerful creative state cannot be achieved when engaged in sexuality for two reasons. The first reason is that sexuality can only be safely performed with a sexually mature adult body and sexuality is perceived as an "adult" function. As such, one does not think of it as an activity that can be performed in a childlike way and one can no longer be childlike if they think they are doing something adult [It needs to be noted and emphasized here these statements in no way condones or suggests sex with children in any way. In the same way the fruit of a plant must be mature before it can serve it function, one must have a sexually mature body before sexuality can be properly performed. Being childlike in sexuality in no way suggests being sexuality in any way with children.]

The belief that sex is an adult function that it is only possible with an adult attitude totally destroys the possibility of using the most powerful creative state that can be experienced. If one makes their own observations and as discussed in the topic "Sexuality and the creative process," they can come to see the sexuality which arises in creativity has nothing to do with the body. Rather it is something inherent in the creation process and occurs at every level of being. The issue of sexuality in our creative endeavors has nothing to do with an adult body other than feeling the energy flow as sexual energy the ability to choose to act on those feelings. The issue of the adult body is about choosing to engage in human sexuality.

The second issue as to why sexuality cannot be done in spontaneous and innocent childlike play is because to do that, we have to be able to enter spontaneous and childlike play. To be free to be in that play, one will have had to work through all the reasons why we lost that ability in the first place. Most are terrified to return to the reasons why they lost their ability to be spontaneous and innocent childlike play for it was a result of pain and suffering and most are very unwilling to face that pain and fully process what they felt.

The recommendation here is to do the work to be able to return to a state of spontaneous and innocent childlike play before consideration is given to using sex and sexuality in a creative endeavor. Then explore oneís sexuality in creative play in a safe and secure space with an individual or individuals with whom you can trust. Then after regaining the ability to reenter creative play and one has explored their sexuality, then use it in oneís creative endeavors.

Closing thoughts (Top)

Without the understanding of the creative power of sexuality, there is tremendous baggage created in peopleís lives because they are not clear on what is they are really trying to do and what is motivating them when the become sexually intimate. Most of us are not aware of the thoughts we have and how we are planting seeds in our life.

It must be remembered here that we are talking about directing our creative life energy and shutting down the feelings of the heart as opposed to opening them. Every time someone give sexually out of obligation their heart is shut down a little more. Every time someone is forced to give in a way they donít want, a part of them shuts down, this includes giving sex in exchange for something else. Every time the person is not totally free at each and every level of their being, a part of them is shut down. In time, a toll is taken. Exactly how much, and what ultimately manifests depends on the individual.

Since most are not aware of the thoughts and feelings they have and how they really feel as to what is happening, most of the creative activity from sexuality occurs on the nonconscious level. As a result, slowly (and sometimes quickly) over time the individual loses interest in their partners, in sex, in their creative activities, and in fact get tired of life itself and they donít know why. What is said here is true about everything we do not only sex . It is just that sex and sexuality amplifies the effects. Whenever we are forced to do things we otherwise are not really willing to do, a part of our self shuts down. The issue with sexuality is it amplifies the shutting down process because sex is such a powerful creative tool.

In any case, we can consciously use sexuality as a tool to both plant/launch our creations and or pump energy into them. If one is aware all these aspects of sexuality can be used to our advantage. With a willing partner the power is only enhanced. In the interaction of any two individuals a merged energy can be created that is greater than what either could create individually. If the partner is a compatible sexual partner and they are willing, we have a great freedom to express ourselves and explore the other and aspects at all levels of our being that could otherwise not be tapped into. To think that we can be whole without embracing our external world is an illusion and the deeper and more intimately we can embrace our inner and outer worlds, the greater the creative energy that can be accessed.

However if sex is uses as a creative tool one needs to be careful they do not sow seeds of separation. For example, Tantra, has been one spiritual practice, or rather spiritual tradition, where sexuality is used and it attempts to use sexuality as a tool. Tantra attempts to use sexuality by controlling the intention and thoughts of the individual with spiritual ideas while they engage in forms of sexuality and encouraging the energy to be directed towards a spiritual manifestation. Although the traditions does honor the masculine and feminine, it still pursues the spiritual over the physical and causes separation to exist within the individual. Tantra tends to be marketed as a path of ecstacy or pleasure for enlightenment rather than teaching the creative aspects of sexuality itself and for one to discover and live the truth of our own being.

What needs to be clearly understood and cannot be under emphasized is that whether one become celibate and avoids sex and sexuality completely, or uses sexuality to create spirituality as in Tantra, either path will cause the individual to become separate from Creation and their own creative life energy, If we believe the realm of spirit is separate from the physical we will experience separation. But there is no separation of the spiritual from the physical. They are like ice and water, different manifested forms of the exact same thing. Any practice whatsoever that talks as though spirit is something that can be obtained and is something separate from the physical lays the seeds of separation creating the illusion of Creation. The belief there is separation is the illusion or alternative said, belief is the illusion. There is only energy consciousness that can be expressed as spirit, free and unmanifested, or localized as a physical manifestation. Until we fully know and understand what lies within our being and in every aspect of our being that there is no separation and whatever we experience is only a different form of the same thing we will create separation within our being and not find what we are ultimately seeking.

Relative to the creative aspects of sexuality, although it could be the result of an inadequate search, other that what is here and in related files, you probably will have to do your own research and experiments in exactly how to use sexuality in your creativity. In any case, it is recommended you become very clear as to your intention and what it is exactly you desire to create.

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