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 Comment about the journey of exploration of our inherent creativity and the depth and breadth of our creativity 


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The exploration of our inherent creativity started as an outward focus as an exploration of creativity in the workplace. In the early 1990's, as a manager, the author began to study creativity in an attempt to get people to become more creative in the workplace. The goal was to solve the safety and health issues the organization to which he belonged was facing. The goal was simply to understand how to get individuals more creative in the workplace. In that exploration, no consideration was given by the author to explore his own creativity. He felt he was creative enough to solve whatever problem he faced. He simply needed to become properly focused and do the necessary exploration. As a result his focus was looking outward at the creativity of others and not at his own.

In any case, in late 1995, when he applied the lessons learned from the exploration of creativity in the workplace up to that point in time to create the safe and secure space to free the heart of another, he was faced with the realization that within each individual was a creative spirit seeking to come out and freely express itself. He then became aware that each individual had such a creative spirit. This creative spirit was curiously different than the concept of the soul or spirit of the traditional religious and spiritual teaching. This experience provided an awareness which called into question the nature of Creation, nature of our creativity and how much creative ability and creative power we actually possess.

How and why our creative spirit was not free to express itself was not clear at that time. Rather, what was observed was this freed creative spirit become captured much like the Greek myth where Persephone is capture by the god of the underworld only able to return at the discretion of the god of the underworld. At the time, all that was understood, for whatever reason, the freedom of this creative spirit was not controlled by the creative spirit but by something analogous to that god of the underworld. Only in time did the author come to understand this creative spirit was held captive in a cage of our own making as a result of how we learn to respond to the experiences of life we have and what we come to think and believe about ourselves, Creation and the whole purpose of our being here. In time, the author came to understand the god of the underworld was our own mind and how and what we thought and believed and how we learned to respond to life as a result of the way we have learned to respond to life as a result of the painful and/or frightening experiences we have had.

As a result of this experience of realizing the existence of a creative spirit within each of us, the author looked to take a deeper journey into the exploration of our inherent creativity. The awareness gained in trying to free the heart of another caused the author to shift his focus from looking at creativity in the workplace to a deeper exploration of our individual inherent creativity and exactly how much creative ability and creative power we really have. As this second journey unfolded, the author expected to make observations of others much the way his did in the exploration of our inherent creativity. As part of this deeper journey of exploration, he studied and observed individuals and created situation to challenge the creativity of the individuals. The challenge was simply to see how and why the individualís creative spirit was not free to express itself to reveal the way the individualís creative spirit could be released so that it would not be recaptured and previously observed.

As he progressed on this journey, he found that to create the space to free the creative spirit of another in any way, a part of him would need to die and be transformed. In time he began to see this as a matter of fact and simply part of creating the space for another. It made perfect sense in that our inner world is reflected in the outer. To create an outer world with the individualís creative spirit was free to express itself, he understood a he needed to make the necessary inner changes within himself first and have those changes reflected externally. He also understood the physics of the creation process as described in the topics "Origins of Creation" and "The observer observed pair and the nature of duality," how the creator must surrender to the flow of energy of the intention the creator held to become the creation. So, to create the space for another we has to surrender what was required of us to become to nurture the true needs of their creative spirit and not do we what our mind wants to do.

However, what he did not see was the fact that the exploration of our inherent creativity was also an exploration of his inherent creativity. That is, to create an exploration of our inherent creativity, as the creator of that journey, had to become and expression of the depth and breadth of his creativity. The creative process required that he could not just sit and observe others. He had to become the creation. But, the author was oblivious to this fact. It could said he understood this fact intellectually, but he did not have the experiential understanding of what it really meant. He did not see or realized the implications of what such a true exploration really required.

In essence, the workshops, the rituals, the metatheaters, the writing, finding an alternative way to live life, creating the web sites and posting the material on the web which unfolded as part of the journey of the exploration of our inherent creativity was an exploration and expression of his inherent creativity. What was created also reflected a recreation of himself from the person who he was enculturated to be to become to an expression more akin to who he truly was as an infinite creative being with an unlimited creativity expressed in this time and place as reflected in his creative works. Alternatively said, to show people the depth and breadth of our inherent creativity, he had to create things which could demonstrate how unlimited our creativity really was.

In many ways his writing was the key and become the tool and the ladder to go ever deeper into the nature of our inherent creativity. That is, the exploration of our inherent creativity could only be studied so much by observation in others. To truly explore our inherent creativity, there needed to be a very deep inner exploration of that inherent creativity to see where it lead and what fruits it revealed that only could be revealed by becoming deeply creative. In essence the author had to totally surrender to what he desired to create - that is, the exploration of our inherent creativity required the author to become both the creator and the creation at the deepest levels of his being. The writing became the vehicle to capture both the understanding of how we are both the creator and the creation and the variety of ways our creativity is expressed without our realization that we are even creating. In this regard, only when all of the topics that were initially identified as needed to be addressed were addressed did the writing reveal how it was the ladder and how expansive our creative ability and creative power really is.

Some of the fruits - creating something from nothing

There are three types of fruits which are currently evident. They can be generally characterized as understanding, examples, and what is possible. What is provided here is a listing, some with discussions, of the types and kinds of fruits our inherent creativity. All of these are discussed in one way or another in the variety of topics and applications of the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material on the web.

What is provided here is not for purposes of the author saying, "Look what I did." Rather, what is provided here is to say, we are a creator and we must become the creation we desire to experience. We have an unlimited creativity and can create fruits of our creativity beyond what our current mind can ever hope to imagine. We can and do create something out of nothing. What created all that is listed below lies in each one of us. We only need to give it permission to come out and have one individual in our life which is willing to give us the safe and secure space for it to be freely expressed in whatever way it needs to be expressed and it most cases we will find a different individual calls forth a different aspect of our being.

Creation is not done alone and we each need that other more than we can possible imagine. It is hoped that what is provided here will inspire each to be willing to create the space for the creative spirit of another to come out and not deny humanity the gift that lies within each of us.

If you as a reader desires more information on what is listed below beyond what is available in the hyperlinks, contact  the author through this email link


There are a variety of understandings which have been revealed in the exploration of our inherent creativity. What is listed here are only a few of the key understandings.

Probably the most important is that we are each unique and an infinite creative being with an unlimited creativity here for a purpose and with an intention for our life. We have only denied or given up a part of our unlimited creativity for the purposes of having a physical experiences as a human being.

From a creativity perspective, the material of creation is what can be called energy consciousness. That is, energy and consciousness, are the same things observed differently. One is observed looking inward. The outer is observed looking outward. The key is to understand and experientially know how the inner is reflected in the outer. This understanding and experience is key to understanding and using the oneness which permeates Creation.

It is key to how it is possible that we each are the both the creator of our experiences and the creator of the reality we experience and why it is essential we take responsibility for the experiences we have as the creator of those experiences. It is about taking back and calling back the creative ability and creative power that we have given away in how we have learned to respond to life and in our beliefs about the nature of Creation, ourselves, and how much power we have.

At the most fundamental level Creation does not work the way our mind perceive it to work. The reason for this is simply that mind only knows what it has experienced. Until it has a glimmer of the true power which lies in how we focus our attention and awareness by how and what we think and believe, it will be unable to understand how to see differently to see its own creative ability and creative power and what is available to it.

A way is provided to understand the creative process of which we all are a part and used every moment we live. In many ways we are a creativity machine which cannot not create. Understanding the creative process helps us to understand why things must leave our life and why there is a seeming chaos when our life changes. In understanding this process and overlaying the nature of mind, we can begin to see how we create many of the unsatisfactory conditions in our life. Similarly, we can use this overlay to create experiences we serve us at the deepest levels of our being and create a life worth living.


What is listed here are some examples of what our individual unlimited creativity can do and achieve as a result of the how author had focused his attention and awareness. It needs to be clearly understood, a different focus would have created different results. It cannot be over emphasized how important what we think and believe is, and more importantly, how and what we think and believe nonconsciously such that our conscious mind does not even know we think and believe what we do.

Recreating our life: The author recreated his life from who and what he was enculturated to believe he was and what life was all about into an explorer. An explorer who took and early retirement in 1998 to further explore what was being uncovered . The exploration eventually lead him to write and teach others about the existence of this creative spirit and how to go about creating a safe and secure space for another for their creative spirit to freely express itself.

Intention for our life: What became clear in the exploration of our inherent creativity is that we each have an intention for our life. We are here for some purpose or reason and there are experiences we incarnated to have as that purpose if fulfilled or to fulfill that purpose. It is not something we will necessarily know through our mind. Rather, we know it is through feeling. It is a feeling of fullness of being or fullness of life which gives us life and makes us feel alive. Some experience it as being in our heart. Others see it as the business of our father. However we see it or feel it, it is something to be lived and embraced. We cannot find satisfaction in life unless we live it in some way.

Awareness of through time and space: As we access the depth and breadth of our unlimited creativity and work through all the issues as to why ou an awareness in what we feel creative spirit is not free to unfold true to itself, we will find we know things. We will find there is if we are willing to pull the string as to why we are feeling what we feel. We will find we know things beyond mind and we will see through time and space. We will access what some have called the Siddhis. Others simply see it is only as an improvement or refinement of our body wisdom and intuitive guidance. Some would say we open ourselves to psychic abilities. However, it does not matter how we see it or what we call it. As we explore our unlimited creativity and move deeper into our creative ability and creative power, we simply have the ability of being aware of seeing through time and space.

Releasing the creative spirit within: Within each individual is tremendously powerful creative ability and creative power. It is a creative power and creative ability much beyond what most of us have been lead to believe. What lies within each individual is sufficient to change the world. Every individual who has taken this understanding introduced here seriously, applied it in their life, and addressed the reasons why they have place their creativity in a cage of their own making has become more creative, if not tremendously creative in their life to transform their life to live totally different from their enculturated life. The only comparison found which has come close to the creativity released in an individual is reflected in the story of Shams and Rumi.

Creative writing: There are currently are over 1600 files posted on the web which captures much of the understanding, examples and the like. However, there are over one hundred exercises and many addition topics which still remain to be addressed. This is in addition to any creative work for workshop, counseling, rituals, metatheaters and the like created by the author for individuals. All of this material and more is simply the unfolding of the creativity access at point where the exploration of creativity in the workplace transformed into an exploration of our inherent creativity.

Accessing what another knows - Shams consciousness: Probably most are aware of going to school and learning from a teacher or having an apprenticeship under a master of some sort. However, there is another way of accessing the awareness of another, and it is simply to set the intention to understand what they know and why they make the decisions that they do. The awareness of this fact arise as a result of the Shams - Rumi story.

Shams is the reported teacher of Rumi. As a result of the understanding that Shams gave to Rumi, Rumi the cleric was transformed into Rumi the poet. Rumi became one of the most profound Persian poets. Exactly what Shams gave Rumi was never revealed. But its effects released a powerful creative spirit in Rumi to transform Rumiís life.

The story is that Shams ask God to give him one individual with whom to share what he had learned. God is reported to have asked, "What will you give in return?" Rumi replied, "My life." The author asked what he thought was a rhetoric question, "What could an individual possible come to know that he would be willing to give his life to share it with one individual?"

Surprising the author received such an understanding such that it consumed the authorís life trying to find someone with whom to share it and a way to share it. More surprisingly, when an individual embraces what the author desires to share, the individual become more creative and ends often ends up transforming their life much like the Shams - Rumi story. Whether one believes it or not, in this regard, it can be said the author accessed Shamsí consciousness.

But there is a side note here. More than once the author has been asked if he reads minds. More than one individual has reported to the author the author has spoken exactly what the person was thinking. But this is not surprising in the oneness of Creation. It is only a matter of the intention we hold and how we have focus our attention and awareness. So, in many ways, impossible as it may seem, it can be said the author did read the mind of Shams.

The power of desire coupled with clear intention: Throughout the writing, the author talks about setting what was seemingly a rhetorical question only to get an answer and accompanying understanding. The answer may come years later, but if we do not let go of our intention, we do get an answer, the most probable example is the example of the creative power of deeply held longing and feelings.

The creative power of deeply held longing and feelings: Our creative power lies in deeply held feelings and a willingness to act on those feelings. Rather than acting on what our mind thinks we need to do address and alleviate what we feel, we can hold the feeling allowing it to lead our actions and pull to us the experiences we need to have until what we desire manifests. It is a powerful and alternative way to create than what we traditionally use. The proof of this method goes back to a very deep feeling the author had in 1973 and a seemingly rhetorical question he asked Creation. It can probably be said holding onto this deep feeling and a desire to resolves its origins was the key action in the authorís life more than any other action he took which allowed for the awareness of the existence of our creative spirit. This deeply held feeling became an undercurrent for many things the author did in his life and what he sought to understand about life.

In 1973 about the time he was graduating college, the United States was engaged in Vietnam fighting Russia and China in a proxy war and the Arabs and Israelis were engaged the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. The US was supplying the Israelis and the Russians were supplying the Arabs. The author began to think about the possibility both Vietnam and the Middle East wars escalating into something much larger. It seemed as though humanity just could not escape war no matter how much it talked peace.

In many ways he could understand the conflict and proxy wars between communism and capitalism, atheistic governments and God fearing governments, and outright aggression to take more land. But the Arab-Israeli somewhat puzzled him. He understood the dispute over land. But there was another issue that he felt very deep within his heart that what he was seeing was deeply wrong.

The issue which troubled the author was he saw Jewish people praying to the God of Abraham to destroy the Arabs. He saw Moslem people praying to the God of Abraham to destroy the Jews. He also saw Christians praying to the God of Abraham for Christ to return to Jerusalem to throw both the Jew and Moslems out of Jerusalem so Christ could take over and rule. The author wondered how the poor God of Abraham blessed anyone of these people. Did He bless one on one day and smite the others and then reverse Himself the next day? The author could not understand how a God who supposedly created the world out of love could bless anyone praying to Him to kill another let alone kill another who was also praying to the same God. The author also understood individuals on any side had their personal belief in God, if not experience of God, to which they would point as to the proof of their position and view. Some believed so strongly in their view they could, and would, kill any other who opposed it. Yet they all believed they were following Godís will in some way - the will of the same God as their enemy. In looking at this scenario, the author felt a deep sense something is wrong here. The question was "What was wrong with this scenario?"

The underlying feeling with which the author wrestled was it was easy to understand arguments between humans and the desire for power, wealth, land, possessions and the like. But, to think God, who is suppose to be the Creator, would favor one individual over another seemed inherently wrong and incorrect. Such a feeling did not go again the author enculturation. Rather it went against some very deep inner knowing about the nature of Creation. The author saw no such favoritism in the non human world. But, being rather young, the author assumed that was just his opinion and his feelings. So, the author went about doing what the world said he should do. He did not think much about getting an answer to his question. He just did not believe that what the word and concept "God" was suppose to represent would bless those who sought to kill another who prayed to the same God regardless of how different one way of praying could be form another way.

It was then the author asked what he thought was a rhetorical question of Creation. He asked if there was not some way to view Creation such that whatever one believed, no matter what, they could have, or would create, an experience of that belief, or an experience related to that belief, such that they could point to that experience as the proof of the truth as to what they believed. Additionally, it could be so strong an experience they could kill any other who opposed them.

In the 1995-96 time frame, about twenty-two years later as a result of the applications of what the author had learned in exploration of creativity in the workplace he become aware of such a way to view Creation. However, it has taken till the middle 2009 to do sufficient experiments to understand what this awareness represents and how powerful it really is. The Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity understanding is the answer to this rhetorical question, posted on the web thirty-six years after the question was asked.

An alternative view and an alternative way: Relative to the authorís discomfort about the 1973 Arab Israeli war with both sides praying to the same God of Abraham, the awareness he accessed is about the creative spirit within each heart. This understanding about the creative spirit which lies in each heart provides both an alternative way to live life and an alternative way to view life and the whole concept of God. It does not deny the existence of God. Rather, it provides an alternative way to view the Creator and each of us in Creation. There is an old Arab proverb, "Trust in God but tether your camel." The awareness of the creative spirit returns to each of us the true creative ability and creative power we have. Unfortunately, we must take responsibility for our creations and that is difficult for most. Most prefer to blame others or ask God to fix their life like a child gives a Christmas wish list to Santa Clause. Quite simply one cannot look to God to fix the wars and problems started by men or women.

We pull to us the experiences we desire/need to have: The impact of the understanding about the creative spirit goes well beyond finding an alternative way to live life and an alternative  view of Creation to take away the excuse God wants people to go to war or to use God to justify hurting any other. This understanding has pulled to the author individuals who have a deep desire to help others and escape the past way of doing the business of life. It has pulled individual to the author who desire to escape their addictions from thinking which have kept them from feeling. In the feminine way creation works reflective of this alternative view, the author does not go looking for such individuals. Rather, they are drawn to the understanding in the way a seed pulls from the unseen below ground the nutrients it needs to grow.

Feminine way to create: In addition to providing an alternative way to live life and an alternative  view of Creation, the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material provided an alternative way to create what we desire. It introduces and utilizes both a feminine way of creating and being in the world which nurtures a creation into existence contrasting with the masculine way of taking to go out and take what mind thinks it needs to do. The masculine way is the way most of humanity (both males and females) currently approaches creating something. The feminine way is to create the seed condition, plant a seed and then nourish the germination, grown and maturation of that seed. It may take longer, like it took twenty two years to get the answer to the question asked in 1973, but we will get want we desire. That is, if we properly surrender our will to nurture the creation and give to its true needs and not what mind wants or thinks should be given.

A way to probe the unseen: Using the relationship between energy and consciousness provided by the awareness, the nature of energy and nature of how our mind works, a way is provided to probe unseen realms of Creation. Analogous to the way physicists learned to probe realm of the unseen electromagnetic spectrum of energies pass the spectrum of visible light and use that spectrum of energies, we can do the same with what has been traditionally called the "spiritual" and/or unseen realms. If one so chooses, the doorway is open for such investigations. The key to such an exploration is to calibrate and learn to use what is called our internal compass and learn to use the body as the energy detector that it is.

A way to understanding and use the mind body connection: Most understand how our mental stress can affect the body. However, what we think and believe has a much greater impact on our body that just creating stress. Through the relationship of energy and consciousness revealed in the awareness it provides a way to understand how our thoughts create our experiences and determine the reality we experience. For most, this is too much to believe. That is, until one does their own experiments and applies it in their life. With a little understanding and practice we can begin to see how we create conditions of health and illness. This does not mean we will become illness free for reasons which can be discussed relative to the nature of Creation and the creative process. But, as related to our ability to create a gentle phoenix, we can have a much less severe illness that we would otherwise have. Also, the awareness allows us to understand how our illnesses are a communication from our nonconscious mind about how we are living our life.

The ability to create a gentle phoenix for the ultimate mystical experience: This observation about the results of applying this understanding only occurred in the spring of 2009 after several parallel examples came to the authorís attention. It is one of the more profound aspects and hard for many to believe. It is the fact a gentle phoenix exists for any transformation or life change we must make if we are willing to let go of our expectations.

The process can be described in two analogies. One analogy is to take a trip. To travel from one place to another, there is often more than one path. To go from the East coast to the West coast one can walk, ride a horse, ride a car, take a train, fly in an airplane or take a boat. Each of those paths are different and some more difficult and time consuming than others. But in the end when we get to the West coast we have the same experience of the West coast. We only know what path is the fastest, easiest, gentlest and more playful when we get to the same destination and compare notes with another.

The other analogy is that a doctor or engineer talks differently to another doctor or another engineer than they do to a lay person. When an individual has had the same type and kind of experiences as another, they use the same language, analogies, descriptions and the like. It is sort of like we know the other personís mind because we have the same experiences as they have had. Additionally when one has had an experience they do not talk from a textbook knowledge or only an intellectual knowing. There is a understanding of subtleties, nuances and the like that are only gained in having the experience.

There is an awareness available to each human being about the nature of Creation, the unseen and the like. Many religious, spiritual, metaphysical, and related traditions have laid out paths to obtain it. Some obtain it in the near death experience and is probably why obtaining it is referred to dying before we die. Recently there are those who have recovered from strokes in the left side of their brain and talk about having had experiences which they described in the same way as the endpoint of all these "spiritual" paths. Their description of what they experienced has been the same as those who have successfully traveled these "spiritual" paths. But these "spiritual" paths tend to be hard, long and very difficult for most. Similarly a near death experience risking death is not a pleasant way to take the journey nor is spending about a decade in a stroke recovery program. Yet people have made such journeys and report similar if not the same results. Also, one of the finding of people who have made this journey is that life is not about what we think it is about nor does it work quite the way our mind says it works. But we have to find some way to get of out of mind to verify the truth of what is said.

The understanding presented here can create an experience which provided an awareness achievable in these other paths. When the understanding has been used to create the space for an individual to access their creativity as described above, some have an experience which provided an awareness as if they had travel a mystical path, had a near death experience or recovered from a left brain stroke. Yet the path using this awareness was faster, easier, gentler and more playful. Only when individuals who used this awareness were talking to one who has traveled one of these other paths was it realized they had the same understanding and experience base. What was realized in these conversations was the awareness discussed here offers a gentle phoenix for what many call the ultimate mystical experience. But, this really only makes sense. A creative power/force lies at the center of Creation. When we are creating and surrendering to where our creativity is asking us to go and do what is asks us to do, the door is open for stumbling into that Source. This awareness literally provides a way to play ourselves into the Source of Creation. Here again, this is too much for many to believe, but one cannot argue with the results when notes are compared.

Distribution to the world: In following the feeling and the feminine way to create, rather than use a publisher, the author was lead to put the information on the web. As such it is now distributed to the world, across the world. It may be in English but it is still available wherever there is an internet connection. If someone has the deep need for the understanding provided it can now access it anywhere in the world. The information is not tied to a publisher and distribution network to a limited number of stores. It is available to all. Being available on the web is some thing much more powerful than going through a publisher. Yet the author did not go to a publisher in the beginning simply because it did not feel right.

An awareness in what we feel and the gift in pain: The understanding provided here is a communication and an awareness in what we feel. But then, we have to be open to what we feel even if it is discomforting if not painful. Additionally, there is a gift in pain and we need to learn to utilize the pain we experience. It is not about inflicting pain or causing pain as in a penitent rite. Rather, it is to understand the origins of our pain and how to use the pain we experience before we alleviate, numb or suppress the pain in some way. Most religious, spiritual, metaphysical practices and the like tend to avoid pain and talk about the need to transcend the physical in come way. Those that use pain as in penitent rites use pain in a way that does not allow one to understand and use the gift of pain. However, if we learn to see the gift in pain we can cause a substantial reduction in the pain we experience in life for we learn to listen to our body before it needs to use pain to get our attention. It is the understanding of the gift in pain that is key to using this awareness to get control over many addictive patterns we have in our life.

What is possible

Possibility of experiencing heaven, nirvana and/or the Kingdom of God here and now: Many believe heaven, nirvana and/or the Kingdom of God can only be experienced after we physically die and/or transcend the human condition. However, many mystical teachers throughout history have talked about heaven, nirvana and/or the Kingdom of God being at hand and the possibility of experiencing them here and now. The question which always has eluded us is, "How - how is it possible to experience them here and now?"

The methodologies and understanding provides a pathway to experience them here and now. Understanding the creative process the role our mind plays in the creative process allows us to see what keeps us from them and how to go about obtaining them if that is what we choose to experience. However, we will have to do the work to create that state of being. It is not something readily available but it is not impossible to obtain while in the physical body. They are achievable through obtaining an inner satisfaction which never runs dry. Such an inner satisfaction can be obtained by a shift in consciousness which allows for that inner satisfaction

In many ways that is what the Story of the Garden of Eden is all about. The Story alludes to a state of being which was accessible prior to what has been called the "fall." Yet, there never was a "fall." One can come to see the "fall" was simply a choice we made as to how we will experience Creation. To regain this state of being it just requires us to take a different perspective as to what is important in life and what the human physical experience is all about.

A gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor: Given what was revealed about the faster, easier, gentler and more playful way to have the ultimate mystical experience, it is clear we can create a gentle phoenix for any creative endeavor we undertake if we so choose to have a gentle phoenix. There are faster, easier, gentler and more playful ways to face the required sacrifice of creation and subsequent inner and outer transformation we face. The question is whether we choose to take the path which allows for a gentle phoenix.


These observations may or may not convince you that there is a profound awareness that uses the feminine principle of creation which allows for a faster, easier, gentler and more playful way to create what we desire to experience in life. For many, the feminine process is too slow. They are too impatient and want their results now. We have become a fast food orientated world. Yet, a fruit tree takes years to grow and bear fruit. A child takes nine month in the womb and another twenty years of growth before the brain finally finishes growing let alone developing.

But, if all of these examples can be create by the author by himself and all stemming from a deep desire in the heart to find answers to simple rhetorical questions and a faster, easier. gentler to free the heart of another, how much more is possible. How much power lies in any one heart and in each our hearts collectively? We need to realize, each human carries the ability to transform the world we experience. Anything created by humanity started with a thought within the mind of a single individual.

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